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    1. Thats it! I dunno in english…
      In my motherlnaguage this is called “proteΓ­na texturizada de soja”

      And honestly… I’m not a big fan… I would like to put my vegetables, thank you!
      I love your vids,
      Peace, always.

  1. now this is something I can get into, also I can use the gordita recipe just to have anyways with rice =)

  2. Are there any vegan cheese products that taste like “REAL” cheese? I tried Daiya cheddar shreds, took one bite & ended up throwing the bag and away.

    1. +Tabascopeppers They are typically better on/with things rather than just on their own as they have a big flavour. I find the mozzarella Daiya to be really good I barely have to put any on my pizza and it tastes nice and cheesy. (don’t think we were big fans of the cheddar either. But “real” cheddar doesn’t taste like most of the store bought “dairy” anyways lol sooo it is sort of joke when I see people ask for “real” cheese.)

    2. +Tabascopeppers Did you try eating it unmelted? Because, yeah, that’s always gross. Theres a ton of nut-based cheeses you could try if you don’t have any allergies though.

    3. +Tabascopeppers I have commented elsewhere that I HATE the Daiya shreds, but the blocks, especially the cheddar style, are fine.

    4. +Tabascopeppers try field roast chao πŸ™‚ tastes and melts EXACTLY like real cheese. get the original!

  3. Oh man. Used to CRUSH gorditas back in my omnivore days. Bonus for scratch-made tortillas!

    1. +Randy Davenport I’m happy I couldn’t find them anywhere! I had to teach myself new techniques! haha They turned out sooo good!

  4. It’s been a long time since I ate at Taco Bell but from what I remember I believe you have outdone them.

    1. +Edgy Veg and yes it was the cheesy gordita crunch without meat or cheeses and burrito supreme without meat cheese or sourcream πŸ™‚

  5. Oh, awesome! I loved the cheesy gordita crunch in my lacto vegetarian days. I’m totally into this! Thanks, Edgy Veg! : )

    1. +Edgy Veg Yeah not in a physical way though. In the way you speak, the words you use, the quirks in your mouth movements and your attitude. I think it’s hilarious and she was kinda wide eyed watching you. I think it’s kinda cute and I am totally going to (get my wife to) make a lot of your recipes! πŸ˜€

  6. What do you know, earlier this day (the day this came out) I was thinking that Edgy Veg should do a recipe for this. Get out of my head!

  7. Huh. You know, it may have been an offhand comment but she makes a good point when she mentioned that the soy ground beef she was using had as much beef in it as Taco Bell’s ground beef… I already know that there is corn syrup and soybean oil in almost every food stuff in the American agricultural industry but I wouldn’t be surprised if a fast food chain like Taco Bell would substitute most of their meat product with soy or any other week and include just a little bit of meat and some flavoring–just to save on money.

  8. My husband and I made these last night! He’s not a vegan – I am though so I made my own version like this. So funny to see this pop up in my feed today. It was delish. πŸ™‚

  9. I have to be honest, I was intruiged by this recipe as to how you would make the meat substitute and the cheese… both were bought :(.

    1. +cinnamon powered There are a bunch of videos on my channel where I make both cheese and meat.

  10. Will a vegan version of a Taco Bell meal give me gas? I honestly can’t eat anything Mexican without laying a huge fart afterwards. That’s why I don’t eat Mexican food in public. Last time I did, I scarfed down a ton of tacos and burritos in one sitting and then when I got up, I accidentally farted in front of everyone. It was embarrassing as hell! Everyone was staring at me and some of the customers near me passed out.

    1. +Rayve Napsu I do it all the time and I’ve never had a problem haha probably because the typical vegan diet is already low in sodium. I always get the 7 layer burrito without the cheese and sour cream or the crunchwrap supreme subbing beans for meat and no cheese or sour cream. Basically you can sub any meat for beans, and then ask for no cheese or sour cream and they do it. And if I drink water I usually never have a problem with gas.

    2. The only reason beans cause flatulance is there’s a waxy coat that humans have hard times digesting. Clean your beans 3-4 times before cooking and you should be fine

  11. Haha when she said “there’s probably as much meat in this as the taco bell beef” was anyone else like OHH SNAP! Haha anyway it looks good I wanna try

  12. Anyone who dislikes this video is a butthead. Sorry for the harsh words. But that looks AMAZING!!!

    1. +Edgy Veg​ im so sorry it took so long for me to respond. My phone doesnt let me know. But, depression cake is a vegan cake they made back in the depression, with no money to afford expensive materials, they used common household foods! I would honestly love to see you make one. I think you’d love it! 😊

  13. Candice,
    No cruelty free hot sauce nor zesty pepper jack sauce?Β  What gives?Β  I know for a fact that you can do much better than this.Β  At least stay true to that corporate monger’s recipe and include a veganized zesty pepper jack sauce.Β  Tha sauce is da boss!Β 

    Peace, love and vegan soul.

  14. Could you please make a panda express orange chicken and chow mein vegan dish? I miss it so much since I stopped eating meat! I can never seem to get the noodles right.

    1. +123WintersAngel123 Someone already provided a link but I was going to say you can make it out of fried battered cauliflower with an orange sauce drizzled over it.

    2. +123WintersAngel123 Try this: and this for the chow mein:

      Also what noodles were you using when you were making it? That might’ve been giving you some issues with it.

  15. When I ate Taco Bell the two things I ate were chicken chalupas and loaded potato grilled. Now I just get the spicy potato tacos made fresco! :p

    1. +bubba123 No they can’t. Their food is contaminated. I used to work at taco bell. Cheese gets mixed in the lettuce, Cheese gets mixed in the tomatoes. Meat juice flies around and gets into everything. They don’t wear gloves. Hands are going in and out of different ingredients. There is cross contamination.

  16. this is so much fun! can’t believe how many different fast food recipes you’ve made vegan. its insane πŸ™‚ subscribing right now

  17. Loved the video, subscribed! Wish I’d known about your channel sooner. I love vegan junk food too. πŸ™‚

  18. How do you make the meat? I know there is gardein beef crumble kinda thing in stores, but I’m wondering if you know any easy way to turn TVP into fake beef? Thanks!

  19. I love these Taco Bell videos. It seems silly but TB is one of the few things I miss now that I’m vegan. The crunch wrap video was INSPIRED. This one looks a bit more involved but not impossible. If you have the time it seems worth it.

  20. At Taco bell you can get a vegan version by ordering a not supreme double Decker taco- Sub the soft shell for a gordita, and substitute beans for beef (no charge). I always add rice,tomato, black beans, and sometimes potatoes, to mine.
    Β So what you should get is a gordita with beans (instead of cheese)wrapped around a hard shell taco, stuffed with beans and lettuce. πŸ™‚ Love your videos!

    1. +Brook Murray Chisholm possibly just ask for a Not supreme cheese gordita crunch, Subtract three cheese blend (substitute the cheese for beans to hold to gordita in place around the hard shell, and just order it beans for beef no cheese? I used to work there in highschool and would make my own creations all the time!

  21. Does the vegan beef really taste like the real thing? If I can find some really good meat substitutes I think I’ll have better luck being vegan

    1. Crystal Liam yes it does I’m not vegan and. Either is my sister or daughter and they couldn’t tell the difference neither could I you can season it however you want and idk where you live but giants freezer isle has them

    2. If you live near a trader joe’s, their vegan soy chorizo is THE BEST. I ate it when I wasn’t vegan instead of actual chorizo because I like it better! I ate an entire package of it my first week being vegan because I already loved it and it helped. I haven’t tried what the above commenters are talking about, but I guarantee if you like spicy that stuff is BOMB! It’s also really affordable.

    3. Gardeins is awesome. Use the chicken strips all the time in my tacos and quesadillas. I throw out the teriaki sauce packets. The turkey cutlets are good too. Boca is also a good one.

  22. I’m not ready for this. I can’t press play. it sounds too good to be true. no cheesy gordita crunch is the hardest thing ab going vegan fro the past two months. i hope this will save me

  23. I used to love Taco Bell gorditas back in the day. I’m so glad you made this. And I’m thinking for an even quicker version you could use a pita bread instead of making your own gordita. and add vegan sour cream to top it off. yum I will so be trying this. thank you thank you thank you for the awesome inspiration

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Just too lazy to make flat bread. My mouth is watering already…( =

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