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    1. Awesome! Thanks! The last batch I made fell apart after freezing so, I’ll try your recipe and hopefully, I won’t have that problem.

  1. Loved this recipe ! After trying different vegan veggie burger recipe’s, this one is my top favorite one. But I also decided to add extra ingredients to make it tasty such as pine nuts, flax seed, sesame seeds and dry basil 💕❤️ yum!

    1. +Pamela Rodriguez Ohmygosh yummy!!!!! I am SO happy that you liked it! I hope you made extra to freeze 😉

  2. These were pretty good. Felt the nutritional yeast could’ve been cut in half because it was overpowering to me. I’ll be making them again though.

  3. +Edgy Veg What would be a good Gluten free substitute for the wheat germ? Perhaps psyllium or even GF oats?

  4. you know what I’m going to make these awesome looking burgers right now.Look just the thing for a stormy November night

  5. Can you share how to roast mushrooms? Oven temp and time? Is two cups the measurement before or after roasting? Thanks!

    1. +Edgy Veg thanks so much for answering my question. I made these for lunch today. Since I was unsure of the correct roasting method I just sautéed them in a pan. They turned out delicious! My non- vegan hubby even said he liked them! Huge compliment coming from him… Lol! Thanks so much! I have saved lots of your other recipe videos to try also!😀😀😀

    2. +Sherismiley roast approx 3 cups of mushrooms to get 2 cups of roasted mushrooms. Toss them in olive or coconut oil and sprinkle with salt, spread them out on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet in a single layer. Preheat oven to 375°F. Roast until mushrooms release liquid, about 15 minutes. Carefully drain liquid into a separate container and reserve (it’s a great seasoning sauce). Return mushrooms to oven and continue roasting until browned but still tender, about 30 minutes longer.

  6. is there a simpler way. I am not vegan but cannot eat most dairy products or meat due to food sensitivity

    1. +Alexis Wilson simpler burger? I mean, this pretty simple and make you can make a bunch and freeze. You can also buy pre-made vegan burgers, or use a roasted portobello mushroom as a patty.

  7. Shout out to Canada Day? I like it.
    I am transitioning from meat eater to Vegetarian and I’m glad I found your channel!
    New subbie. <3

  8. I LOVE these burgers. They are soooo delicious. I am surprised that I like them more than any other kind of burger I’ve ever had. You Rock!

  9. I’m sorry…but that’s a very boring eating life in my opion. just buy grass fed meat! jeez..

    1. On tha contrary, havin’ a prosaic consciousness is rather humdrum…
                                                     ॐAmitabha; Namaste

    2. +Lais Oliveira Many people are becoming aware of the negative effects of meat and reducing or eliminating meat from their diet. Heart attacks, cancer and diabetes are a few adverse effects of meat eating, but also there is a huge burden on the environment.

    3. +Lais Oliveira  *”How exciting…!”* (-_-) zZz  Not! U have such a mundane palate….     ॐAmitabha

    4. being vegan is only boring if you are not capable of being creative while cooking. it may seem very hard and rather stupid for everyone who isn’t a vegan but I myself as a vegan have to honestly admit the variety of food I’m consuming has increased since going vegan (and I’m a vegan for over 2 years now). the reason why vegans don’t just go and consume meat, regardless of how “ethical” the animal was raised, is because we don’t want to for various reasons. some just don’t want to eat meat because in the end of the day the animal is still slaughter while you could just eat something a lot less cruel (such as this burger for example).

  10. ॐPromethean Ash-Shakur; Pratyekabuddhic tetragrammaton of Metatronic Ascension (-_-*) says:

    *”Now, I’m marvin…!”* If I may extra, are they freezer friendly?! Thx; Amitabha.

    1. I didn’t have issues with these falling apart. I baked mine in the over 450 degrees, 10 min each side and they came out perfect.

    1. I thought it was pretty fuckin offensive actually. What did the burger ever do to her to deserve a namecalling, you know? It’s not like it was purposely trying not to cooperate.

    2. Scoundrel isn’t a curse, but it was a joke because she couldn’t get it with the lifter.

  11. I cut out squares of tin foil and grease one side with olive oil. Then I just put the patty on top and put it on the grill. It doesn’t stick to the aluminum at all and gives it a nice crunchy outside with a soft inside.

  12. I’m not vegan or vegetarian, I’ve thought about but live in a community that doesn’t have many options for vegans …our produce isn’t even good quality unfortunately, but….I’ve been binge watching all your videos and really want to try these recipes! I love your channel! !

  13. I’m assuming your using the white mushrooms? Most common. I’ve been looking for the perfect burger. Every burger I have tried are either bland and awful bought from packages. Even the suppose famous ‘beyond meat’ beastly burger/patty. I was not impressed. I tried making from scratch and it turned out mushy, yuck. I will try this and make sure I follow your tips carefully to prevent a mushy burger. Wish me luck. Thank you!!

  14. Tried this and the burgers fell apart. I tried it again with a little more tahini to make them more sticky: they fell apart again. I put in more thickener: they fell apart. I ended up with a black bean half fried mush.
    Not sure if I wanna keep trying this considering all the effort put in and no reward :’c

  15. I just made these burger patties this evening and they’ve been the most enjoyable vegan burgers I’ve had thus far. My mix ended up on the dry side so I added a ground flaxseed/water egg substitute and it made forming the patties into perfect shape much easier. Delicious and way better than the sweet potato burger recipe I tried last week. Those didn’t work out at all for me so I’m stoked to have found a great vegan burger recipe I love.

  16. Wait you’re extremely hot positive happy and you make your husband food that is exactly like fast food but healthy? So he doesn’t get fat? And no animal gets hurt in the process?? Seriously what did he do in heaven to get you and please tell me there’s more like you out there? lol edgy veg you are the perfect woman.

    1. BodyRights Men are so easily impressed these days. There are a lot of vegan women that can cook. This woman is pretty but definitely not hot..average looking at best. Calm your hormones.

  17. Do you have to have the mushrooms? If so what can I replace them with? I’m not a big fan of mushrooms…

  18. This was such a delicious flavorful burger. I even gave some to my dad and brother and they loved it! I’m not even vegan and I love your channel and recipes!

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