1. I’m kind of tripping out on some of those products they sent you this month.They’re usually real good at keeping it vegan and I know they send different random products each month but VC knows people are vegan (for the most part) that order so why have flouride toothpaste and then something called Bee Natural…does it have honey or bees wax? That would be strange of them since they know vegans don’t use honey and usually stay away from flouride. I wonder why they did that…unless I missed something..

    1. You are definitely definitely definitely supposed to be using fluoride toothpaste. Toms makes a vegan and cruelty free fluoride toothpaste as well. Don’t know why vegans would stay away from it. I as a vegan don’t.

  2. I think fluoride helps to prevent cavities and could make your teeth stronger but I could be wrong

    1. +Emilee Madison Fluoride is a poison that can effect people’s brain chemistry. Yes it helps keep teeth clean, but that’s because it’s killing the germs through it’s poisonous properties. That’s why on the tooth paste tubes it says to call poison control if you ingest products containing fluoride.

  3. +Channon Rose Flouride is absolutely horrible for you and it calsifies your pineal gland. Also flouride was first invented by the Nazis to be used for mind control. You cn google or YouTube it. Btw LOVE your bathing suit!!!! God Bless 😉

  4. Fluoride is super bad for you!! You should use fluoride free toothpaste for many reasons, look up the bad effects of fluoride and why you shouldn’t consume it.. Almost all drinking water contains fluoride as well which you should cut out

  5. They put fluoride in everything including water but its horrible for you. It’s tested that it dumbs people down and make some more docile, they put fluoride in the water in the concentration camps that’s the Nazis were running so they had more control over the Jews. It’s a proven fact look it up. it’s near impossible to get anything without fluoride it’s even in our food it’s in our water it’s even in bottled water sometimes it’s in everything but that just proves…. Well I’m not going to get into the conspiracy theory talk but you get what I’m talking about. anyways try to stay away from fluoride don’t drink tap water and there are fluoride free toothpaste you can buy you just have to look and try to find them I don’t know if they’re available in mainstream stores but you can’t get them in fluoride it’s actually not good for your teeth either, that is also a misrepresentation that’s why when it says if you swallow any toothpaste immediately call poison control on the box of every single toothpaste bottle or tube so just beware channon and everyone else, God bless. +Channon Rose

    1. When I was in kindergarten they would make us clean our teeth with it but not swallow it like swoosh it around

    2. +Mandy Dandy search for articles on how to detox your pineal gland in my practice I have realized that organic mugwort tea from buddah teas is great (they also have the chakra teas which are so good) its amazing before sleep and gives strong hallucinogenic dreams at times. Flouride shouldn’t be cut out from the diet completely but you’d be surprised how many foods have them in there. So for the most part flouride free waters is a good place to start. Boiling water with Floride makes it worse so I when I make food I only use Floride free water. Teflon pans can give your food extra Floride so stainless steel cookware is better. Using Floride free toothpaste. (I make my own find recipes online)Small changes like this can effectively increase dreaming and there is also vitamins and supplements to open your third eye. Happy dream travels! 🙂

  6. Also most filtered water containers do not take out fluoride unfortunately. they take out everything else apparently but its a coincidence that fluoride the one thing that they don’t take out but I don’t know if they do have some that to take fluoride out that I have to look up but just another nail in your coffin, thanks America

  7. Hey Channon!! You aren’t supposed to use Fluoride toothpaste every day however it is good to use a fluoride toothpaste a few times a few as it strengthens your gums and your roots!

  8. Thanks for sharing your vegan cuts unboxing video.  Yes, please do the natural deodorant video and provide your honest opinions!  I’m super interested as I also started gradually changing my beauty products to buy more cruelty-free vegan ones.  Deodorant is a challenge though.  I don’t want to be stinky, so I’m always in the haunt for a good natural version of Secret.  Have a fantastic 4th of July weekend!

  9. That Schmidt’s Deodorant is the BEST!  It’s really the only one that works for me.  Fluoride is not good, it can cause issues such as migraines.  I’d look into it.

  10. I know fluoride is a natural mineral that comes from soil and rocks, which can be used to successfully strengthen tooth enamel and prevent decay, but in too high doses can cause all sorts of problems.  Toothpaste isn’t enough to cause issues, mainly tap water with high concentrations does it.

    1. Exactly! Thank God not everyone jumped on the bandwagon without researching themselves! <3

  11. So excited         (((((( Arriving Monday by 8pm
    Not yet shipped
    Track package
    The Story of Channon Rose: Lessons between the Lines))))))

  12. You said “I’m vegan and I try to eat cruelty free”.. But how can anything be vegan without being cruelty free? Lol if there’s no animals involved…

  13. Hey Channing I’m so glad you have posted more videos . While you were away working on your audition I was so bored and missing your positive energy . anyway that might sound weird but your my inspiration and look forward to watching more of your newer vids. I love you soooo SOO MUCHH !!! MUAH

  14. I think you should use the products then tell us your honest view on the product or like a demo with the unboxing

  15. Hey Channon! I think I might just have to subscribe to vegan cuts lol! I have a question. I used to use anti aging creams and stuff for early prevention. I’m 24 but I think it a good to start. I was using Olay but then I stopped for a while as I went to body shop and got tea tree face products. I want to start up a new anti aging routine again because I slacked off. I want to use all natural ingredients as possible on my face. I was wondering what you use I if you have any recommendations. I have been doing research and I don’t know what to go with. I thought I’d ask you and maybe other youtubers can also help me out? Also Channon! I am subscribed to this thing called the honest company. you should look it up. It’s amazing and I think you would like it. I think it a cruelty free. Like its a simple ingredients. I get th anniversary bathroom stuff as well ell as cleaners and everything. But I know you and Trav are trying to conceive and they have a whole bunch of baby based products. And mother to be products. Anyways much love from canada! X

  16. wow  cool  i  love  your  swim suit…………………….  and you too muah………….

  17. Do look up on YouTube or Yahoo how fluoride effects are on the body you’ll be amazed. And what it was used for.

  18. Hey Channon! a good natural deodorant i found is alveolar aloe and almonds deodorant.
    and if i end up getting sweaty throughout the day i just touch it up with Lush the guv’ner powder deodorant.

    yay natural beauty

  19. my mum uses coconut oil, bicarbonate soda and essential oil for a deodorant… do you have any younger vegan subscribers? I loved this box of goodies x

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