Vegan Mac and Cheese Recipe – No Dairy or Eggs!

88 thoughts on “Vegan Mac and Cheese Recipe – No Dairy or Eggs!

  1. I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect plant-base mac and cheese. I tried several vegan mac and cheese from the store, I wasn’t impressed. Just watching you pouring the cheez on the noodles looked amazing. This I got to try. You have so many recipes, that I have to try. I will be making this very soon. Maybe after I make the mock tuna salad and/or the vegan ground beef ……. I can sit here and try to make all your recipes ….. no more searching 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for listing ingredients.. People just don’t do it as much anymore but u

  3. I will be making this tomorrow for my Sunday dinner- I have to go out and get lemon juice-  can’t wait!!!

    1. +Davidian77 Aren’t you cool and funny? Whats wrong? Got no friends so your hobby is to hate on other people?

    2. +marty mart It’s vegan, so it will taste pretty bland, that’s how we roll. Oh, and yeast is ALIVE people, don’t eat anything made with yeast.

    3. my tasted bland- how can I sweeten it up?   I used sweet potatoes – should I use yams instead>

    4. I did better today, but your sauce is thicker than mine-  don’t know what I am doing wrong-  help

    1. +Poseidon 9393 Not sure what you mean?? This is a recipe I created based on things I had in my fridge and cupboard. If there is one the same maybe someone copied my recipe?? 

  4. I add Jalapenos to this. I need my spicyness. 🙂 Apart from that – absolutely awesome recipe.

  5. Thank you to all the vegan chefs out there. i doubt i could be a vegan if it were not for your creativity, cooking skills, and most importantly, your veganism.
    – Sincerely,

    1. Whole Foods or any health food store. Make sure you get “nutritional yeast” and not brewer’s yeast. They’re 2 different types of yeast used for different purposes.

    1. OMG, please just pass through the screen please. I think I could eat that whole thing. Very easily gorge on it for sure.

    1. It tastes like it! I have even served it to my son’s (13 years old) non vegan friends and they didn’t know the difference.

  6. arya,  I hope you see this,  I use all the ingredients and when I blend it comes out brown! please someone tell me what I am doing wrong

  7. I bet, it looks so cheesy and creamy, and it’s so easy to make. loved the recipes I tried from your channel. keep up the good work Anja!

  8. Yummy!! Thank you, from a new vegan who was very worried at the prospect of not having cheese again! I baked mine with a breadcrumby crust on top :). Yay!! Thank you thank youuuuu 🙂 <3

    1. Not sure if it is the same. I think yeast extract is a paste. The nutritional yeast I use is small yellow flakes.

  9. Just made this, it is quite good…the onion/garlic powder were a bit strong for me, so I will add less the next time. Straight up advice, if taste is #1, I would go with a cashew based sauce, but if health is #1, this is for you. Thank you!

    1. I retract…the spices may not have worked for me day 1, but after the sauce sat in the fridge for a day it all came together and was brilliant. Tastes like a mild velveeta. I think the next time I make it I will add some tapioca flour and cook it on the stove to create some cheesy gooeyness.

  10. I finally bought potatoes today and I can’t wait to get up and make this scrumptious mac and cheese:) Thanks so much and I love all your recipes and videos. Saying, Hi from Lansing, Michigan, USA

  11. Hi there, I just discovered your channel and am soooo grateful! I’m newly subscribed as well. One question for this recipe, I can not have gluten and I think the nutritional yeast has it. Any suggestions for a substitute?? Thanks ever so much and keep up the amazing work – we vegans appreciate it!

  12. Perhaps this channel should be renamed “Cooking with Plants and Fungi”, since she almost always puts in some kind of yeast in her recipes.

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