97 thoughts on “Vegan Ground Beef Recipe – use for Taco meat, bolognese, pizza etc

  1. Question. Does this store well in the freezer? I’m hosting a vegan potluck and was wondering if I could make this the night before.

  2. that awkward moment when you realize that during the first few seconds of the video the cartoon woman’s boobs inflate and deflate….

    1. Lmao, I never noticed that before! I think it’s supposed to be her breathing, but LOL.

    1. Thanks for your recipes.. I’m currently living in China where vegan food dishes are nonexistent and my goal is to open a Sichuan style restaurant with all the sichuan flavors chinese people like but actually cooking the dishes in a healthy vegan style. I hope it works out and thanks again for your videos

  3. great idea…thx…i also use shredded carrots at a meat substitute i may blend the 2 and use taco seasoning

  4. The more I browse your channel the more I find out I loooooove your recipes. Thank you so much!

  5. Ok, love this channel! Oh my goodness. And you make it look so easy!
    I mean, I can actually do this, it will even be fun! Wow. I can really be a Vegan
    like I truly always wanted. Thanks “Cookingwithplants” Meet Your new subby FOREVER!!

    1. Awww thank you for your lovely feedback and welcome to the channel…. and the lifestyle! It really is easy to be vegan 🙂 x

  6. I usually use the vegan ground round but it is quite high in salt. I will try this and see if it makes a good replacement

  7. How do you store this when its finished drying?
    Looks really good, and am going to make this today for taco salad…

  8. hahahah i just went to your site, and voila…..last line of recipe says how to store it….
    i am….. as i type, testing this “ground beef”….. and it is DELICIOUS!!!!
    as mentioned in the last comment, i’m making taco salad tonight for dinner, so i added a bit of taco seasoning to the “meat mixture” before it went into the oven….
    excellent recipe!!!!! thanks!!!!
    i`m looking forward to checking out other recipes on your site.

  9. I enjoy your videos and it really helped me find other ways to make meat substitutes 😉 I can’t say I’m vegan or vegetarian (I eat meat twice a week fish and beef), but I do eat 5 times a week an all vegan diet. I see it this way, at least I eat less meat. I’m not sure if I’ll go full on vegan just yet lol. I’ve tried your recipes and it tastes great! thank you for sharing!

    1. Take a b12 once a week or multi b. If you can’t get enough sun for vitamin d supplement or try mushrooms . Fatty fish isn’t worth the risk for vitamin d regardless if your vegan or not. Everything else is available from plants without any problem.

    2. +MM M I currently take a B-Complex. It has all B vitamins plus biotin. I actually started taking it because, before I went vegan, my nails were so flimsy. They were like tissue paper! No joke! But now they are super hard because I was taking biotin to make my hair grow fast. Well, my hair grew and so did my nails! But the B-complex comes into play because I read that excess biotin causes acne and that’s what was happening to me. I read that B5 helps absorb the excess biotin so you don’t get acne. So, if you’re having issues with your integumentary system take biotin with B-vitimins. You should check out Gary Yourofsky’s website http://www.adaptt.org it has EVERYTHING you need to successfully go vegan! Lots of nutrition info!! Good luck to you! You can do it!

    3. I’m open to the plant base diet, just haven’t figured out if it is right for me yet. I’m trying to research to see how I can get more vitamin B12, D, zinc, omega 3, and calcium without having to take supplements. I’m still researching, but any advice or help is welcomed!

  10. I have this in the oven now, can’t wait to try it. What’s Tamari? I used light soya sauce…Is Tamarind the same as tamari? Thank you for all your yummy recipes.

    1. Ruth Sims …hello, tamari is soy sauce that’s made without wheat (like regular soy sauce). tamarind is a sour pod fruit that grows on trees in tropical areas. hope this helps!

    2. Made this,and it’s so yummy, I can’t wait to use it in a shepherds pie or bolognase, will it freeze?

  11. Great recipe, Anya. Certainly much better and looks tastier than using soy meat. Thanks for sharing. Cheers from Winnipeg, Canada

    1. oh, I made this for dinner the other night. I used it for Sheppard’s pie. My family said that it’s a keeper.

  12. Hello thank you for these great recipes.
    can you please tell me the name of your food processor? Im looking to buy one. thank you

  13. I just made this recipe and it tastes AMAZING! I’m very pleased with how quick (except for the drying process) and easy it was to whip up. 😀 Now to see how well it holds up sauteed with taco seasoning. I can’t wait! <3

    1. Maybe for a few days. I’d be concerned it’d get soggy if kept too long in the fridge. It freezes well, though!

    1. Aš Nežinau …here in philippines they grow a nut called ‘pili’. i’ve never seen it anywhere else, and it tastes like a light macadamia. they’re expensive–even here where they’re grown. norway sounds like the usa, where meat & the grains fed to livestock is all subsidized, so is artificially inexpensive compared to healthy food.

    2. Cindy Jones That’s true. However, being a student and living on my own, nuts are kind of a luxury product, especially in Norway, which is one of the most expensive countries to live in ( at least in Europe). 😀 And, most ironically: the unhealthy food (sausages, processed meat balls, etc are cheaper than potatoes, nuts, and so on. 😂

    1. mango Walnuts are high in fat and even though it is a good type of fat, you should only eat a small amount on a daily basis. The cauliflower adds more volume, flavor, and nutrients

    2. Believe I’d use walnuts Tamari/amino acids tomato paste and all the seasonings she used just leave out the cauliflower.

  14. This is a great recipe! I just made it today bad it was delicious. Made tacos with spinach and cashew cream. 😋

  15. make your own vegan ground beef with regular fried minced mushrooms and taco seasoning. cheaper. and I promise it will work when your in a hurry to eat.

  16. This is one of my goto staples now. Love it. It is easier to do in a convection oven though, it dries out much faster.

  17. I made your recipe  Vegan Ground Beef. I honestly love the texture and was so happy with the out come. I gave my sister a sample which believes that she needs meat as a protein in order to feel full.  She was so surprised at how it looks like ground beef and is willing to make it into some sort of dinner by adding spices. Thank I love this recipe.

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