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  1. Lady,  you are amazing.  I am the mother in a family of four and the only one who is vegan.  I choose not too impose my philosophy on anyone in the house, so I often have to make a lot of personal compromises on what to prepare for dinner.  Your channel provides me with so many helpful things.  I am grateful for the information and EASE you have in feeding a vegan family.  With your wisdom and skill,  I may be able to pull together a vegan menu that I can serve to the rest of the family with no fuss.  My point is,  there are a LOT of vegan channels out there with diet plans purely for weight loss,  that’s not what you are about.  You are beautiful and fantastic(and if it helps, do not appear to be overweight at ALL), please keep doing what you are doing!

  2. Glad to see a fellow vegan going through the questions of how one should look being vegan or vegetarian … you dont look chunky at all lol but anywho i have been a vegan almost a year now and i lost about 10 pounds but just like you being a vegetarian before hand (2 years) i never did it for being “skinny” or thinning myself down … it was of course mainly for the animals and its good you mentioned the enviorment as well cause a lot of people dont know the broadness of being a vegan is more then its percived 😊

  3. Regardless of diet weight gain or weight loss is matter of calories in, calories out. If you feel great and your health markers are fine I would not worry about your weight. If you want to lose weight just add more physical activity.

  4. I love your honesty in this video! You’re exactly right about the reasons to be vegan and what keeps people on the diet. Being skinny is not the reason to adopt the lifestyle, it’s only a benefit that might happen to some people. Being vegan is less about you and more about greater concerns. Great vid!

  5. You look super healthy and shouldn’t trip on the scale. You’re eating well and really helping people with your channel.

  6. I’ve watched all of your videos, I absolutely LOVE them!! Please continue, I’ve already made at least six of your recipes 🙂

    1. +Ari on Runescape And you look amazing, as long as you feel good about yourself that’s all that matters because to any normal person you look great and you help tons of people.

  7. Thank you for making this video I started my vegan journey yesterday I choose this journey not to be skinny but for health issues.

  8. i have been watching your videos for a few months now and really enjoy them. This is one of the best, by far. This is the first time I felt compelled to tell you that what you do has been a huge benefit to me in  my own personal journey. You are n amazingly compassionate and honest person-What could be more beautiful?  I so appreciate your emphasis on thinking about the welfare of the planet and animals; others who focus on weight and size distract from the real purpose of being vegan.   You do great work and thank you for promoting self acceptance and an ethical way of life. Thanks so much?

  9. Have you heard about 21 day fix? It teaches you about portion control and very effective workouts with modifiers. I’m a coach for beach body. I promise I’m not trying to “sell” but I really think you can benefit from this exercise program. Thanks for this channel really! I’ve been vegetarian for a couple months now for health reasons and got more informed, me and my kids are just starting out vegan life! Going on a month. I was so heartbroken because there wasn’t any you tubers with a vegan “family” your videos have really helped me out. Thanks again! I subbed 😊

  10. just sub’ed, love your videos. I lost 60 lbs going gluten free. It is so easy now to get gluten free flours, pastas and breads. Just thought I would pass this a long.

  11. I completely understand where your coming from Im an overweight vegan too. After I had a baby 1 year ago Im not as active and have portion problems as well. But lets not deny that we feel better when we look better and health should definitely be #1 on the list. Im taking back control, setting goals and working out for the last 3 weeks and already lost 8 lbs. Gob bless you on your journey!

  12. I know this is an older video but I just wanted to thank you for saying that not all vegans look emaciated. The food is actually DELICIOUS and is just as easy to over eat than ‘regular’ food. You hopefully are getting more micronutrients but that doesn’t keep you from gaining weight. Especially as a busy mom. I love the ethical decision to become vegan. I discovered veganism through the health aspect but I feel like if you truly want the lifestyle to stick even when it isn’t convenient it needs to be about more than yourself. Please make more videos and podcasts, I love your down to earth approach!

  13. Going vegan I largely maintained my weight. But I wanted my veganism to be more than weight loss. Then I gained some weight after some hard life experiences. Now in the last year and particularly in the last 3 months or so, I’ve been actively losing weight because it has been a goal of mine to be fit and active. But the all-in-all the idea that you become vegan and the weight just falls off is so inaccurate. You have to work hard just like with any other weight loss or fitness plan. And vegan junk food is sooo amazing! I’ve had to cut out a lot of my favorite snacks for the time being because I do have issues with portion control. I am quite glad that my vegan journey has taken the route it did because had I not had a period where I was only focused on being vegan for weight loss I probably wouldn’t be vegan still. I completely agree that to maintain veganism you need a much higher drive than being skinny and fitting the quintessential vegan troupe.

  14. Portion Control 👎👎 If you are hungry then eat. You should not be cutting back anything. One thing i notice at least from your videos is that you eat a lot of dry processed stuff and not fruits. Dry bread n vegan meat and pastas are offcourse going to slow down digestion

  15. Thanks for this video. I watched a video yesterday and the lady said being vegan means you can eat as much as you want. Too much of anything isn’t good for any of us.

  16. I think you are gorgeous and really relatable.
    You never come across as ‘preachy’ or stuck-up. These are qualities that will encourage more people to go vegan. Well done and keep it up! 🙂

  17. I know what you mean, been vegan for six plus years and in the beginning I thought I could eat whatever and maintain but now at year six and two babies later I’ve started to put on weight. I think some of it is the aging process and some of it is cuz I’m a sista from the south and I cook like it lol. still at the end of the day I’m more concerned about overall health than the scale. And exercise helps me maintain a good state of mind even if I can’t maintain the weight I was at the beginning of this journey.

  18. Don’t worry about what that person has said. Your body portion is just right, not too big and not too small, you’re just right. I’m a foodie vegan too and I enjoy eating.

  19. make me fill so much better. I was vegetarian for 12 years and now I’m transitioning to vegan. when I first became a vegetarian I lost 20 + lbs fast. Now that I have had kids and went from having a job that required me to be on my feet to a desk job I have put on weight. Now I am transitioning to vegan and lost a few pounds so far. I have explained to family members it’s not about weight loss it’s about making a difference to me.

  20. In YAHWEH ‘s (God) eyes you are beautiful!!!! I don’t see anything wrong with the size that you are.

  21. You are of normal weight. There are a lot of people out there who are tofi. As long as your blood work is okay, it’s fine.

  22. I really like this video and you are a beautiful woman! You shouldn’t feel bad about yourself for a silly comment

  23. I am right there with you on the good vegan food and the portion control issues! Love your channel. 🙂

  24. to me, you just look healthy. 155 and 5’6 imo is thin, just not anorexic. I think you look great. And for me part of vegan, a small part is my health. I’m not skinny, I’m healthy. Gives me strength to voice my ethics on the issue lol.

  25. Love the video!! You are so NOT Overweight! I am a vegan & am for ethical reasons(def not thin myself).. But I’d be estates if I weighed what you weigh! Keep up the good work & I seats look forward to your videos!!

  26. I know this is an older video, but thank you for making this! I went HCLF vegan for my health (obese + history of cancer, heart conditions), but the nutritional science & ethics were what cemented my decision. I lost more weight in the beginning because I didn’t have enough to buy anything other than oats, dates, rice & potatoes; now I have a bit more to spend, & like you, tend to eat more processed foods when I’m stressed, in a bad mood, anxious, etc. I’m getting back into better habits, though, & finally seeing some changes ☺

  27. This was great. I’m trying to transition, but, I’m having difficulty understanding the whole lifestyle bit, and who really is a true vegan.
    Is it true that if you don’t rid yourself of all things produced by animals (meat, dairy, leather, suede, fur) you are not a vegan?
    How can you be a vegan and then jump into your full genuine leather interior BMW? Or, put your genuine leather Nikes on? Or, carry a genuine leather handbag?
    Would be great to get a clear answer on this as it is a huge peace of this ‘vegan’ puzzle.

    1. Unfortunately there is no clear answer. Part of the definition of veganism is reducing our negative impact as much as is practical and possible. It is not practical or even possible for everyone who goes vegan to replace everything they may own containing animal products overnight. It definitely wasn’t for me. I still own a few things here and there that contain wool or leather, but as I have stopped purchasing anything new that contains these products I consider myself a vegan. In our current world, “perfect” veganism doesn’t exist. Most cars (even without leather seats) contain animal products. As do most computers. Even the new Canadian money (where I live) contains a small percentage of animal fat. It’s about reducing the abuse as much as you can!

  28. That is sad she had to make this video because some jerk online. She looks great and is far from fat or chunky. Not every vegan is underweight or thin. Be real people come in different sizes.

  29. You look beautiful and healthy. I don’t know why anyone needs to comment like that. You are not even chunky and so what if you were ?! That’s not anyone’s business. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors , etc. Eat and be happy. You are saving animals and there is nothing more beautiful than that ❤️

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