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  1. part of the fudginess and the richness comes from the eggs. You should really find a substitute for that you basically just left the eggs OUT and replaced butter with oil. That’s not vegan that’s wrong.

    1. +George Moustakas Egg yolks have lots and lots of fat which gives them that rich texture and consistency. Oil has lots and lots of fat, which gives the equivalence. I have made Brownies with a similar recipe and they do not crumble like you mention. My supervisor is a great baker and she was also skeptic that it could happened and gave herself the challenge of baking something vegan for me. She succeed and all the non vegans from the office are now always asking her for the recipe and ask her to bring more pastries. It is all about creativity and open mindedness

    2. +Shannon Leta Actually I’ve been into baking for years now and I’m pretty sure the fudginess of the brownies comes from the rich texture eggyolks give to the mixture as the whites add moisture. The yolks also make the brownies softer and not crumble like a cake.

    3. +George Moustakas You can always substitute a “flax egg”, which is flax seeds mixed with water that forms a paste that binds and helps raise the batter like a real egg. It works SURPRISINGLY well.

    4. +George Moustakas They actually come out the same and what makes them Brownies is the oil. We do have egg replacers but the eggs makes the cake fluffier, the oil makes the consistency richer. We also have butter substitute but in this case, the oil does the trick. I’ve tried similar recipes and I use coconut oil instead and they come out delish!

  2. there r plenty of vegan recipes online that doesn’t involve white flour, refined sugar and veg oil 🙁 try look for those!

    1. +daisy dai I was just saying something similar in my comment. This recipe is not truly vegan, my vegan brother wouldn’t eat these if I made them with processed flour & sugar.

    1. salmon is actually pretty high in methionine , which causes oxidative stress , inflammation , shortens life expectancy , and directly feeds cancer cells. Also I wouldn’t consider a food shit loaded with mercury, such a healthy food. So it’s not healthy at all And actually I’m pretty fucking happy. And not little at all, I’m 6’6” at 230 lbs.  But hey man , you wanna keep eating all your toxic shit, then be my guest. Pretty sad, even with all the sources that I presented you with, you just ignored them all, and insult me for no reason, when all I’m trying to do is help. Have fun eating your burger filled with cow shit, hormones , and veal. 🙂

    2. But you can’t give evidence on proving your other claims. All you’ve literally done is insult me and make stupid illogical statements without any back up. And natural? What’s so natural about mass producing sentient beings and constantly torturing them? What’s so natural about sticking a metal rod up a cow’s vagina just so they can produce more milk and killing baby calves just so you can have a glass of that cow’s milk? What’s so natural about injecting hormones into a cow and then consuming it? You’re obviously full of fucking shit if you talk about “natural selection”. I really don’t think we were “naturally selected” to be tormentors of innocent beings. But hey man,  keep insulting me even more , as if that’s going to make you the one at reason here. I was just trying to give you some advice on how to live a cruelty free, healthy lifestyle. If you’re not willing to accept what I’m trying to offer you , then maybe the “total fucking dumbass” here is you, not me. Enjoy your shit food I guess. 🙂

    3. And to refute the argument  that humans are “omnivores” . Humans have intestines that are 10-11 times the length of their bodies, while carnivores have intestines only 4-6 times the length of their bodies. Humans have carbohydrate digestive enzymes in our saliva which means we’re supposed to eat tons of carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables, oats, etc.) True omnivores chew their food with and up and down motion, unlike herbivores who have the ability to move their mouth in griding(side to side) motion. Carnivores and omnivores are able to eat raw flesh without having to cook it, unlike humans who if we eat raw meat we can die. And this isn’t shit I’m just saying because I want it to be true. These are all obvious facts. So maybe I’m not the one so sick in the head now, I guess the problem here is you.

    4. Sure bro. Keep repeating yourself without presenting evidence. How do you expect me to believe you if you’re just saying what you want to be true instead of actually doing some real research .You obviously didn’t check out the link I just put. And VERY FUNNY how you say veganism is a disease, when eating animal products are the sole purpose of every major disease on this planet such as heart disease, cancer, kidney problems, osteoporosis , atherosclerosis , stroke, etc. Like I said at least take my advice and watch gary yourofsk’ys speech video , and search up Dr. Neal Barnard. I’m presenting you with actual sources which prove that veganism isn’t a “disease”. You haven’t even tried the lifestyle , so why do you have bash all vegans?

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    1. +Vi Yin Wong yes you can… sometimes i even use olive oil if i want to add a deeper flavor to baked goods

  3. This is a great recipe but would have to use natural/raw sugar instead of white sugar to be truly vegan.

    White sugar is sifted through bone marrow during manufacturing, which means it is not vegan friendly. But, every vegan has their own set of “rules”. Some will still eat honey, some will still eat white sugar. 

    My brother has been vegan for about 10 years and I love making vegan recipes for him. I’ll have to try these out 😀

  4. Why is there even a video if we’re just reading everything. I mean, the actual footage is just putting the ingredients together, mixing it, and cutting it.

  5. Looks yummy,I’m  going to make this for sure!  Thank you for listing the ingredients at the end!

  6. Dont make this recipe! I made it last night and the brownies were too soft so when I cut them into squares, it all fell apart on me. Now i have to make brownie cake pops.

  7. you can probably use coconut sugar in place of processed white and there are all kinds of unprocessed flours you can use if that bothers you….this is just a base recipe, its up to you to doctor it to suit your needs…

  8. what oven temp do you bake these. did I miss that part. watched it twice and it’s not mentioned. should I assume it’s 350°

  9. Wow.. Am so impressed with this recipe, am really gonna give it a try.. Vegan brownies sounds cool 👍🏼.. So easy as well..

  10. thank you for the recipe. I made it yesterday and tastes really good. but I think I will add less sugar next time because it tastes too sweet for me.

  11. I made these- they tasted so bad. they made my skin feel oily and were too chewy but I hadn’t over cooked them

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