69 thoughts on “Why the Life Regenerator Dan McDonald is no longer “Vegan”

    1. +LaNita Ferraro I agree. And I see that’s what Dan is doing most of the time – Bringing positive vibes to raw (vegan), whether or not he identifies as “vegan”. 😉

  1. dan mcdonald never said he was a vegan, the term vegan is mainly used to help others know what people don’t eat and makes labeling easy to understand for vegans, plant based can mean anything, to succeed on a vegan diet I believe you must do it for spiritual and moral reasons and seeing the violence that takes place for a meal must be understood, seeing is believing. the diary industry is the pit of hell when it comes to how unconscious humans are to desiring a food,

    1. +The Common Sense VEGAN (PlayingTheHorses) I agree. Awareness is the key and generally those pursuing a spiritual path tend to have a greater level of awareness over all. There are many ways to promote a vegan diet (whether or not a person owns the label). I think Dan does a great job bringing good energy to a non-violent high vibe lifestyle. 😉 Thanks for your comment.

    1. Dan buddy, keep it up and get back on your horse, don’t listen to others, just do your stuff and ignore the clowns.

    2. +liferegenerator Im reallllly glad to c ur still around even if u dont post youtube vids on ur channel =] take care of urself. Ur videos were wat sparked my consciousness

  2. I know a functional medicine doctor woman who was vegan or in this case ate only plant foods and it gave her health problems. Dietary dogma makes people unhealthy. I try to eat healthy most of the time and I am almost 30. I don’t do all the crazy things like raw foodists or vegetarians and I look younger than them. Most think I look like I am 17. Even the TheHealthRanger aka Mike Adams from naturalnews.com does not eat or preach a plant only diet. I have been teaching people this stuff for a long time. I have over 800 videos on YouTube. I do not have as many subscribers as some, but then again I don’t sell people products.

    1. +Sara Marie, High Vibe Life this is the truth it’s absolute but also conforms and it’s based on your experience and journey.

    2. +adkpinecone heheh I remember the first video I ever saw from you was when u did the Cayenne pepper water. I agree with wat u say. Modern agriculture produces mediocre poisonous foods as it is. On top of that, there r many factors we need to consider if we wanna do raw veganism such as geographic location and the current health of our gut (IBS patients cannot digest plant foods well). I had to go raw lacto-vegetarian bcuz of these factors.

    3. fake, you can’t get sick from eating eatable plants. Did she eat poisonous plants? that’s the only way wat you said is true

    4. +adkpinecone Thanks for the comment. I’m sure you’ve noticed after spending only a few minutes on the internet you can find millions of opposing views in diet, health… and life. 🙂 We are all unique; evolving in our own ways…in our own timing. Most people are only looking at the “physical health” aspects of diet. At High Vibe Life, we are addressing physical, mental/emotional and spiritual wellness, as well as the karmic aspects of diet & lifestyle. We teach from experience – what has worked for us personally. (+liferegenerator is doing the same.) At the same time, we do not teach a one size fits all approach because we recognize the unique situation of each individual. I encourage my viewers to follow their own truth and intuition. For those who resonate with the High Vibe Life message, we have a wealth of information and guidance to share. Cheers.

  3. Its because fakes and hipster jerks ruined the word Vegan.
    Now to be vegan you need a leather channel bag or a Mink coat

    1. +Jan P. Lopez
      Thanks for your comment Jan. I agree. It will be most beneficial if we focus on acceptance and inclusion. We can consciously choose to release labels and the “us versus them” mentality. The most powerful messages are conveyed through positive energy.  Peace

    2. +Sara Marie, High Vibe Life Hi Sarra , although I do not consume honey , I too have friends who are local( not US) beekeepers and they do the same , also , they can identify ‘ the excess ; , I have learned , and they only collect the ‘ excess’ . I feel as vegans we judge others too much , and I am steering from doing the same : ‘ Oh she/he is not raw , they eat cashew ‘ etc . ‘ Oh , he/she is not vegan ,they eat honey ‘. I am seeking to try to ensure my lifestyle is the best for 1., Me, . 2. The animals , 3. The environment . Isn’t that enough to keep one person busy ? Thanks for this video ! :-).

    3. +Lisa scarlett Hi Lisa, I have not researched this subject in depth. From what I understand a lot depends on how/where you get it. I have a friend who is a bee keeper, so that’s where I get my raw honey. She never feeds her bees sugar (which is common in commercial bee keeping), but allows them to feed naturally on the organic plants around her farm. According to a David Wolfe talk I recently watched, bees overproduce (so there’s extra to go around). I’m pretty sure my friend doesn’t “overwork” her bees by harvesting too much honey at one time, and she assured me that she rests her bees in the winter. So as with all things, knowing your source is important. Commercial honey comes from sugar-fed, overworked bees at best, and is diluted, cooked, and/or laced with other sweeteners (like corn syrup) at worst. Are there “humane” organic bee keepers on the market? Probably. It would just take a little research to find a good source of raw honey. As for the vegan issue, I like David Wolfe’s response that he adheres to a diet that doesn’t involve killing. Honey done right doesn’t involve killing other sentient beings. Generally, though, I eat honey rarely as I prefer to get my carbohydrates from fresh ripe juicy fruit. 😉 Cheers, Sara

  4. My term for my food consumption is “I’m a biological processing being”.  I belong to God and live in Lady Gaia’s house.

  5. the whole thing, let’s take a step back, what is actually happening here, vegan, fruitarian , raw food.,, on and on,
    are we eating to live? or are we living to eat??, the whole shift and focus over what to eat all day, preach others, think about timing, apples, juices, prepare well ahead etc, little by little, the attention will be highly focused on “eating” it self, . if u compare that to normal people , i literally say “normal” l meaning they are trying to live and grow, and work and grow a family, whether, they ate a sandwich all day, some fruits, or a peace of ham, their attention is not super focused on vegan vegan vegan vegan, planting seeds, watering 24 hours before, juicing, going to the stores, preparing , and then they feel detached from the rest, ego may rise and voilà, that’s the main reason!!. i’m not saying one has to choose or leave vegan-ism , but whatever we are doing, and if we go the spiritual road, food will be less important in our lives, if i want to live with a hectic schedule preparing my fruits and veggies all day, and to keep living till 70 or 80 years old. and extreme fat eaters, hamburgers, and others will also live to 70 and 80 with some daily pills from cholesterol and others, what’s the point!??? im not saying let keep eating meat. well life is life, it’s moving, Buddha use to always choose middle way. can u stop lions from eating zebras,? and all animals from killing the rest? we re walking and killing millions of ants each day. that’s not healthy to keep obsessing about salad and dressing and then obsess about dinner salad, neither eat mc donald daily. let’s live, bring awareness to the inside, to the real being, all that will take place, human will realize that he’s not carnivore, but common!!.. easy on these 24/7 365 days of OCV..! obsessive compulsive vegans :), middle way in everything. live love. be happy.

  6. lol, david wolfe was not even a vegan to begin with. he uses honey and as far as i know he was also selling colostrum and some other non-vegan stuff…hmm, not involving killing he says, bullshit! more like “i don´t want to call myself vegan in case durianrider or freelee would attack me and my business again”

  7. I resonate with this message :). Thanks for the reminder to be our positive, loving and courageous selves!

  8. Veganism is no different from anti-racism or anti-partner abuse. Vegan is simply doing what’s right. It’s not about our “lifestyle” or “health,” it’s just about not *using* animals who matter morally.

    More info: abolitionistapproach.com/new-abolition-start

  9. The actual reason, which is also the most logical one is that people who take a look at how animals are treated (mistreated), tortured and slaughtered cannot believe that us people can do that to another being who did nothing to deserve that. Out of that intense feeling of “no person should have ever done that to another living being” the entire thing turns into something perceived as negative just because it is filled with anger and rage towards all people who in these days on Earth have a chance to see it for themselves yet rather shield themselves from that very cruel insight and willingly choose to ignore it. Now, that is why “Vegans” become aggressive and fed up with the ignorance, which is completely reasonable because animals are innocent and did nothing to deserve the horrific crimes committed against them by the hand of man-beast. Whoever murders an animal should be tried the same way, as if they have killed another man.

    1. +Shadow Sun Yes, I think most all vegans would agree with your sentiments. One thing to consider is why are people (i.e. non-vegans) shielding themselves from the realities of animal cruelty? Part of the reason is discomfort around the conflicted and often painful feelings such realities illicit. I was not raised vegan, and I remember vividly my shock when discovering what is going on. So, I’m in no way dismissing the frustration and anger that “aggressive vegans” feel, it is totally natural. However, the point I’m making is that a positive message is far more Powerful and effective than aggression in inspiring people to wake-up and connect with how their choices affect others (humans and animals alike). You may appreciate the follow-up video I did on this subject:

  10. I understand both sides of this argument. As a new vegan I really shy away from labeling myself with that term. When asked about my dietary changes I tell people I am on a whole foods plant based diet. But as a new vegan looking for information in books, online and on YouTube I find the label extremely helpful in determining if the information is worth my time.

  11. A diet without killing? Plants are alive. You kill them to eat them. Kill trees for the wood and paper, etc. We are all killers, we just draw the line at different places on the spectrum.

    1. +NuNativs
        Exactly. So what to do? Well, this Christian understands that God placed all this bounty on this Earth for us humans to consume. Read that: survive and thrive and sustain. Yes, we are stewards of this Domain. We are by design Omnivores. We NEED a wide variety and balanced diet to thrive. We NEED to use the Natural resources to live. They were placed here for that reason.

      So the bottom line is to consume responsibly. To be humane and compassionate and conservative..

      Indigenous folks understood the relationship between humans and Nature, too.

      My ancestors were Vikings and they were farmers first. My family farms and we raise our own food, here in Florida:  meat and veggies and fruit and herbs, etc.   We give all living things the best life we possibly can, up until the day they give their life so we can live. All our animals free range and plants get daily water and food and sun   We give thanks to the Spirit of the animals and plants and to the Creator for providing us with it.

      We replace, replant and reseed, etc.

      I listen to Dr Greger regularly. He found that Vegans have higher health problems than meat eaters. Hmmm, why is that?

      We are Omnivores. Period.

      Living and dying is part of the Natural life cycle. Don’t sweat the petty stuff ( DO pet the sweaty stuff…lol) . Enjoy life and be kind.

    2. Exactly and don’t drive a car, take a plane or breath the air that’s mass slaughter. “Killing
      is a sin without doubt. Even to injure another in thought and word is
      also a sin. Not a single recognized religion asks its followers to kill
      mercilessly or to be unkind to any living being. In its code of
      moral-conduct every religion lays much stress on love and compassion for
      all living beings.

      But then, in this world one life subsists at the cost of other lives.
      The lower life serves as food to higher life. In water, air, etc.,
      there are innumerable living things which are invisible to the naked
      eye. In mere breathing, walking, talking, drinking and eating
      vegetables, grains and fruits one kills millions and millions of
      microscopic organisms.

      Taking all this into consideration, it would be clear that one can observe perfect Ahimsa only in Nirvikalpa Samadhi;
      in which state the body becomes almost a corpse devoid of breathing,
      moving and thinking. Apart from this state, life can continue only at
      the cost of other lives.

      That being the case, it is the circumstance and the attitude of the mind
      which make an act sinful. If the ego or “I” idea is absent while doing
      an act, one commits no sin. It is the idea of “I” and “Mine” alone that
      forges the fetters of bondage and makes one suffer hell fire.

  12. Vegan is not just a diet based on plants but a lifestyle that is based on deep compassion for animals and their right to be free from human oppression. We don’t eat bee vomit “honey” because we don’t need honey to live a healthy life. Why subjects bees to cruelty when we already have a shortage of bees that help pollinate the Earth? Many vegan activists are “angry” because we have seen the horrible acts of violence towards animals and people continue the commit these every single day even when they know it’s wrong. We are not vegan just to be healthy or thin or any other superficial reason we do it for the animals and ultimately the planet. In my 30 years on this path all the people I’ve seen return to eating honey, dairy, eggs or meat were people who became vegan for their own selfish reasons not for animal liberation.

    1. Dear Dancing Light, I am not vegan for aesthetics alone. My dietary choices were made initially for spiritual reasons. (I have never heard of a Saint forbidding honey or milk for a spiritual seeker, but would be interested to know if any ever have). I also acknowledge and respect all of the other factors that support a vegan diet, such as Physical Health, Wellness, Beauty, Animal Welfare, Environmental, Economic, Mental Health, Religious, Moral, Ethical, Humanitarian, Energetic, etc. If you have compelling evidence that there is absolutely no humane way to procure honey or dairy, I would be curious to see it. I’m not talking about arguments that honey is bee vomit or evidence that these animals are being harmed in Some instances. That has already been proven. It is my view that honey can be harvest ethically when the bees are allowed to feed and pollinate naturally, they are rested adequately, the honey is not over harvested, no bees are harmed in harvesting, etc. If you feel this is inhumane simply because the bees are working, we are all working. The trees, the flowers, the fruit, vegetables, etc. It is a symbiotic world. But as I mentioned, I’m open to hearing your fair, clear and compelling reasons why honey cannot be harvested ethically. Thanks for sharing.

  13. The reason vegans can get so negative is because they’re usually people who are freaks. Hipsters mad at the world that believe and preach that they are educated on all without actually being educated. “I eat natural plant life so that makes me educated in nutrition, politics, social issues, economics and above all, I’m more spiritually evolved”.

  14. There is nothing  new here  . There is nothing new under the sun. Every generation  thinks  they have just discovered  how to eat right.  They then try  t o make it so complex.  Let me  make it simple   anything  GOD  made to eat is good for  you.

  15. Oh the hippies  I  guess they will never go away.  They just get old  and  die  and  then  new ones come along.    Please shut up  Sara.

  16. you are wonderful, delightful and a trailblazer … I am a compassionate vegan, but no longer an angry vegan that puts down western medicine and people who work for Pharma, Monsanto and slaughterhouses. We are all on the journey to awakening. I have made many mistakes in my life out of lack of awareness, and I understand other viewpoints all on different paths of the same journey. Namaste! Thank you for this lovely presentation. You have elevated us all and you are beautiful too!

  17. Vegans last 10-20 years then when depleted they revert back to omni as that’s what’s sustainable LONG TERM. Then a new generation of youth comes in beginning their journey as omni and repeat the process becoming vocal cheerleaders for 10- 20 years. Notice how multiple generations do not carry on the vegan diet? WHY? Because they can’t, they deplete and fall apart. It’s a nice cleanse but not sustainable multiple generations…

  18. When you act passive aggressive it is not cool. Dan McDonald has a strong following and he is a beautiful loving person. Self righteousness of any kind is not becoming. It is great that people can do there own thing in regards to eating and still allow others to grow and learn in their own journey. We are all one, we are here to love and support one another and to put each other down because of the way we eat, is sad….

  19. Follow the money. They became raw vegan to gain a foothold in the health conscious community. Now they don’t see any more growth potential within the raw vegan community. So now they clipped the word vegan to reach a wider consumer base.

  20. Dan McDonald and Kristina fully raw. Both used to make their videos about the food and human health. Now it’s all therapy session videos because they have to keep up with their lifestyles they got caught up in. I’ve unsubbed them and moving on with the real raw vegans who keep it simple and actually, get this, do recipes etc on the videos, instead of teying to brainwash people into their religious beliefs and selfish love gains. These videos are to be a service to help the public, not a selfish gain means, and then say to the poor suckers, look how I think my life is so goid. Thank God for the ones who haven’t gone in the wrong direction. romans 1:28

  21. Jesus fed the 5,000 with two fish and 5 loaves of bread. Hmm. Then these “raw vegans” who preach all the time about God, should actually read a Bible, cover to cover, and see THE LAMB OF GOD SLAIN ON A CROSS FOR THEIR SINS. What does yoga have to do with eating raw? Nothing. And with Jesus, even less. THEY ARE ROMANS 1:28 in full effect!!

  22. Thank you for a nice post. Most vegans are fanatics-understandable but off-putting. I myself have now stopped eggs and dairy-for health reasons, not philosophical ones. I like and use honey, and never lecture others on their diets. I do know one secret of life, tho-creatures you kill must be paid back with your life, later.

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