69 thoughts on “WHAT I EAT IN A DAY: Vegan Recipes | Jilicious Journey

  1. yaaay ! Very nice video !!! love the editing and filming and everything^^ !!! You are the best cook for simple and quick meals ! Love Xxxoo

  2. Great video as always! <3 Do you have a recipe for the "chocolate sauce" for nicecream? 🙂 it looks yummy!

    1. ok great! looking forward to it! and Jill I just posted a video of what i ate for three days (i even used chronometer!) and id love it if you could check it out and let me know what you think of what i ate etc 🙂

    2. +MyVegan Story Thanks! =) I am! I have days when I have no more than 5% fat but I also sometimes have days like this with some nutbutter and / or avocado! <3

    1. you are most welcome ! It change how my vision on goji berries, now I think they are really good and sweet when I use to force myself to eat them

  3. Jil what happened to your wrist? 😮 hope you’re not cutting again… really wish you the best and if you need someone to talk to, message me. bin auch deutsche 😉 tolles Video wie immer !

  4. Hey, sag mal wofür kann man melasse alles verwenden? Und sollte man damit genauso sparsam umgehen wir mit anderen Alternativen süssingsmitteln?

  5. Loved this vid Jill!! I have a question tho, it’s kinda weird but whatever I just wanted to know if it happens to you too lol but do you get like really bad gas after eating lots of peaches & nectarines?! I’ve started eating more of the two & I get the worst gas! If you get it, or if you don’t, do you know how I could prevent it from happening? Because I really love peaches & nectarines but I’m scared to eat them bc of the gas it makes in my stomach!

    1. +Georgia Freeman oh I’m sorry to hear that! I never experienced that! maybe you eat them to fast and combined with other things?

    1. +TheKillingMoon22 nein ich würze sogar viel. ich esse nur kein salz, keine knoblauch und keine zwiebeln 🙂

  6. ohhhh ist der Nagellack schön!! suche schon ewig nach so einer Farbe, was für einer ist das denn??
    oh sehe grade, dass es verschiedene sind 😀 den hellgrauen meine ich 🙂
    und Gott sei Dank habe ich grade gegessen, was sieht das alles lecker aus!! 🙂

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