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  1. Zuzu Luxe powder foundation is really nice. A matte/satiny with good coverage, their Liquid eyeliner in “Raven” works well too, It lasts and is very dark. You can buy the brand at Whole Foods. C: ( I heard 100%Pure is another good brand but they’re always sold out of what I want ; ^; )

  2. i’m also slowly trying to make that change. i’m subscribed to ipsy right now and always find myself LOVING the cruelty free products that i get every now and then. i think i’m going to switch!! great video. 🙂

    1. +Kat Marie awe please switch to all cruelty free! “cruelty free” sounds whatever, but when you think about what that actually means… animals not being strapped down to tables while horrible humans shove chemicals in their eyes and on their shaved skin, it starts to sound really really amazing <333

  3. I’m transitioning to all vegan products too. Thanks for the vid! Subbing to vegan box now! Do you like ELF? I just made a vid about their products since they’re on PETA’s website as Cruelty Free Vegan!

  4. Hello. Loved the lights, super crazy. Wow is with a fantastic skin, beautiful. makeup. I’m glad to have discovered recently his YouTube channel.
    kiss of Portugal.

  5. Happy to see folks go cruelty free. In this day and age, with the technology we have, there is no reason for companies to torture animals. On behalf of all the animals out there, THANK YOU!

  6. If you are missing cheese, go for Field Roast brand cheese. It’s the only one I’ll eat. It’s really damn good.

  7. Already told you that on IG but really im so crazy about your necklace!!! If theres any chance you bought it on the internet, please tell me where so I can order it RIGHT NOW!!!! OH and your box was finished…until I placed an other order from some website! ahah really I will stop one day so you can get your box ASAP! (And im praying for an opening video :p) LOOOOOVE!!!!

    1. +Océane Volan Oh my gosh I need to get your box out stat. Next week it is going OUT I swear on my momma’s life! This necklace was from a store downtown LA, in the wholesale district actually! <3

  8. Most of Vegan Cuts sample sized products will not say what it’s for on the container, but that’s why they include the information card so you can read up on what it’s for 🙂 I keep all my information cards for reference in case I have questions and need to go to the company’s site 🙂 Hope you love the products. I know I do!

    1. +Kristen Leanne Don’t worry, so did I..had to fish it out of the trash before I went to go use the products without information! Hah! Lesson learned. 

    2. +Kirstyn Rhoden ahh YOU’RE A GENIUS!! haha I literally tossed the card immediately after reading it.

  9. OMG! Your neck piece is AWESOME! Beautiful!!!!!!! I am a new subbie right now 🙂 That is what I want the flower of life on my arm

    1. +OrganicBeauty Hey gorgeous! Welcome to my channel 😀 and thank you <3 it makes for beautiful tattoos!

  10. I am still kicking myself for not getting this box! I couldn’t justify it because I am already subscribed to Petit Vour. But dang it, I love Red Apple Lipstick.

    1. +Kristen Leanne Definitely. I am pretty picky about beauty products, and they’ve had me hooked since last Summer. All of the products they send are vegan with really clean and natural ingredients, and they customize each box based on a survey you fill out when you sign up.

  11. Ohh uve bewn on rhis diy beauty kick i made mt own lip scrub i use almost daily and my lips feel amazing afterwards all it is is brown sugar and honey idk if you could use it or not unless you consider stealing honey animal cruelty? It is kinda mean tho they work damn hard making that honey! But thats what i use and it works awesome especially bc honey has antibacterial properties to it and the tea tree oil is awesome all i do is take a few dropper fulls and mix it into my shampoo bottles so all my shampoos are awesome and feel really nice on my scalp

  12. Hey I just posted a new tutorial! It would mean so much if you could check it out and subscribe!! 😊

  13. Lol things fly across the room out of my hands too. I’m forever saying “things just have an uncanny ability to fly across the room” especially my phone 😡

  14. I signed up last week after watching your vid and got my box over the weekend. I mentioned you in the vid for recommending it!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22PVQRdNTsg

  15. I LOVE Balanced Guru! Their hair oil is amazing. 
    Thank you for stating that you were given the boxes for free. I appreciate the honesty as it seems to be a somewhat rare thing on youtube these days. 🙂

  16. Kristen thank you soo much for showing this!!! I just had a baby so it’s hard to find the time to research every product out there to see if it is cruelty free. I made my first order of vegan cuts today! Super excited! Thanks again your Awesome!! And thank you vegan cuts!

  17. have you heard of petit vour? it’s a subscription box….right now they have a special leaping bunny curated box

  18. This is totally awesome I’m so glad I stumbled upon your channel I was wondering if there was a box in the US that does all vegan Products! My husband and I are transitioning right now and I am trying to use up the products that I have at the moment and I just cancelled my birch box for the same reason. Thank you so much for making this video!😎😎😎😎😎😎

  19. Thank you for going vegan and cruelty-free with your beauty routine. I just subbed to you for that very reason. If you find a good vegan mascara, please let us know. I’m having a difficult time finding one. Peace to the animals.

    1. The brand 100% Pure makes mascara that I’ve been happy enough with to repurchase 3x already. I want to try black next, but so far only tried blueberry which is a blue/black. Oh, and it smells like blueberries…bc it’s made with real fruits etc.

  20. I hope next you go completely vegan !! You will feel so amazing, and you will be a great force in the community xoxo

  21. Can you do a follow up video saying if you are still subscribed to them and if so how you feel about them?

  22. Thank you for the show and tell with Vegan Cuts. I’ve loved BirchBox but would love to start moving to more cruelty free products. Thanks as always.

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