78 thoughts on “Vegan Beauty Tip: Konjac Sponge Review

  1. ….. Except sea sponges don’t have complex enough nervous systems to feel pain. Just because it’s classified as an animal doesn’t mean much. They really don’t behave much differently than other plants.

    If it doesn’t feel pain, I see no harm in using sea sponges.

    1. +Brandin Shaeffer fishless by 2050 – my typing skills didn’t keep up with my thought 😉

    2. +shannon davis According to the study published by the UN, the oceans will be basically fishless. 30% of fish colonies have already collapsed. So, you know…maybe we should use plants not found in the ocean to wash our faces with. The pain of animals isn’t the only thing vegans consider. I’m guessing you’re not vegan? Or maybe you’re just one of those vegans who only cares about being skinny?

    3. +RooFooChoo they feel pain in a dimension which is not regulated or recorded by science methods of the 1950s. Do know how retarded you sound?

    4. +shannon davis really? how the FUCK would you determine this . Justifying the unjustifiable is also called cognitive dissonance toots.

    5. +Dustin
      I’m still selective about using animal products; that is, I am not rigid, but avoid them whenever possible.  An abandoned beehive is fair game, IMO, so long as there are no feral or wild bees attempting to reoccupy it.  Animal sponges are another matter, because they are not discrete from their environments.  Part of my policy is, if it is an animal or comes from an animal, animal needs come before my own.  I generally take this tack with people I care about, as well.  Lets me sleep at night, you know? : ) 

  2. Hey Anji, it is actually a “y” sound and not a “j” sound. Konjac actually sounds almost the same as the brandy Conjac.

  3. I’ve been dying to try one of these, because I still use a home made honey, pulverized sugar, and pulverized sea salt scrub to use up the honey I stockpiled over the years and which I obviously don’t eat anymore.  I’ve been looking for a totally vegan product to replace the scrub, and these sponges seemed like it, but having, uh, “mature” skin, I was wondering what kind to use, i.e. a plain one or one containing clay.  Thanks for posting this!

    1. +nicolaxoxo1
      I DO remember those brillo pad things for the face!  Ouch!  This is what I was curious about; thank you for answering to my doubts : )

    2. +tamcon72 My brand is called Dew Puff and the brochure recommends the Asian Clay one for “dry and aging skin”. I got one included with my monthly Beauty Box subscription thru a company called Vegan Cuts….they sell p;products a la carte too so you don’t have to commit to a subscription. They also have food boxes. I got a bamboo charcoal Dew Puff and it is super gentle and right now my skin is very irritated from a prescription. I would not use anything else on my face now…I have never used anything like it. I thought it would be rough like a Buff Puff (remember those brillo pad things?) but it is very silky feeling.

  4. Konjac also makes shirataki, which has zero calories, so not a good staple, but it makes a fun chewy texture in soups and is yummy when cooked with mushrooms.

  5. Wow, I guess I’m totally out of the loop! Back when I was studying biology in college (some 10 years ago), there was talk of Porifera being reclassified as a fungus. Guess that never happened after all!

  6. +Happy Healthy Vegan have you guys made a video on soaps, moisturizers I’m still new to the vegan lifestyle and would like to hear about some hygiene products and brands you’d recommend.

  7. This is kind of like when your neighbors invite you over for dinner and when you show up they immediately take off into a Amway pitch: You ever thought of being a small business owner?

    Ambush advertising.

    1. +Happy Healthy Vegan I guess he doesn’t realize the whole point of doing vegan food and lifestyle videos is to expose folks to great (or not so great) products that they might not know about. I am sure some people will try the konjac spongue for the first time and really like it….so you are really helping people maintain/expand their vegan horizons. Thank You!

    2. +Jessica Huff it was a joke… You guys all need to ctfu and stop taking yourselves so seriously…

    3. +John Dow the title of the video says what its about, anyway, you didn’t have to click on a review video. sheesh!

  8. That’s a popular root. Weight loss pills, noodles, and now a sponge. I should start a root farm.

    1. +tisha toone Hi Tisha! Great to hear you are going to give it a go! Be aware of copy brands- if our logo isn’t present it isn’t our product, and not all konjacs are the same!

    1. +Azjatycki Cukier I was worried about that. I rinse it and squeeze it out well and mine is a different brand which has a string so you can hang it to dry well.

  9. I have been using this type of Konjac sponge(We call it Konnyaku).for a long time since Konnyaku is one of the Japanese ingredient.It has nearly zero calorie and has lots of dietary fiber.It seems little expensive compared to here itself.

  10. I’ve been using a scrubby thing made out of walnut shells. It’s way too rough on my skin and doesn’t seem to even clean off my makeup. 🙁 Maybe I’ll give this one a try sometime. Love your necklace btw Anji 👍🏻

  11. Thanks for such a fab and lovely review! It is great to have your approval, we loved watching!  <3

  12. i bought one but i felt it didn’t last long enough to make it worth the money.. shame. Love your necklace!

  13. Thanks for the review. I’ve seen these at various stores and I’ve been super curious. Your skin looks amazing so I’m going to pick one up!

  14. Please do more reviews about stuff you like, because this introduces me to new products. I’ve been using disposable cotton discs and recently order reusable eye discs made from organic hemp.

  15. Hey. I love those sponges. Have you ever heard of vegancuts.com? I get their beauty box and I’m in love with online shopping there! 🙂 it’s so beautiful because everything is vegannnnnn so no worries about reading labels

    1. +SimpleLifeandLove that is where I got mine…I just joined last month and it was in the box. Sadly, I have too many allergies to subscribe to their food box but the beauty box is great! I can’t wait for the next one, like Christmas haha.People can just buy stuff a la carte on the Vegan Cuts web site if they don’t want to join the monthly thing.

  16. I’ve used one and I’ve been loving it 🙂 You said they last for 1-3 months, what happens to them after that? Is it just not as effective or does it do damage to your skin after that time?? I wonder if I could just keep using it as a normal sponge without it actually doing anything, after it expires?

  17. I  thought sponges were from sea plants.  I didn’t know that it was a sea animal.  Thanks for the info.

  18. They are the best to wash face! I stocked on ebay for $1 each, I’m set for like 6 months. Also, I must confess I get the urge to bite them! Haha so fun to chew 😀

  19. Konjac is also a great superfood. It does alot of good to the body like seaweed and reduces weight, low in calories, high fibre and a food that helps keep probiotics healthy in the git. Its cleans u in and out!💝

  20. Hey.. I bought this today is so cool… I am greatful that you presented this. I come from Poland.. I was pretty sure that i can’t buy this here…but suprice …. I ve got….:)

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  22. I love Konjac sponges! I never want to miss them anymore! I use mine without facial cleanser.
    By the way, I love your channel! You both are so pleasant and inspiring 🙂

  23. I got one last month with my Vegan Cuts Beauty Box subscription. It is a charcoal infused one by a company called Dew Puff. I can tell you that it is VERY gentle. I have been using some heavy prescription retinoid products that left my face red and peeling and I was afraid of the pain of washing my face but this felt great. The size is slightly larger than your brand and mine has a string so you can hang it to dry. I was worried it would be gross, moldy, etc but so far so good. I make sure to rinse it well and haven’t used it for heavy makeup removal. I would definitely buy another when this one is done, one for face and a white one for body. They claim the original is safe even for a baby’s skin. It really does feel like it’s gliding across the skin.  Your brand looks like they have more options for various colors/infusions. Dew Puff only has 3 versions.

  24. Hey Anj- do you think this could be used for makeup application?  I would love to replace the synthetic makeup sponges I use!

  25. Hey I have a question. I am planning to purchase one of these and currently using castile soap to cleanse my face and it works really well. Will castile soap ruin this sponge since it’s oil based?

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