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    1. Check out my ebooks!! I have a transition guide and a 30 day meal plan AND a new winter raw food recipe book. All here – lots of information. Watch more of my videos to get an idea of how the lifestyle is. I also offer online coaching if you need guidance, that is on that link too 🙂

  1. You look amazing 🙂 it’s always been insane to me how people look so much younger as well when on a raw/vegan diet. I am starting my vegan journey tomorrow so wish me luck! will be a bit difficult living with people who love meat but I believe I can do it. plus I’d like to live 10 years longer than meat eaters, not contribute to animals being slaughtered, have more energy, sleep better, and help my anxiety and depression. thank you for this inspiration!! xoxo

  2. Amazing!! Good for you Lissa for going VEGAN! Thank you for that! You look incredible, and thank you for spreading the word!!!!! xoxoxo 🙂

  3. Amazing. I’ve been toying with the idea of the Vegan lifestyle but it’s such a huge change I wouldn’t know where to start

    1. I have a simple transition guide to help!!! You can get it here: . It’s called 52 to a New You and it’s 52 steps you can do daily, weekly or at your own pace to change over to a new lifestyle. Check out Cowspiracy and Forks Over Knives on Netflix. Watch Earthlings on their website at http://www.earthlings.com and read a book called Proteinaholic by Dr. Garth Davis. This will be a great start for you!

  4. Wow this is super inspiring! I am vegan as well, the idea of giving up potatoes is the only thing holding me back from going fully raw. Was it a difficult transition for you?

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    2. I just decided that potatoes weren’t food anymore. Cravings are there in the beginning but honestly I don’t even care if I never had another potato as long as I lived. Even just thinking of eating one feels dry and heavy on my body!

  5. you were beautiful even before. I think that your experience is so inspirational. I’m going raw (sometimes i eat cooked vegetables and potatoes, but I’m going to eliminate them by time) and your channel is one of my motivational points.
    love you so much c:

    1. Awww thank you!!! 🙂 I love love the hydration I feel on raw, I can’t even compare it to anything!! Best wishes on your own journey!

  6. You definitely hit some keywords for me: more energy, better metabolism no joint pain!!! Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. Flabby Douglas I haven’t been doing them recently but they take all of 2-3 minutes. NOT a big deal.

  7. wow. such a transformation i’m even doubting if that was actually you in the before pictures ha, total babe. love how you approached your diet looking to be healthy rather than ‘skinny’.

    1. HAHAH this is certainly me.. and thank you Vegan Living 24/7 🙂 Yeah when you change your diet so dramatically you get to experience awesome things! I’m so happy I went against what society thinks is a “healthy diet” and experienced something amazing because of it! 🙂

    2. Haha. I’m friends with Melissa and that was definitely her before and after! 😛 It is pretty crazy though hey? But makes sense… take out all the crappy foods and all you have left to eat are good nutritious foods that heal the body! <3

  8. Do you use any oils when making your meals? I used a bit of extra virgin olive oil on a cauliflower salad I made, but felt bad cause I know oils cause acne and can turn into fat. But the salad did look and tasted better.

    1. That’s why I have a recipe book and a meal plan with ideas so you don’t have to worry!!! 🙂 if you are interested! xo glad you enjoy my videos and best of luck in 2017

    2. Lissa’s Raw Food Romance I just have to get into the motion of making dressings, I feel totally clueless when cooking unless I have a recipe in mind, so my creativity is out the door lol. But thank you for this video! It’s super motivational to me, i watch it like everyday so i can remember my goals, where I am and where I want to be, can’t wait to go fully raw in 2017!

    3. Melissa Topete no way I don’t consume any oils. To me they are a processed food. I also can’t stand the texture of oil in dressings now. I used to use it a lot for the same reasons but now I won’t touch them. I haven’t used olive or coconut oil in over 2 years, except on my skin. I’ll do that 🙂 my salad dressings I created to be amazing for me to enjoy a variety of veggies most are low to no fat.

  9. Can you do the video of your workout routine? I am starting to be healthy nowadays, but I don’t really know what I should do as workout. I go jogging and do jump ropes. Did you do weight training from the beginning?

    1. I dont really have a workout routine, but I will be getting into one that I have created as soon as my physio therapist says I am ok to workout. I was in a bad car accident so I am not working out. Plus, I rarely worked out while losing the weight. I did sometimes do exercises for a few weeks, but then id stop and be lazy for a few months. Just move your body! Do whatever feels like you’ll actually do 😉

    1. Aww thank you so much, just trying to help change health and save some animals, one fruit and veggie at a time!! xo

  10. If you have any extra skin, does it tighten back up? I’m starting my raw vegan journey and I know I’ll have a little bit of extra skin and I was wondering if it tighted up?

    1. My skin tighted back, obviously not like a 20 yr old, but it’s decently nice. I have stretch marks though, but they aren’t from losing weight, they are from GAINING the weight before. It can tighten after a LONG time, the skin has to keep up. The slower the weight loss, the better it is for your skin. The faster you lose it, the worse it is.

  11. the face one was lol no makeup in before an piled on in the after. seriously good results though bet guys you know wouldn’t look at you before an now they all want you in bed

    1. The after one i was just wearing light powder and eye makeup actually it certainly wasnt piled on! I don’t do that… it clogs my pores

  12. I’ started raw vegan journey yesterday and today is my second day. I’m really inspired to see your story and results! You are beautiful and saving animal lives and being compassionate
    towards innocent creatures makes you gorgeous! 👏🏻

    1. Awwwww thank you for such a beautiful comment!! 🙂 equal thanks to you for choosing a compassionate way of life!

    1. Thank you!! I know it had a lot to do with keeping it low fat and making sure I eat enough, it seemed so easy this time around! 😉

  13. I have recently adopted a vegan lifestyle for ethical reasons and I, too, have been been experiencing nothing but positive things from this. I’ve been shedding pounds, I’m no longer bloated, and I have much more energy, as well as more stamina when it comes to working out. I suffer from serious anxiety and depression but since going vegan my mental health has never been better! Like I said, I’ve gone vegan for ethical reasons but both my physical AND mental health have benefitted from this lifestyle change! You look amazing, by the way! Your story inspires me to keep this track. 🙂

    1. Aww thank you so much for sharing!!! Love hearing stories of people thriving and healing on a vegan diet! So much love! ox

  14. Amazing!! Amazing about the cellulite! I am amazed how much your bottom has changed! Totally gives me inspiration!

  15. I just saw a slaughter video about animals and I just cried so much and now I am looking too start a vegan lifestyle because I feel so bad and I am determined to not be a part of that awful animal killings. how long did it take you to lose all that weight?

    1. The burgers are actually a special recipe that we might be releasing in a book we write together for now. I do have LOTS of recipes here on my youtube channel and in my ebooks: and yes – I live up in Canada… gets pretty cold here. I eat more variety now than I ever have my whole life, but I do have my staple easy salads that I make when I’m lazy or don’t feel like making something different.

    2. Lissa’s Raw Food Romance Tha ks! what’s the recipe for the burgers? also do you have more salad recipes or your eating primarily the same salad? Are you in a cold state? That’s been another issue with me in maintaining raw is getting good produce here in MD.

    3. Just a thought too, I make my boyfriend these oat bean burgers so he doesnt eat meat when hes here… and those take me like 3 hours to make 24 and freeze them. Then to make his burger with sauteed mushrooms, its another 15-20 mins – and I have my salad ready almost always before his burger is 🙂

    4. I have. I have a cheap dehydrator but I only use it to warm things up or marinate mushrooms in. I don’t actually make a lot of gourmet stuff. My taco salad and chili may “look” gourmet, but they are REALLY easy to make. Most days I just eat salads and smoothies. 🙂 I actually spend way less time in the kitchen even making seemingly complex things NOW than I did just making something like rice and beans haha!

    5. Lissa’s Raw Food Romance
      true. 30 days is just my starting point. since you’ve been raw this time have you always incorporated the dehydrater and made gourmet style meals? all I have is a blender.

  16. Amazing!!! This video is very inspirational. I too, feel so bloated all the time when I eat unhealthy. Something has to change.

    1. I hardly did any exercise, maybe once a week. Sometimes I would go on an exercise binge and do it 3-4 times a week but that only lasted a few weeks. For the most part I didn’t do much. Mostly running, or weights. Squats when I would remember. I did use a small amount of salt when I felt my low blood pressure symptoms. I usually do 1/8 tsp about twice a week or so

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