From Cancer Scare to Vegan Fitness Model At 40+!

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  1. Hi Emily! I’m not sure how to start this, but I came across your videos for the first time a few months ago. I’d been vegetarian since the beginning of the year for health reasons. I’d seen a few of Freelee the Banana girl’s videos, and honestly, her confrontational style of spreading the vegan message sort of turned me off of veganism. Until, that is, I found your channel. Your intelligent, genuine, and passionate way of speaking showed me a side of the vegan community that was all new to me. I confess that some of your videos on eggs and dairy proved hard to swallow for a vegetarian, but I eventually realized the almost ridiculously simple truth: by consuming any animal products at all, I was indirectly participating in obscene animal cruelty. Within the week, I became vegan.
    I write all of this to say, in short, that I am so grateful to you for everything that you and your channel do for veganism, and what they did for me. Thank you!

  2. +Bite Size Vegan You look amazing!!!! I am going to turn 40 and I look like I am in my 30s.  This video was perfect! I am planning on getting the fittest ever to defy stereotypes and be a living billboard for veganism, lol!!! Thank you for being part of my education journey of only a year and a half :)!!!!  You are amazing!

    1. +TypeAAA People sometimes try to protect their ego by making others “the problem”.  Saying you must have cheated and gotten something done is easier on their self esteem, then saying eating plant based and working out really works and I should do it.  I always worried a great deal for people’s feelings, but I have learned that it is best to be resolute.  When they don’t smell internal conflict, most stop attacking and accept you.  The ones that don’t never will and that is all about them and their ego.   Send you my very best!!! Stay awesome! 🙂

    2. +M DP  You should live to defy stereotypes! It’s 2016 and yet some people still have a warped image of what 40 should or will look like. It sucks for those of us who reach a certain age taking great care of ourselves and people are like “wow, you look so young! There is no way you look like that naturally.” Lol.

  3. I want you guys to check your birth certificate once again, beacuse i do not believe the age you guys claim to be is right!!! You look younger 👏🙌❤️

    1. +wujoka deloca pretty sure I’m 42…as I gave birth to my son 20 years ago!! haha and thank you 😉

  4. Fantastic!  You look great Miss Bite Size! Only 2 months? Wow. Not sure if you made any vids of what you’re doing and what you’re eating on your channel, but I want to know about it! Very inspiring. Cheers.

  5. woooww Emily!!! *O* your abs are AMAZING!!!
    And Crissi looks so beautiful and young, she looks 25 instead of 42, that’s what veganism does ;D

  6. Age and “thought” CAN inhibit health, but if you have the will you can accomplish ANYTHING! I had weight affected issues like ‘bad knees” and degenerative discs in my back. But I have persevered with being a high-raw vegan for 5-years now and don’t envision myself “turning-back”. thanks for this vlog, Bite-Size!

  7. Look at your amazing body, Emily! When I saw that, I couldn’t help but say “Holy F*ck!!!”. You look INCREDIBLE! Amazing results!

  8. What an amazing transformation in such a short period of time! Would love a video on your fitness routine 🙂

  9. i thought our jaw line looked way sharper than before. only towards the end of the video did I see your progress. way to go.

    PS: put on a lil bit of weight. 🙂

  10. You gals all rock! Thanks for your videos Emily!!
    Since Oct 7, the date I became vegan, (I was a vegetarian for almost 2 yrs), I’ve lost 7 lbs and didn’t even try! I keep eating and eating, but yet lost weight! Vegan is the way to go, no question!!! I’m in my 50’s and have always been active, …. but now I feel even more exuberant! Physically, I have a pretty demanding job, I have my own cleaning business and clean 30 hours/week! And have been doing this for 18 years, plus raising 2 children!
    We always ate a lot of vegys and fruit, but weren’t vegan… my daughter has shown me the way, and I love it! As soon as she showed me all those documentaries, I changed instantly! (My son isn’t vegan, but at least he has stopped eating chicken fingers and meat slices!!!) There wasn’t even a question about it! I am an animal lover, and I will do what I can for them for the rest of my days!!!! Thx Emily, you’re awesome!

  11. wow she is awesome! and a beautiful hot mom!! As soon as she started talking tho I immediately thought of freelee the banana
    they must both be from the same part of Australia. I like her accent

  12. Hi Emily. Thanks for all of your great videos! This video was very inspiring. As North American diets become more processed and carcinogenic I think age has become passe. This video is a brilliant illustration that diet determines longevity not chronological age numbers. I am a new vegan (10 weeks). It was much easier than I thought. I did for both health and Animal Rights. Going to check out your website.

  13. I was really really ill when I graduated high school. I had aching joints and my muscles would be achy and cramp up all the time and I was often really fatigued. I hated not having energy, and I knew I had to do something to cleanse my body. I had already stopped eating big animals, but I was still eating lots of chicken, fish and dairy. So then I cut out all meat and dairy and went on a raw vegan diet. I experienced a lot of cleansing and felt a lot better! I was singing the praises of the raw vegan diet to everyone I knew! I ate a lot of food, but then I sort of hit a wall and was starting to feel really fatigued again. I got sick of nuts and seeds being the only heavy foods I could eat and everything else being so watery or fibrous, I did a lot of things to my food to condense the nutrients but I still found it really hard to get full and satisfied without eating so many nuts and dried food that I felt sick. I could not get myself to feel as good as I did at first.

    I would crave cheese a lot and cooked foods. I ended up eating out a lot because I would not prepare myself even vegan cooked food at home, cuz I thought cooked food was bad for my health at the time, but I would allow myself to have cooked vegan food when I ate out, so that made me want to eat out really frequently because my body was craving beans, potatoes and I just could not say no to it, but I always felt so guilty about eating cooked vegan foods.

    Then I started buying raw cheese and I could not get enough of it. I put on a bit of fat right around my belly and got some health problems returning from eating the cheese, like runny nose and pimples, but I was so hungry and had a hard time controlling how much raw cheese I ate. I felt like I had to be raw because I had a really bad mean boyfriend at the time and he called me “tubby” a lot, even though I was not chubby. Then one day out of the blue he sat on my back and strangled me. I am still a bit injured from this now, but for a while it was a really bad injury.

     After leaving the toxic relationship, I gave up raw cheese and I finally decided to allow myself to eat cooked vegan food whatever whenever I wanted. I met a really supportive man, who is now my husband and he helped me to eat more cooked vegan foods and give up a lot of the fears I had about eating beans, bread, potatoes, and other vegan cooked foods. I actually had to stretch my stomach out because I was not getting enough food when I was raw. It hurt and also gaining weight back hurt, made me feel achy and sore all over. After a few months eating cooked vegan food I stopped feeling so achy and sore and I was in a lot more stable place mentally, when I was raw I had a mental fog a lot. I was able to think more clearly, and I had a lot more energy, and no more fatigue from not getting enough calories. I needed to do some cleansing because I could feel I had more toxicity in my body, but instead of fasting I did the Andreas Moritz liver cleanse and for that only one meal needs to be skipped and it really powerfully cleanses out the liver. I felt a lot better after that too, and it is so nice to experiance cleansing without being hungry for days.

     It has been about 4 years since I started eating a cooked vegan diet and I have been doing lots of physical therapy for my back and neck injury, it is healing up finally, it has taken a lot of time, patience and persistence and I am so glad that I am a vegan, because when my injury was really bad I was very sedentary and I know that being vegan has really saved my body from what people go through if they have to be sedentary on a standard American diet. I would have gained a lot of weight and it would have put pressure on my back and neck, and who knows where I would be with my healing process if I were not a vegan. I am not sedentary anymore, I do a lot now, thanks to healing up fast, and not putting on any pounds while being sedentary, that now I have been getting back into dance and my body is responding really well and I am getting my muscle tone back really fast. I am pregnant now, and I am going to raise him or her vegan and I am really excited to be a vegan mommy!

  14. WOW. I am 41, been through exactly what she has from interior design and working in the fitness industry EVEN having cervial cancer scare to endometriatis now so I am motivated and inspired by Chrissi. Thankyou Bite Size Vegan for your passion of sharingVegan health.

  15. In this video Crissi could easily pass for her 20’s or at most early 30s.  I’m amazed that she’s 42.  Encouraging!

  16. I have a feeling she went from vegetarian to vegan. Still the message is clear green energy is the best!

  17. Very encouraging video. I’m 61 and been an omnivore all my life. It’s only in the last year that I’ve started to research the change to vegan. Your videos have helped a lot in helping me understand vegan is the way we were designed to eat. Getting ready to make the change in the days to come.

    1. +Tom Anderton Hey Tom go for it, I went vegan 30 years ago & never looked back. There are so many products these days (plant milks, non dairy cheese etc.) but don’t get drawn into all the convenience foods (lots of non ethical companies are jumping on the band wagon now as they see the profit in it)! as eating vegan is so easy anyway. Have a look at the Veganuary website which should answer any last questions you may have , then just do it.   also One Green Planet.

  18. I would love to get ripped like Crissy but the problem is I fear for unwanted attention. being cat called is one thing but have perverts following you is creepy.

  19. Many things are similar. Me:
    Diagnosed Stage IV cancer 2011. (age 40)
    Let myself go a bit (up to 108kg)
    Started 5:2 Diet (age 42)
    Started Cycling (age 42.5).
    Lost 25 Kg at about a 1kg/week, down to about 83Kg. managed to keep the weight off by cycling
    Went vegan initially for health reasons (5 months ago).
    Then watched a lot of vids, and committed to staying vegan for the ethical reasons.

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