57 thoughts on “EASY VEGAN TACOS | hot for food

  1. I have that cilantro-hating gene. Yes; I am a serial killer, shhh 🙊.
    That avocado pit trick looks really interesting. I’ll try it out tomorrow. 👍

  2. Speaking of tortilla napkins.. I live in Mexico and people eat tortillas with every kind of food.. Pasta.. Salad.. Beans.. They just use the tortillas to pick whatever food up and they even use tortillas as napkins to wipe their mouths. So handy. Love your videos

    1. Depends. Cilantro is either really good or tastes like soap depending on the person. Some people don’t have the taste receptors for cilantro.

  3. it’s actually lemon or lime juice that stops the melanin in the avocados from turning brown, the out is just a seed

    1. Michael Ezeala Melanin is pigmentation in human skin lol the browning is from oxidation. Acidity slows oxidation (lime) but the pit also helps.

  4. YESSS I still watch diners drive-ins and dives sometimes but all I think about is how nasty everything is and how naive they are!

  5. I am sooooo obsessed with your channel!!!! I can’t remember the last time I binge watched a channel until now <333

  6. Great recipe and video, but no need to insult meat eaters. I’m trying vegan eating but don’t like the food snobbery of some vegans. It’s a different way of life, but insults are not necessary or cool.

  7. The avocado seed doesn’t do anything. The lime juice keeps the guac fresh because it changes the ph levels and thus keeping the from going brown. They brown cause it begins an oxidizing process.

  8. lmaoo I didn’t know they were dating/married tbh I though John was her gay friend (no offense I’m gay as hell lol)

  9. ok., u guys r havin 2much fun!! Friendly n fun that’s my motto! Since I rededicated my life to JESUS life is Soo much more fun and less headaches Lol. Thanx 4 the uppie GOD bless stay safe n warm! luv in CHRIST paula

  10. Going vegan was definitely the BEST decision I’ve made in my life. Look at all these exciting & delicious recipes …. <3

  11. Lol have you tried the avocado pit trick without adding like to the avocado? I’d assume it was the lime keeping it fresh :p

  12. I always think “lmao Lauren is so mean to john.” But then I realize that literally john does the exact same thing to Lauren when Lauren messes around, Lauren just never really messes around 😂

  13. actually if John had just a mustache he would look just like that guy on the hot sauce bottle with a Sombrero lol

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