78 thoughts on “An Epic Day in the Life of a Raw Vegan/Fruitarian

    1. +joey dediashvili squarting is the vegan version of squatting… Must have fruit in your hand to qualify

  1. You are not really a vegan, because you were transported by a car whose the driver most likely eats animal product, so by calling upon his services, you were supporting his lifestyle , which involves killing animals. You should walk everywhere all the time, pls.

  2. Nice job Ted Carr. Ive been vegan for 3 years (2 years raw and one year regular vegan). I’ve also been training for a marathon for two years straight. I’m currently at 18 miles. …. I’m now transitioning into becoming a fruitarian for more nutrients. That’s how I found your youtube channel. … Keep up the good work/grinding. You’re an inspiration! 🙂

  3. whats up with fruitarians and sitting in weird positians? does it come like a pakage? cuz all fruitarians on the tube does it..

  4. Stop giving advice that isn’t supported by evidence to people who don’t know enough to check whether you are right or wrong. This is extremely unethical.

    1. Better fooled by random fruitarian than meat industry. At least this kind of fooling is not causing harm to any other being and environment.

  5. Why even work out when you eat like this? You look like hammered dog shit. Who the fuck would want eating advice from this fucker. Fuck. 2016 is just the year i fucking give up.

  6. Fruit contains high levels of fructose (natural sugar) and tbh it’s more harmful than sucrose (table sugar) if consumed continually for a long period of time. Not eating meat forces your body to breakdown your muscle tissue in order to make the 2 amino acids which are essential for the body and is not present in fruits or veggies. That’s why you see these raw fruitarians age pretty quick.

    1. +Plant Powered Dude thank you!! Nabil you don’t need to eat meat for muscle development. Consuming legumes for protein can give you the same advantage.

  7. I think looking up these vegans and seeing the funny vegan shit thy do is gonna be my new favorite thing on youtube. You people are fucked lol.

    1. On the opposite side of spectrum all you have is gore. That’s not so funny. At least for normal people. Besides that’s fucking fruitarian, don’t insult vegans.

  8. I don’t think humans are designed to just eat fruit… what about humans who don’t live on an island? where i live the only fruit that grow are apples and pears, not much to live on

  9. And why live in a 3rd world country? With all those crazy diseases and stuff. I could never leave the US unless I moved to Canada, maybe.

  10. I’ve noticed a lot of the hippie vegans on YouTube are always crouching down like little monkeys when they eat haha

  11. why do you even excercise? if you arent gonna eat healthy then why even bother excercising? you are not gonna grow on that diet dude… just sugar

  12. Push your self athletically as a raw vegan… Do you know how retarded you sound there? I don’t usually pick on the weaker , but when somebody thinks he is a beast and has arms like an anorexic 12 year old I just have to butt in. Like come on! Don’t believe a guy on fitness or diet advice who looks like he’s anorexic. His diet is nothing more then sugar.

    1. +Plant Powered Dude And how does him being a triathlete mean that he should eat unhealthy?

    2. I say again… he is a competitive triathlete… Cycling, running and swimming long ass distances. He trains for endurance, not strength.
      Plenty of high carb, high fruit eating vegan bodybuilders and strength athletes out there dude. Just type it into the search bar at the top of the page.

      Who cares if you are weightlifter? In what way does that support your argument?

  13. Jesus you consume so much sugar its unreal. You need some protein, looks like someone could break you in half.

    1. ‘literally’ is a word used to differentiate common words and phrases from their actual meaning. ‘literally the same’ here is not literal at all, unless every fruitarian video is this exact video. NOW YOU KNOW ! <3

  14. Oh my gosh I am so jealous!! My parents lived there for a little, and when I was in Vietnam visiting family, all organic and fresh raw vegan diet was SUPER EASY AND CHEAP! Unlike here in America. Ugh.

  15. You won my like with that TD Jakes audio. Bro, keep going . Your self motivation is awesome.

  16. and don’t get me wrong. i don’t have nothin against raw diet but he looks unhealthy for a man, he looks tired and like he’s gonna start aging really fast. sugar does make you age fast.

  17. I believe in the eat natural lifestyle but it has to be chemical free produce.. The fruitarian lifestyle doesn’t seem sustainable unless you’re living on an estate and you can have access to fruits constantly. I understand why you want to encourage this lifestyle because global agriculture has been corrupted by GMO and other chemical. You should do a video on the effects of chemicals in products and benefits of a raw vegan lifestyle to enlighten people. You’re not gonna convince everyone but there’s people who want that. 👍

  18. “when Usain Bolt starts running he is so slow”… please race him. You can’t sustain 300 watts for over 5mins on a bike and you have the audacity to call the worlds fastest man slow? absolute ignorance

  19. Do any of these frutarians actually have jobs? Like what di they do apart from going to thai may and eat?

    1. Simina Dit Then be just vegan ( as long as your not harming any animal in the process it’s perfect. And a vegan diet is the healthy way. There are no excuses , at all. There are many vegans, raw vegans, frutarians in Germany.. I,d rather spend 200€ a month for fruits , veggies, legumes, seeds etc.. than go see doctors and paying as well or even more.. and being sick! Just be vegan though. Food is medicine and we would do anything to be healthy.

    2. +Ted Carr Extra oh sorry…that is what i meant to say. that is an honest question though. there is a lot of raw vegans on youtube doing just that and trying to promote it. they need to realise that not everbody can do that and that they are making a frutarian diet look very unaccessible in my opinion. i just cant help but wonder how these type of youtubers can afford this lifestyle. i live in berlin and have a part time job and uni and i could seriosly not afford it. this is just my opinion

  20. only once i saw a video of what a vegans eat and now my webpage is always full of what i eat vegan in a day.
    Fuck you fucking vegans, you can eat wood for what i care, really fuck you vegans idiots fuck off from my homepage noobs

  21. Te looks awful! having cardio vascuilar strength is not the same as an all around fitness base. his neck is frail looking, his arms and legs puny1 you dont have to buff but if your doing this because its ‘ natural’ then look at all animals in the wild. they are not weak looking. I am Vegan but there is something obviously lacking in this diet if it creates such a frail looking physique.

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