1. Omg everything looks so good, I have a question, I’m curious as to how she doesn’t get full easily after eating all of those fruits and stuff!

    1. +Tess Begg good for you, i am just saying that hclf still has oil. that’s what i am and i was leaving a suggestion based on my opinion. sorry for the confusion. 

    2. dude you can have oil as a vegan. it’s high carb LOW fat not NO fat. and also yea for salt. you can make potato fries and such and sprinkle salt. also i make vegan cake and stuff so idk what you are talking about with no sugar 😂

  2. Love your videos but you could make them a little quicker if you didn’t video yourself chopping veggies for so long xxx

    1. +stressohne grund my taste buds are different to yours right…? Hahaha I can enjoy food without salt (find it funny that your telling me I’m not😂) but In saying that I add salt to many meals every day, this was one video from a long time ago and who knows maybe I didnt have salt that day or didnt feel like using it🤔

    2. +Tess Begg Your food looks really delicious, but your french fries or cashew cheese would have tasted 3x better with a good pinch of salt and i think you know that too. I wasn’t trying to be rude, but i think enjoying food is really important. 🙂

  3. I was considering becoming vegan but I dont know if its the cameras but you guys eat alot of food, like huge portions

    1. No need to get angry hahah Yes i eat a lot of food and i love it, as I train often i need more energy to thrive! It’s important though to eat a minimum of 2000 calories to ensure you get enough nutrients and to keep yourself alive thriving! You can eat whatever style you like as you dont need to base your diet around how my video is 🙂

    2. And if you’re considering not going vegan just because of some fucking portion of food, you’re a dumbass. Have a nice day.

  4. oh my…. the banana bread looks amazing !! i need the recipe 🙂
    your potatoes look yummy too, well actually everything haha !
    just to know do you exercice everyday ? or do you reduce you food when you don’t ?
    i just discovered your videos and i love it thanks !

  5. I may be older but I’m very much willing for you and Jonah to adopt me so you can make me amazing vegan meals and snacks <3 Keep up the good work Tess, you definitely inspire me to be more healthy and shove in way more fruit and veg than I currently do.

  6. I love your videos , there best because you don’t talk and just show. I don’t like when some videos go on on on about what their eating. I just love how you film , add music and words.
    Love you videos 😍✌️

  7. Hey Tess, i love your videos! I was just wondering how regularly do you excercise to stay slim while eating the amt you do? Thanks😄

  8. Your quality, aesthetics and edity is amazing. Your what I eat in a day videos are my fav. I don’t get why you don’t have more subscribers. Keep up the good work girl!

    1. zoey cherryxox in Aus in summer we have an abundance of mangos and they get rlly cheap, I’m so excited summer is coming for us so mango time 😂

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