51 thoughts on “Vegan Gains Worst of the Fitness Industry Interview

  1. 8 years of training. and he’s tiny. he has next to no muscle mass. compared to his height. I seriously don’t know how he considers himself to be a body builder

  2. This guy gives Vegans a bad image. You can not just attack everyone’s lifestyle, because it doesn’t match yours.

  3. I agree with Vegan Gains.. since people become so dumb for defending their justification on killing animals for food, we vegan should go more intense to save the innocent animals. I find myself becoming like vegan gains too.

  4. Fasting is healthy when done properly, not all of these guys are giving bad advice, though i agree some of them have bodies we will never get without roids or depressing life draining lifestyles.

  5. For those of you bagging Vegan Gains LISTEN TO WHAT EMILY SAID – if you want to shut him up then get PROACTIVE and help to shut down the industries that he makes his videos about. HELP TO CREATE A VEGAN WORLD so these videos don’t need to be made.

  6. The studies he uses do NOT tell you what kind of meat products. They simply say “meat products”, there is no study that says wild caught or grass fed meat products are causing disease. Biases for people pushing movements make bad studies.. Really if your a scientist or a doctor you should have no biases in the studies done

    1. That being said tho, Even grass fed meat eaters if they eat meat every meal will cause digestive issues because of the uric acid and sticky paste it creates makes it hard to eliminate.

  7. Oh.. I thought you were going to call him out. Don’t get me wrong, I respect the guy. But he says I should die for eating fish 😂

  8. Awesome interview. Great to see VG in a different setting. As he said, it’s not about hate or jealousy, but people tend to think emotionally (not objectively), whether they know it or not. He’s more than just his YouTube personality, but I guess people don’t understand that who you are in front of a camera isn’t who you are all the time..

    Oh, and I’m loving all the comments below about how he’s sooo toxic because he trolls meat eaters and people with cancer, like FuriousPete. Again, if anyone watched his content and actually did their own research instead of just calling him annoying or too aggressive (emotional), his brazen “I told you so” wouldn’t seem so cruel.

  9. Her channel is so professional. Almost, 90% of the video has subtitles! Such an amazing woman! Much love. 🙂

  10. I found this a really interesting video. Previously I had only seen VG doing his provocative schtick on his series and soe stunts he has pulled, like the Lex Fitness thing, and had much the same reaction to him as most – I thought he was just a gratuitously offensive troll. Jason Blaha with lentils.
    Was very surprised to see him being ‘normal’ and whilst I still don’t agree with what he does, couldn’t disagree with a lot of his reasoning.

  11. Vegan Gaines is awesome! He’s brutally honest and not for the sensitive. He’s a straight-up stand-up guy.

  12. yea being vegan is not for one’s health, at least not in my case. It’s about what we believe in, not having to kill and torture if we as sentient beings don’t have to. Love the channel btw, keep it up, huge supporter here!

  13. One thing that I give to Richard is that he has BIG BALLS to call out all those morons and fitness mofos! I don’t care what you think about him,but he has balls!

  14. Yeah he had three stories on why hw went vegans things that motivated HIM and i love Grade but VG wins on fact and disproving carnist.

  15. It’s true my friend competed at 4-5% body fat he would pass out once a week until show day. He looked good tho that’s what matters, right?

  16. So happy I stumbled upon your channel:) I appreciate the way you edit and flim your videos! Keep it up:)

  17. hey BiteSizeVegan, huge fan here. you inspired me to start my YouTube channel.
    I just released my first youtube video about Why I’m Vegan with sources right in the video. please check it out dudes and dudettes 🙂 more to come!

  18. its insane how much ppl used to hate vegan gain lol and now everyone love the dude. i guess they realize that hes legit

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