64 thoughts on “5 Simple Vegan Recipes For Under $4

  1. Yummy! Thank you very much for all this delicious ideas! Unfortunately I don’t have an oven right now and I want to try the potatoe fries so bad! Do you think I could try baking them in the microwave?
    Love your videos, bye!

  2. Super simple one I do ALL THE TIME is I go to walmart and go to frozen veggie aisle and get some broccoli stir fry and i just throw that in a pan and add a little bit of soy sauce (very little because of sodium) and 2 tbsp for sesame seed oil and garlic and onion powder to taste and serve it with white rice. It takes me like 5 minutes. I recently started adding some of these premade terryaki tofu cubes I just cut them up and throw them in and it’s amazing. I find those in the veggie part of walmart. It’s around $7 for all of it and can serve 2-3

    Also a super simple one is some of those gardein chik’n strips sauted with red,green, and yellow bell peppers and half an onion and put in some fajita seasoning and serve on some tortillas and it literally takes me 10 minutes tops and it’s delicious and it’s around $7 and it serves 3.

  3. 3/4c tomato basil pasta sauce.
    here is my question.
    i want to do WFPB, and I want to do these recipes that all somewhat have these red sauce elements.
    but i dont want to use premade canned oiled salt sugar etc etc
    question being, is there a good resource for making my own, was looking at

    so, gonna try it this weekend and then just substitute ‘my sauce’ whenever recipe calls for ‘tomato sauce’

  4. To be honest 4 dollars is actually quite much for this.. if you just use plastic containers and cook more than 1 meal you can get real gourmet stuff for under 3 dollars a meal

  5. I think vegans are their own worst enemies when it comes to how they try and convince others to try that lifestyle. They often try to brag about how fancy they can eat on a vegan diet, and it makes it look too expensive for the average person to afford. If they stuck to examples like beans, rice, and potatoes, that people can actually afford, they wouldn’t have a reputation of being too expensive.

    1. Veganism is not only a diet. It is the expansion of our mindset to a more enlightened level of thinking. Almost philosophical, I’d say. To critique the diet alone is foolish.

    2. Exactly. Anyone, vegan or not, can choose expensive prepared processed gourmet ingredients. Alternatively they can make wholesome meals from fresh ingredients and add some spices to make it tasty.

    1. Of course it does. It also depends on what brand you but and what’s on special that day. I think the point is that no matter where you live these recipes will be cheap.

  6. This was very helpful. I haven’t eaten in 3 days because of not having money to buy groceries, and I refuse to eat anything non-vegan. Thank u so much. Now I can gather up as much change as I can find and know exactly what to get. <3

  7. I appreciate this video. I made an avacado salad for the first time, recently, and had to find more videos like this. I have food in tolerances and want to try more vegan meals.

  8. also for one meal i usually eat you just buy the rice a roni wild rice ($1) and 1 amys lentil vegetable soup ($2.50) which makes 2 meals for $1.75 each !

  9. I love mr repzion!! Lol, but I really enjoyed this video, I’ll probably make some of these meals soon!!

  10. For the potato wedges with sauce if you have some spices (which I’m guessing most do ?) then they’re DEFINITELY WAYY better with them, honestly I can’t even eat them plain like that pffh. An example of some that are good: Oregano, basil, Parsley, Sage. But I’m sure there are others. Also Garlic powder and Chili flakes are v tasty on ’em ^_^

  11. Hi😊 can diabetic eat these kind of food please. of course i will go oil free and salt free and lots of vegetables? Please reply thank you.

    1. Vegan diets are almost great for diabetics. Just don’t consume too much sugar, carbs, and fruits.

  12. Eating vegan is expensive if you’re eating Daiya cheese, gardien, and other special stuff like that.

    1. It’s very cheap if you’re eating potatoes, lentils, beans, carrots, bananas, oatmeal, and stuff like that.

    2. Which you totally don’t need, and if you budget it you can buy some of that stuff but don’t make that all you’re eating. It’s totally nice to have those things as a treat but it’s not like they’re even that healthy for you anyway.

  13. When I’m lazy and hungry I eat corn grits made with earth balance and (optional) tofutti cream cheese! 😋

  14. Finally a videos that’s simple and actually possible, half of the vegan recipes are all these wanky overdone bad looking unhealthy crap

  15. I don’t know why y’alls food stores are affordable cause my local stores are expensive. Just for a bag of Apple’s they are $8 now. Use to they were $5. Nothing is cheaper even in season around my town.

  16. thank you so much for this video! ill be going to uni soon so its great that I can continue my vegan diet on a budget !!

  17. As someone who is going to university next year and will need to save money for tuition, this was incredibly helpful, thank you!

  18. 1:38 potato fries with marinara sauce
    2:25 rice and veggies
    3:10 pasta with veggies and marinara sauce
    3:42 potato stew
    4:27 simple burrito bowl

    a real fan of this video. very helpful for busy people who dont cook and don’t wanna spend too much time on it. just putting this here for my own use or anyone else interested. just realised recipes in your website when i did this..oh wells

  19. teriyaki sauce can sometimes contain honey though? Just saying that since some vegans dont wanna eat honey 😦

  20. This is helpful. I used to be a vegetarian, then a vegan for a short time. Since I’ve gone off the diet I’ve not only gained weight and been in overall worse health, but have spent wayyyy more money on food. People neglect how much cheaper a plant based diet really can be.

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