59 thoughts on “Burrito Bowl Recipe | Vegan

  1. I heard olive oil is not best to fry with (not sure if this is true).  Have you thought about using Avocado oil?  I just switched to it and I really like it 🙂

  2. I love all your videos. I’ve seen almost if not all of your videos. Always making me laugh love ya.

  3. Ok check this out.  put on a pair of headphones and turn it up.  not real loud…  you don’t want to blow your ears off.  Then listen to John chew when he tries the said Burrito Bowl.  Yeah…  it’s freaking AWESOME!!!!  Thank you

  4. as a vegan chef watching you not shake the pan was driving crazy lol. everything si looks amazing though I love you guys and yall have a new subscriber 🙂 keep the vids coming!

  5. Hey John, where did you get your containers for the spices? I noticed Alton Brown used the same container in his cooking show.

  6. This is FANTASTIC! Irecently decided to cut the meat out of my diet, and you’ve just made the transition so much more hopeful!

  7. I love this cooking channel! This guy is soo awesome, creative and original”. Keep up the good work bro 😉 👌🏼

  8. Hey there, I just bought your book to get this recipe and the recipe is not there. How do I find it? Unfortunately, I live in China with terrible internet and the computer with the ethernet cable can’t reach my kitchen so I can’t cook from the video.

  9. hallo, was ist das bitte bei 2:08? Ich verstehe es nicht.
    Hello, please tell me, wat is by 2:08? i dont understand. Thx!

    1. +Brittany Bolerjack hey, what does jack fruit taste like? U eat it raw or cooked? What’s the consistency? Thanks

    2. There’s also some good meat alternatives, like “chicken” strips from Gardein, or “beef” crumbles from Beyond Meat. Super good

    3. +Mariah Keifer You can just leave it out. Or use Tempeh or canned drained Young Green Jackfruit

    1. Wow… that was actually amazing… I did not know b12 came from bacteria lol. Amazing vídeo! Thanks for the tip! 🙂

    2. If you look up “Meat your future b12” They have a video all about b12! Where to find it and the truth about it. It’s very informative. If you’re thinking about transitioning into a vegan lifestyle, they have other videos about that, as well. I would highly recommend them. Hope that helps 🙂

    3. I wouldn´t take algae. Scientists found plastic particles in plankton. And Fukushima makes oceanlife worst then it already is. The ocean is packed with mercury, heavy metals. Just eat portobello mushrooms, dried apricots or fortified organic cereals. Or take Vitamine B12-supplements. That´s the only advice I can give all of you.

  10. I’m not a vegan but made this just to change things up…. Omg. I see why you make it once a week. Uhmazing

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