1. It is so sickening to see that so many people actually believe that the only way to get the stupid protein is through meat. Stop being so damn stupid, do your damn research. There are MANY other foods that are VEGAN that give you the protein you need. Yes, before meat was a luxury to be able to eat, now it’s so cheap anyone could get it, but do your research on what is actually better for you. Vegan or vegetarian individuals are much more healthy than meat eaters for many reasons that can’t be said on social media because of the meat law. All I am saying is that you can now be much more healthy than a meat eater by being a vegetarian. Back when everyone had to grow their own crops and didn’t have enough for meat other than maybe once a year (if lucky) lived for a much longer time than now that there’s enough meat to feed twice as much people. It’s all about the consumer. If an individual became sick from going vegan is because they did not get the education and knowledge of what to eat and where to get your protein from. So shut the fuck up with your pathetic excuses of why becoming vegan is a mistake. If anything, it’s a smart choice if you want to live longer.

    No I’m not vegetarian. I do eat seafood, I just don’t eat “red meat” (cow/pig/chicken/turkey/etc.) as it is often called.

  2. That vegan cream cheese has casein in it which is a protein from milk that has been documented to increase risk of cancer or worsen it.Β 
    Here’s a pdf file showing that it has effects on tumors if you have in your diet on a normal basis: Β 

    heres a link to T. Colin Campbell, PhD page he wrote the china study and he talks about the effects it has on human health.

    My opinion you should eat more raw foods instead of tofu. Tofu isn’t that great for you if it’s not fermented.Β 
    fermented products is tempeh, miso, miso, natto and tamari.
    Here’s a link to why it’s not healthy.Β 

    I eat a few processed foods like Eerwhon cereal and I occasionally have vegan waffles but I am still am learning about which foods to eat myself but i thought I’d share with you a few links to give you more information of what your eating. It’s fun being vegan though. You learn how to cook with plant based foods and they make you feel like a different person because your getting more fructose to the brain and you have more energy. It’s cool that your vegan just keep learning about your foods. A lot of reasons people have problems in their health is because they are not feeding their bodies the right nutrients so they start to feel sick. Fruits,Veggies, and starches are the way to go.:)

  3. You have nooo idea how much these videos have helped me i am vegan now and loving it i feel really engerized and i’m saving the cute animals!

  4. Coming from a Thai person that grew up and is currently working in a Thai restaurant
    I don’t mean this in any negative way..
    I just letting people know
    Most Thai foods especially curries and pad thai contains fish sauce
    & all types of non vegan products ..
    It can be possible to alternate the recipe of pad Thai and curries but in Thai restaurants there’s non vegan products!
    So if you are a strict vegan just be aware of it!
    Much love xoxo

  5. does trader joes have vegan cream cheese and all that? or would i have better luck at whole foods?

    1. +GirlwthegrnbkpkΒ Yeah me too. That’s the only cream cheese I like so far πŸ™‚ It tastes more delicious if you sprinkle some nutritional yeast on it!

    2. +Sasha K. I don’t like the trader joes cream cheese either. it tastes weird. I really love the tofutti cream cheese, though. I’ve found it at hyvee and whole foods.

    1. +Caitlyn Hall

      I’m thankful for kind, understanding people like you who are willing to help others understand! πŸ’•β˜Ί

    2. +Livia Popescu

      Don’t be mean! Things like vegan “meat” can be confusing for people not familiar with the lifestyle! It’s not like everyone’s going to instantly know what Channon’s talking about… it’s not like she specified by saying “TVP meat” or “tofu meat” or “fake/artificial meat.” So for a newbie just taking a peep in at the lifestyle, it might sound weird to say “vegan meat.” With others who are familiar, it’s not a second thought! But to her, I can see how it would sound strange. I don’t blame her! ☺

  6. I am sooo glad that you post these videos!! I’m vegetarian and I am transitioning into being vegan and your videos really help me out a lot! You give me great ideas on what to buy and you also give me inspiration.Thank you soooo much for always being so open and honest!! <33

  7. I wanna go vegan i am aleric to meat and dairy it makes me sick I’m 14 I cant go vegan because my parents wont buy me food so I have to wait till I’m old enough to get a job and can buy it myself

    1. Thats what my parents aaaaalways said to me. Like literally the exact same thing. But i really wanted to go vegan, so i talked to my mom about it and i asked if i could try a month and see if i got enough proteins ect. And she let me. So just maybe try that? Maybe she will let You try a Month and then if You make it through that month she will let You be vegan for as long as You want.

    2. Right I feel you, I’m 14 also and I don’t want to go vegan but my family eats pretty bad stuff filled with oils and butter and just bad things. But maybe just ask your parents if they could try vegan recipes?

  8. Thanks for the tips! Sadyl i germany the whole vegan community isnt that big so you can bet veggi stuff but for me as an vegan i almost need to cook everything myself πŸ˜€

    1. It really depends on the person I personally don’t like it. But some of my friends love it I would start out with their dairy free cheese pizza. That one isn’t too bad

  9. What are Chia seeds? By the way you are an amazing person and I love your videos! I watch them everyday and I just get soo much inspiration from you. I do not understand why you get hate just because you were working in the porn industry, I mean it happened and there’s nothing wrong with that so I hope thet you’ll just ignore all of the hate comments and live the way you lived so far! <3

    1. There’s vegan fish sauce, and if you request vegan Thai food, they will use fermented soy paste instead of fish sauce.

  10. whe you said that you eat a lot i’m like that’s a good joke OMG i am vegan and skinny and i eat so much more and healthier than you! CARB UP!!

  11. Have you ever heard of Soylent? It has all the vitamins you need and it is vegan. Perfect for when you are in a hurry and can’t eat β˜ΊοΈπŸ’• Love your videos btw! 😍❀️

    1. Did u see where they make that shit? RATS! It’s just a bunch of chemicals anyway and tastes and looks disgusting. You’re much better off just eating actual food. If ur in a rush just have a smoothie.

  12. Hey Channon,
    I just wanted to ask you something, hope this doesn’t sound weird or stupid.
    but um…with vegan food, like cheese, is it lactose free? like is vegan cheese lactose free? that’s a better way of putting it. I’m lactose intolerant and I’ve been searching everywhere for really good lactose free cheese, thanks in advance.

    1. As well as swish is naturally (really close to lactos free) basically if you stick with dry cheese (less moisture content). You should be safe

  13. I’m assuming the takeaways veggie not vegan? . This is what I hate the most no vegans ever say that they have to go veggi when they eat out or takeaway unless they have a home cooked food. No-one I mention once I’m from UK Scotland and for me the only option outside would be to go veggie not vegan . So what do I get in replies your not putting effort there is always another option. I one person went on to say they went to a Chinese and asked so they got broccoli and potatoe for dinner ask, you will get vegan , use your imagination. Oh come on be real that’s a veggie alternative not vegan.

  14. Vegan food is so interesting..
    Like I know vegans get a lot of hate but honestly I have so much respect for them (the friendly vegans anyway) because I can barley keep myself from eating chips and chocolate, imagine converting from a meat and dairy lifestyle to a veggie feed diet.. Idk It just amazes me and I’m learning a lot πŸ™‚

    1. +Debra-Ann Walker That’s so awesome girl! πŸ’• & yes, I agree… start with vegetarian! Your body can feel so good! Just remember to drink lots of water too & not eat toooo much junk food! I did that when I first became vegetarian lol 😜

    2. Wow that’s great! You could try vegeterianism for starters if It’s hard to be a vegan where you live πŸ™‚

    3. I actually tried out being vegan for a bit, a couple weeks ago! It has been fairly easy, and I started to crave a lot more fruit and vegetables! Unfortunately because of where I live, we don’t have much produce, but one day, when I can escape this tiny town, I think I’m going to fully convert and see how it goes😊

    4. +Debra-Ann Walker I’m not even exaggurating, being a vegan is very easy. I used to droll for animal corpses now I gag everytime I see a butcher at the store.. :’) I’m glad you’re looking into it, maybe we’ll see you in the community some day!

    5. +Debra-Ann Walker It’s really not too challenging once you know what goes into the meat and dairy and egg industry! πŸ™‚ Glad you’re learning a lot about it!!

  15. girl you need to eat more! love you to death so when i say this its only because I’m trying to look out for you. so proud that you’re vegan but two or three bananas for breakfast? try having at least 5 or 6 to keep your energy up until lunch!

    1. Ummm no offence but not many people eat that much food for breakfast. So just because you do doesn’t mean that every one does. I don’t don’t even eat breakfast

    2. +Jenna Smith actually it’s not that you need to eat more calories. You need to eat a higher volume of food to get the same amount of calories(the right amount that your body needs) because plant based foods are more calorically dilute.

    3. +Meghan Orrell i don’t know why you’re getting an attitude bc you realize I’m right. lol you responded to my comment first you can block me lol

    4. +Meghan Orrell i never once mentioned any of that. i simply said she needed more calories, whether she works out or whatever i said from this single video of what she has eaten she needs more calories. and don’t you need to educate yourself about nutrition bc you don’t know anything about food or health.

    5. +Leslie Miller the point is that you have no idea how much she exercises or if she is mostly sedentary or what her metabolic rate is so why are you so worried about it. don’t you have bananas to be eating

  16. I don’t understand why people keep telling you to eat more like it’s your lifestyle not there’s and the foods your eating seem pretty fine to me πŸ˜‚ but like I’m too lazy to keep track of all this stuff you should be proud of yourself for doing that πŸ˜‚

  17. I am interested: Do you americans have to drink bottled water? Do people drink tap water? I am from Finland and our tap waters are on the top list of purest tap waters and consuming bottled water seems like hell to me. Thanks if anyone would answer <3

    1. I have Finnish heritage & I’m so excited to hear that the tap water is so good there! ☺ I’ve been wanting to visit Finland & I drink a ton of water, so this makes me happy! πŸ’•
      Do you know if there’s Flouride in the water there though? Like, what is their method of keeping it pure?

    2. I’m Canadian, and I prefer bottled water. Our Tap water has a lot of chemicals in it. I’ll drink filtered tap water, but not tap water it’s self.Too much Chlorine and Fluoride. I won’t even give my dog tap water here. He gets the filtered water. He’s 14 years old, and deserved the best <3

    3. I don’t drink bottled water ever it’s just unnatural and it doesn’t taste very good in the uk

    4. We still drink tap water. People just prefer bottled water because they think it’s more convenient to bring around places.

    1. She got them before she went vegan so even if they weren’t there’s nothing she can do anything about it.

  18. Hey channon! Love you so much! So glad your vegan like me and that you you are happy and enjoy being vegan! πŸ™‚ just because I really want you to feel the full benefits from veganism I just want to point out that most of your meals I saw in this video are either from a package or can or takeaway place which I don’t really recommend as it is not the healthiest. So maybe try to add more fresh veggies and carbs like potatoes and pasta/rice etc? Hope this helps!

  19. What does an avocado taste like? I’ve never had one but see loads of people talking about it.

    1. avocados are very creamy, i think it tastes like cream, it’s not bitter or sour at all, but not very sweet

    2. Doesn’t taste like much but say it’s own little flavor if that makes sense, try it it’s good!

  20. You make vegan look so easy and fun!! I’m vegetarian but trying to make small changes to get there:) love all the helpful ideas you have put in this video X

  21. I love your background music! So delicate & cute & makes the video feel so happy! πŸ’•πŸ˜™

  22. I know people talk a lot about vegans needing to eat a LOT of volume, and I’m not saying that that’s not true I think that’s probably the best way to keep yourself healthy and energized.
    BUT, for some people myself included I am vegan and I find that I really don’t need to eat that much haha maybe it’s cause I work all day and I’m distracted but I feel fine and don’t eat 20 bananas for breakfast and yeah haha. I guess what I’m getting at is some people can’t pound down food like freelee or other vegans like that, eat until you’re satisfied and fuel yo body!!!

    1. Shayla Hickman I think that also has to do with how active you are as well. I don’t alwats have time to eat a bunch of food so I just try to eat a very well rounded meals with lots of protein,veggies,and rice or quinoa.

  23. Did she cut her wrists? I’m still relatively new to this channel and I know the video is old, but I’m still concerned! Dose anyone know what happened?

  24. You’re making me crave sourdough bread. Sourdough toast with some butter is the bomb. Also grilled cheeses with sourdough is heaven πŸ˜€

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