67 thoughts on “Vegan Full Day of Eating & Training On a Cut #1

  1. Hey Jon, Even though You are not (yet) into Raw, I want to Thank You Brother! You motivated me as well to start my own RAW VEGAN BODYBUILDING Channel. Keep spreading the message for the Voice less animals! PEACE

  2. Hey i just recently transitioned into a vegan diet and I am so so hungry! is this normal? any tips? do you think you could maybe skype me to help me out a bit?

  3. You are not fully Vegan yet. You can’t eat any animal products including dairy or eggs if you want to be a true Vegan. Some even say Fizzy drinks like coke are off limits. Bit of a buzz kills because you need to give up most chocolate cookies, ice cream etc… that have eggs or dairy not just not eat animals. Some chocolates or cakes are made with animal fat… also off limits in the Vegan diet.

    1. Well you may be right because I noticed that in his other videos he only eats Vegan food or so it seems… I haven’t watched all of them yet. I think he gets a lot of criticism because he did not start out as vegan and built his body on a meat based diet before converting to veganism. Honestly that should not matter so long as he is truly vegan now. There is a lot of bad information about being vegan out there. Some people think that you can be vegan and eat fish… Others think that you can’t become muscular on veggie protein also not true. It will be interesting to see if the Vegan muscular thing is sustainable over the years but I think so long as you take lots of veggie protein and supplements he should be able to keep up his body mass regardless.

    2. I thint He’s well aware that cow’s milk isn’t vegan. He only showed it to talk about how ironic the happy image of the cow is. I think you misunderstood him there.

    3. +dLl
      When he goes to the store and says yum cow’s milk lol. If you are vegan you need to drink coconut or almond milk.Vegans should not eat anything that comes from an animal or the child of an animal.

    4. Well Venus is Vegan in some of his other videos but not if he is drinking cow milk like in this one. If you check out his other vids he eats Yogurt from special Vegan restaurants that prepare it from alternative vegetable sources. He also eats Vegan meat that is made from soybean paste vegetable sources. This must have been one of Venus’s first vids before he really got into the real diet.

  4. is he really not on gear? he is just genetically blessed i guess. even the insertion points of his bi’s, tris, forarms, chest, abs etc. only thin that looks sub par is back but probably because he doesnt go heavy…. seriously though… natty?

  5. canned food… u should try to eat eat more raw food than canned food to much sodium and preservatives

  6. Lol you guys on here never look like your profile pictures or the ones you show before you push play on the video

  7. My girlfriend and I just started this vegan thing and we watch a lot of your video! She actually just bought one of your meal plan!

  8. Hey, I’m trying to build a proper diet for my training. Always what I hear is that you need to have 1 gram of protein for each pound of weight.

    I guess you weight more than me (I’m 202 lbs) so I need to eat 200 grams of protein on a cut diet.

    Are these amounts of protein are just a myth?

  9. Hey Jon Venus thanks for the video. You look good and seem like a really grounded guy. Are you cycling any anabolics? No hate just curious.

  10. hey can I just ask what’s your opinion on vegitaran body building because that’s the best I can do rn as I am 16 and live with a family of meat eaters can I still make gains?

  11. Hey Jon Venus, how do you figure out your daily calorie requirement? Like how did you come with up 2500 calories a day?

  12. What’s a good amount of calories for Maintenance as a Vegan I work out 5 days a week 90 min each time !! I’m 5’6 . 167 lb and 12% bodyfat what amount of protein and carbs and fats and calories would be good

    1. i do 60/20/20 carb protein fat, calories will depend a lot, just eat a bit more if you want to gain and a bit less if you want to lose

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