80 thoughts on “Best Ever Vegan Egg Salad Recipe – Great for Sandwiches!

  1. I just had to tell you that yours is truly the BEST vegan egg salad I have ever had. I have tried many different recipes, but yours truly nails it. I did use vegan mayo instead of your dressing, but the way you cooked and seasoned yours made a huge difference 🙂 Thank you!

  2. I just had to come to this video to let you know I tried this recipe this weekend and it’s so good! It has so much flavor, the texture is great and that salt really gave it that egg flavor. It was so easy to make as well. I don’t know what I’d do without your channel. You have made my vegan journey so easy and I’m so thankful!

    1. +E Lynn I’m so glad that I have been able to help make your vegan journey easy 🙂 That’s why I started this channel and I’m glad to hear that I am fulfilling my dream x

  3. Hello, this looks good, I like the ideas of mixing two textures.  What are Butter Beans, are they “Lima” Beans?  Also what can one replace mustard and pepper with…more lemon?  or Paprika?  Healthful rather than vinegar an irritant to the delicate lining of the stomach and small intestine.  Definitely will try it!  Thank-you!

    1. +CookingWithPlants Thank-you Anja.  I know some teach vinegar is okay.  I’m part of the school of which know vinegar is destructive to the stomach lining and delicate lining of the small intestines.  So I usually replace vinegar with lemon juice.  Same occurs with baking sodas and powder, I use yeast instead.  Take care now, oh I bought your Kindle Book!  Awesome!

    2. +Bish Maya In culinary use there, lima beans and butter beans are distinct, the latter being large and yellow, the former small and green. In areas where both are considered to be lima beans, the green variety may be labelled as “baby” (and less commonly “junior”) limas.You can use whichever white beans you like. As for the seasonings, you can adjust it to your own taste. However, the vinegar does give it a great flavor. Vinegar is actually good for you… have a look at http://www.nutritionfacts.org for lots of great research on this.

  4. All good – looks very delicious and nutritious. What about adding a touch of red – either marinated or roasted red pepper strips?

    1. +CookingWithPlants Flavor and color – red, yello and green are essential to balanced vegan/vegetarian dishes – peppers, paprika, etc. love the idea of turmeric in the vegan egg salad – and the black salt.

  5. Haha I seriously thought this said cooking with PANTS lol I was like, what is the story behind this!?

  6. Great idea, to prepare the tofu two different ways for the different textures. I’m gonna try this one!

  7. I would suggest you look up the dangers of soy foods. Even Dr. John McDougall has a video on it. Soy is not a healthy food, you’re better off eating real eggs.

    1. I have done research. Here are some great summaries:  Also, Dr McDougall uses tofu and tempeh, just not processed soy products such as soy chunks and fake meat substitutes etc 🙂

  8. just found your channel. 🙂
    like it a lot.
    i didn’t get what kind of beans you used in this video.. and if the beans were already cooked?

    1. Thanks, this answer i was looking for 🙂 tomorrow i will make the no egg salad. Exciting..!!! 🙂 Hope my meat- eating family will like it aswell.

    2. Thank you 🙂 You can use any white beans such as cannellini beans… and yes they were cooked 🙂

    1. Looks delicious! but can you tell me which ingredient can I replace for
      baked beans? without beings any kind of beans or chickpeas

  9. What if I don’t have any black salt, I’m going to order some but could I make the salad without it?

    1. Mayo is made with eggs and is not vegan. Also VEGAN mayo is oil based and she shows a lot of her recipes without oil.

    1. You could use any white bean, I think.  Here in the US they are called Great Northern Beans.  Or if you find a bean called White Lima Beans.  That would work as well.  Hope this helps.

  10. hi
    great recipe …
    are the butter beans cooked ?? here in India we do not have canned beans , we soak them overnight , wash cook and use

  11. looks delicious! but can you tell me which ingredient can I replace for baked beans? without beings any kind of beans or chickpeas

  12. I must try the butter bean mix, I make the tofu black salt  for scrambled and egg sandwiches, I use vegan mayo, but this butter bean version must be so much healthier with out the oil Thank you

  13. Yes. Very vital to this dish to cook the tofu. It holds up better when dressing is added and tastes great.

  14. I bought lava black salt forgetting the pink color of the black salt in the video. Will you be able to provide a link to the black salt you are using? Thank you I can’t wait to try this recipe!

  15. I started watching your channel last year when I was a poor college student with little means for grocery shopping or cooking, and it was quite difficult to recreate a lot of your recipes. Now I’m working full time, and I have a car and an apartment with a full kitchen. I’m soooo excited to go try more of your recipes now!! 😀

    1. Fantastic! So lovely that you have been following me for such a long time. Enjoy your new found freedom!!!

  16. An amazing recipe which I enjoy very often. I think it tastes even better when cold from the fridge 🙂

    As I don;t like tumeric, I had a bit of leftover boiled carrot which I pureed and added it to give it the egg colour. Still delicious 🙂 Thanks so much!

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