1. Urban Decay technically is cruelty free, but it is owned currently (since 2013, I believe) by L’oreal which is definitely not. Some people choose to buy urban decay regardless because they don’t test on animals, and some choose not to because ultimately they’re ‘feeding’ the non-cruelty free corporation that is L’oreal. Just putting it out there, in case you or someone didn’t know. Anyhow, there are different standards for cruelty free products for different people.
    By the way I LOVE your dark hair. You look like s goddess!!!! Definitely your best hair colour. I love you!!!!!!

  2. are you vegan bc you just think it’s wrong to do that to animals? I’m just confused why (and I’m not saying it’s a problem it’s great actually 😌)

  3. Great video!  That leave in conditioner sounds amazing! I would love if you would check out my most recent video : )

  4. omg ur into astrology?!?! What’s your ascendent and moon?? I know this is gonna be so creepy but when’s your bday/where were you born!! I rlly wanna look up ur chart!!! (unless u  already know urs-in that case just tell me all ur planets)

  5. Make more snapchat nude video ? Good good me no english me eat fish no idont . Subscribe to my channel I am bad at it

  6. I miss your american girl doll channel please go back you look so old now u were so young before just please come back u inspired me to make a channel of my own 😭

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