74 thoughts on “What I Eat On A School Day (Vegan) + Recipes

  1. Hey, really, how could you people have just a smoothie for breakfast and be full? 😮

    1. I make a large portion .. you know enough to fill 2 large cups ( those that seem for coffee but are actually for soup) and believe Im full until lunch .. it also depends on what u put on the smoothie. I usually mix 2 or 3 fruits plus some spoons of nutritional flour.

    2. +Kateřina Černoušková I’m always thinking about this when I see these vids, too, haha 😀 For me personally I like having a large smoothie for breakfast on weekends when I know that I don’t have to do much but during the week I need just something which fills me up longterm (of course fruit will give you energy but I get hungry pretty fast after them because raw fruits go through your body fast, so nothing for me because there are like 5 hours between my breakfast and lunch and I would starve sooo badly) :DD

    3. +Kateřina Černoušková Sometimes its about food combination and nutrient rich foods. I didn’t always get full with smoothies but once your body stops craving the bad food your body adjusts and performs better. 🙂

    4. +Kateřina Černoušková Same lol, I don’t get it. I at least have to do a smoothie bowl.

  2. I have a healthy cookie dough recipe that I make every week as well. 🙂 I use honey in it, so it isn’t completely vegan, but I’m sure you could add maple syrup instead. One can of Chickpeas, 1/4 cup peanut butter, 2-3 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp vanilla extract, chocolate chips or other toppings. Put everything but the chocolate chips through the food processor until smooth, mix in the chocolate chips, freeze in tablespoon sized balls on a cookie sheet. If you don’t want to have frozen cookie dough, you can add some flour to the mixture and store them in the fridge. 🙂

  3. Wow, you cook really well for your age! Well.. I am assuming you are in high school. I loved the recipes. I’m vegan too! Thanks for sharing! I’m going to try the Vegan Shepards Pie soon. +SoniaIsMyName5

  4. Your holistic habits show through your naturally flawless skin. Keep doing what you’re doing! I admire it.😊

  5. I think these diets are good im not vegan I might maybe in the future im 16 now and its gona be hard to get enough potein without all the beans but I like how people are not afraid of carbs lol I notice on a lot of vids people are terrified of carbs

    1. Carbs don’t make u fat! Most of the calories in carbohydrates will be burned off and they oxidize on their own in our bodies! Define fly try a vegan diet gurl, rice, potatoes, greens and even fruits have protein and u eat a lot more and stay slim being a high carb plant based vegan 🙂

  6. oh my god, you’re a life saver. cookies & shepherds pie, yes! haha, i’m so excited. i’m only a couple months in so i’m still learning a lot of great recipes & ideas. thank you =)

  7. good hearty vegan food, so much better than all the raw vegan obsessives and their videos where they just talk about how pure they are and have to show their abs and bowls of fruit and bottles of water. you look so beautiful and healthy.  keep doing your do. x

    1. that’s soooo true! she actually cooks add uses spices, it’s not all just smoothies and raw veggies

  8. Idk its just something about you that makes you one of my favourite youtubers and i keep watching ur videos OVER AND OVER AGAIN never stop uploading xx

    1. yes lol just yesturday someone said to the teacher “i hate vegan” not knowing that i was the only vegan in the class lol i didnt say anything but whatever ill just hug cute little pigs

  9. i don’t get why people like ripe bananas? i like unripe, ripe tastes gooey and warm and disgusting while unripe, unlike ripe bananas, taste good, and actually smells like a real banana. like fuck bro😂

  10. I just made the cookie dough balls and they’re absolutely delicious! I just put it in the freezer, but the leftovers from the pan were so good. Thank you for sharing the recipe!

  11. Hi! I just wanted to say that your channel was what inspired me to become vegan. I don’t even know how I stumbled upon it but it was kind of like a chain reaction and then all of a sudden I was out buying more vegan oriented food. But that’s just been in the last month and I still have a some questions mostly about recipes. Can I ask you some of them?

    1. +SoniaIsMyName5 Bouillon cubes/powders/seasonings and other food products. Worse, they are derived from animal parts for flavoring, not tested on. 🙁

  12. I was eating apple jacks while watching these.. Ha don’t think ill be becoming a healthy vegan any time soon.

    1. my mom likes green bananas 😝 i mean id rather have them yellowish then freakin green its so gross but its funny mine are like brown shes like hell nah 😂

    2. +All about BLUE! I agree. I love the tartness, but unripe bananas can cause digestive problems, and ripe bananas are better in smoothies because they’re sweeter.

    3. Some people don’t like ripe bananas. I absolutely hate ripe bananas, to me they taste disgusting. I love when the banana is super unripe

  13. I could never be 100 % vegan but eating vegan recipes a few times a week would be a good start. I like that you make *real food* and not just raw or totally fruit based meals.

  14. You peel your carrots? I totally get it if they’re not organic but if they are you’re missing out on some B12!

  15. Hey, I know this vid is old, but I’d recommend the soy free earth balance butter (it’s in a red container) because I learned recently that unfermented soy isn’t very good for you

  16. i have a question not particulary about this video…how can you afford so much fruit and nuts ? where i live its so expensive, apples and those standard things are cheap but appricotes and things like mushrooms, pinneaple and specially nuts are expensive, (at least for me)
    ^could you maybe make a video about cheap treats, with like apples oranges etc.???? ^_^ thanks

    1. buy frozen fruits then thor them out with hot water! or make them into smoothies also buying fruit when it’s in season! and then looking our for deals when u go shopping as often they have certain fruits on sale!

  17. You are really inspiring! This is the kind of food I like to do also! A bit more than just salad 🙂

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