How I got Lean, Fit and Strong (high carb vegan fitness)

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  1. Yay! Sasha, im so glad your making videos again, you seriously are an inspiration to not only me but many other HCLF vegans out there. And you know what you should be so proud for doing whats best for you snd what YOU enjoy and not caring what anyone else is doing. …hope to keep seeing more vids from you girl, as seriously you are one of my fav all time channels <3 

  2. I wish you’d get a better cam ._. I love your vids, but sometimes it’s a downer to see it so pixelated Dx

    1. Bahahaha no. It a Fitbit. I use it to track my sleep (make sure I get though) and since I have a desk job and can only take 2000 steps a day, I want to be conscious of the days I don’t move at all.

  3. you are so amazing! it is a shame that this vid is so dark i cannot see your beautiful face. I love how you develop and create yourself new and healthy! You are so motivating and inspiring! This to say on the one hand…On the other hand: i can relate to that excitement because i love to go running and walking and weights and do Yoga but for me there is also another side to this and this is feeling forced to be so active just because i have the energy to do it and the motivation because i sometimes end up putting my workouts over my duties and, worse, over meeting with family and friends because i absolutely know NOBODY who is active at all – despite my husband – and after a while i realize this is not very helathy for me, mentally because it isolates me from my loved ones more and more and i am getting stressed sometimes by the pressure to find time for it all…..just trying to balance out everything…

  4. Sasha I have missed you SO much!!! I was so worried you’d never post again lol. Love yA girl<3 congrats on passing your test also!

  5. I am vegan. I do not lift and I have plenty of muscle (IG name yogachia) Yoga and body weight exercises only- i do squats without weights for example. I don’t think lifting heavy is completely necessary to having muscular curves. Depends on your body type I suppose. You look great with your new strength. Keep on doing what your doing and inspiring others to get fit!

    1. Yeah I understand- yoga is a great upper body and core strengthener! But if you are looking for speedy results, I’ve found that lifting heavy gets you there quicker. Of course a combination of both would be even better. I want to up my yoga game too. But I’ve found that yoga doesn’t do much for my lower body (and if it does, it takes months to see much of anything) while the gym takes like 2-3 leg sessions to see results

  6. Hi, I really enjoy your videos because they are extremely relatable. I’ve been vegan since August 2014, and honestly I have seen some impressive results; in fact, I went to provincials for Nordic skiing over then winter (which I knew i wouldn’t have been able to do without being vegan). So yeah right now I havent been seeing any results :/ I eat what i normally eat and i work out (cardio & weight training) Do you think that it might just be a little “phase”, and soon enough I’ll be seeing results?

    1. +julia xo I am confused- you said that you have seem some impressive results and that you’ve been to provincials for Nordic skiing! But then you haven’t been seeing any results…? If you mean that you saw results initially but they are tapering off- just know that through life your diet and lifestyle is going to ebb and flow; you will never consistently be perfect ! If you said  you’ve seen results- focus on those results and allow the “weight loss” results to occur naturally. Also I’ve found that mixing up your diet can help- by including different types of carbs (brown rice, white rice, quino, barley, fruit, find what works best in your life) and look at the fats you are eating- if you are having issues, kick out any oils and nuts. Seeds are ok, but in small amounts, and also avocados and coconuts are good too 🙂

  7. im so glad you’re back to making’ve been very inspiring to me(:
    unfortunately im gaining weight and ive been on this lifestyle for almost a year now and its really frustrating. It makes me depressed and sluggish since i feel fat and im not that motivated to workout either..):

  8. +Rice And Raw youre one of my fave channels, cool chick, looking amazing, sucha sweetie. beautiful inside and out as I always say. Adore ya. I didn’t know that’s why you didn’t exercise for a while. Glad ou feel good to do it now. Yoi are so talented at the pole dancing. Aw didn’t know you have two cats hehe loved them in the background. I’ve been gettin into editing and making alot more, short,  videos 🙂 xo

  9. Yeah girl! Your shoulders are looking good. I’m glad you’re finding the joy in lifting 🙂 Sorry all of your videos got deleted…I know the pain. Excited to see your upcoming videos! Oh yeah, and I checked out Joe’s instagram a few weeks ago and DAMN. He’s even inspiration for me! It’s so exciting to know that we HCLF vegans can pack on the muscle and keep the body fat down!

  10. Hi 🙂 I absolutely love your videos! Thanks to you, I feel like I’m on the right track.
    I’ve been vegetarian for 6 months, then vegan for 1-2 months. I didn’t really restrict the fat intake, but I have a bad history with food (fasting for 2 weeks would be super easy for me, ate less than 500 cal and so on. I lost about 40-45 pounds, ever since my weight is fluctuating so much, I can easily gain 20 pounds in a very short period).
    I want to try out the high carb vegan lifestyle, I absolutely love fruits, so I’m betting it won’t be hard for me. But I just don’t know whether I should do 80 10 10 or RT4 (I’m a student, so my budget isn’t too high, but I still want to know which one is the most effective in your experience). And if I gradually higher my calorie intake from 1500 to 2500 (like one day 1500, next 1550, 1600, 1650 and so on) will it influence things too much? I’m just terrified of gaining weight, but I really want to give this lifestyle a chance, but the initial gain might convince my messed up mind that this is wrong for me…

  11. Sasha, I am really curious to know if you eat cocoa powder? What are your thoughts on it and also coffee? It would be a great help if you replied 🙂 Thank you!!

    1. +ecypamma I don’t have cocoa powder, mainly because I am not the biggest fan of the taste. I don’t have coffee either bc I don’t find a need for it 🙂 but if you do really life coffee, i’d suggest doing decaf bc you don’t need to feel like you rely on coffee to wake you up

  12. Have you made a video recapping your experience on the HCLF lifestyle? I’t obvious you’ve come a long way since you first started. I would honestly love a lengthy video going into all the details. Congrats on finding what works for you 🙂

    1. +Sean Tomaszewski thank you for this suggestion. I think after 2 and a half years on this lifestyle, its definitely time to make an in depth video about my experiences and results so far 🙂 thank you!

  13. Really interesting to hear that lifting with the weight is far more effective. Pretty inspiring and positive video with useful advice.

  14. Hey Sasha, just a quick question- how much water do you drink in a day? I find it hard to drink water with the amount of smoothies I drink in the morning and in the afternoon. Any tips? Thanks! I really enjoy your videos a lot!

    1. +SungEun Chloe Park I never drink enough unfortunately :/ but drinking water straight when I wake up helps, then I have my smoothie. Also just sipping throughout the day helps. I have about 3-4 bottles of water (750ml) a day, but I wish I had more like 5-6 bottles a day

  15. hi. 20 min video is not effective. i dont think a person will spend 20 min to listen to what you say

  16. Hey! So I’ve been doing this again for about a month. Ive done high carb low fat vegan plenty of times in the past but it hasn’t been super consistent…. But officially im back on it for about a month now. But I’ve noticed that im just so much more bloated, maybe about 5pounds of excess water weight. Im trying to convince myself it’s not at. But I just literally slam the calories in because im so hungry. Like 3,000-4,000 a day. Im trying so hard not to psyche myself out and fall off the wagon again because im scared of gaining weight. I don’t come a restrictive background. However I would suffer a lot of digestive issues almost daily when I wasn’t high carb low fat raw til 4 like I am now. So do you think that could be why im suffering the excess bloating? Im just really having low self esteem and forcing myself to exercise when I don’t want to. 🙁

    1. +marissa lutz Usually I see vast overeating from people who have starved their bodies in the past. I have seen may accounts, and experienced it myself- I went CRAZY on the dates when I first started eating enough. I definitely agree with eating for the appetite you have, but it can be confusing when you are not accustomed to this lifestyle, and you are not as in tune with your body as you think. Look at your activity levels and really look at the food you are eating. Why do you feel like you are never satisfied? Maybe  you are eating too low fat if you are not satisfied. I know people do 90/5/5 but I personally think that isn’t sustainable for most people. include some natural plant fats like coconut and/or avocado! I have always found avocado to fill me up when I pair it with rice. also look at the types of carbs you are eating- some people do best on simple carbs like white rice and fruits, while I’ve noticed others do best on complex carbs like brown rice and whole grains (like HighCarbHannah). Remember to reformat the diet/lifestyle to best suit you – if something isn’t working, make some small changes and go from there

  17. Hey Sasha, love you’re improvements! I’ve been lifting for a few months myself to get less of a skinny weak look. How much muscle weight did you put on to get to how you look now compared to before? 

    1. +Victoria L In this video I put on a few pounds of muscle weight, maybe 2lbs? but no I’ve put on 6.5lbs, But I am thinking on 3-4lbs is actual muscle

  18. It is a great video. It really explained a lot what I am going trough right now 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  19. You look amazing !! I’m new into this diet and everyone is aganist me ! And when ever i feel down i go to ur page on instagram and get all motivated ! Plz keep on doing these amazing vids i really need ur support in my life right now<3

  20. Get your boyfriend to make a vid! As a fellow vegan weight lifter, it would be awesome to hear from someone seeing success.

  21. I’m starting tomorrow. Been vegan -ish… for a while now … I’m saying ish cause I keep falling off the wagon! This time it’s for good!

    1. +Kristi Beth I transitioned over to veganism, so no need to stress about doing it overnight. better take your time and stay vegan permanently than just jump into veganism and give it up in 2 week 🙂 what helped me a lot was never allowing myself to be hungry (because that is when my ‘cravings’ kicked in and make it harder to stay vegan) good luck, I know you can do it!

  22. I’m not kidding . You have really motivated me! I can do this! You might be hearing a lot from me in the coming weeks:):)

  23. Do you calorie restrict?  I am on a raw till 4 diet and I started Piyo this morning and I don’t want to work my butt off and eat too many calories. I’m confused!

  24. Awesome video! Good luck with the progress lifting and props to you for out squatting the guy at the gym 😉

  25. It’s so sad the way that pole dancing is viewed. I told my friends that pole dancing was a cool sport and they all just laughed and shook their heads because of that stereotype. I felt so excluded and like I was so weird because of it.

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