39 thoughts on “Mike Tyson – Vegan Body/Life Transformation

    1. +Károly Jahn Oh no, I should have been more clear, he wasn’t using products like those, but he went *back* to using products like those, for his families well being.

  1. Please consider removing the background music 🙂 It’s hard to hear and focus on what is being said in the video.

    1. +mireille916
      That would work too 🙂 Although the type of music is a bit stressful imo. They should try something similar to Happy Healthy Vegan’s music 😛

  2. Good for him. I noticed (without knowing that he was vegan) that recently he has seemed more humble and likable.

  3. To be fair, veganism is likely not the only contributing factor to him feeling better.  He’s been retired from boxing for 10 years; that itself probably made him chill out a bunch.  His adrenaline and cortisol levels likely are nowhere near  what they were when he was an active boxer.  And of course there is the sober factor.

  4. I was at a truck stop getting a coffee the other day and there was a transport truck full of pigs, we all know where they were going.  The cries of the pigs was louder than the 18 wheelers, they knew what was up, what was ahead for them.  I apologized to them and promised I would not eat them or their kind.  So sad for them…..

  5. You need to match the background music to what your message is. This music made me feel agitated.

  6. fuck vegans youll be living on food supplement tablets its all about the meet use look retarded

  7. U fucking retards…yea Tyson feels emotion for people now cause he’s vegan no maybe he stopped drugs and matured a bit but he will still eat ur fucking children if u cross him

  8. So an idiot like Mike Tyson becomes a role model because he’s vegan. Got it. He wasn’t vegan when he was biting human ears off. And no, he’s not an idiot, as an African American who adopted a stupid violent religion like izlam, which gracefully condones slavery. Fuck Mike Tyson. And fuck this ‘oh im vegan and I can be a child rapist and get away with it’ shit.

  9. when iron mike was champ of the world he was eating tons of steaks & other meats & even endorsed milk…lol…Thatz when he was in the best shape of hiz life!! Case closed!!

  10. Great video guys! It is known that many people with mental disorders have deficiencies in their diet, and that a vegan diet can help!

    1. Good to see you again Jerry. I’m sure we’ll have allot do discuss while you troll Cory’s Q and A later.

  11. He ate two stakes a day and white pasta when he was champ. No wonder he had such poor stamina

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