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    1. Erm… are you expecting a fake injection filled ass like Kim Kardasian, Amber Rose, Nicki Minaj etc?

    1. I hang around with people who speak really fast so this is comparable and actually very easy to understand.

  1. Ive been squatting for a year now with bodyweight and whenever I try to add weight, I cant do it properly. I feel like I should already be squatting the bar but instead even 30 pounds is hard for me. I just dont get how everyone can make amazing progress in a few weeks and I’ve been stuck in a rut for a year now 🙁

  2. if u guys want a big ass, try bulgarian split squats. will leave your ass sore for days every time u do them. great great exercise in the middle of your workout to stretch out the glutes and tear em!

  3. so as an American when you said 60 kilos I was like wtf does that mean and when I see that means about 130 lbs I can’t believe it. holy crap.

  4. Please don’t go down that road that every other fitness girl does. Wanting a gigantic butt that just looks silly because the rest of the body is normal. A nice booty with tone and not flat looks great but getting a gigantic ass on a small frame looks so dumb. We can thank the waste of space Kim K for that even though she’s not small, that’s a big bitch.

  5. Hey I just found your channel and I am super inspired that you can be vegan and do weightlifting! Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to watch more. I’m watching from Texas by the way! 💪💚

  6. How does the smith machine work? I don’t have one in my gym so don’t get how it’s different to normal bars. Thanks!!

  7. OMG you came to my school today

    I was going to ask you to subscribe to me but I was nervous

    Plz subscribe

  8. I think some of your audio and video got mixed around Steph! Workout voice over was playing over the pancake b roll!

  9. Man, had bananas and was waiting for it to ripen, but my sister grabbed all of the ripe ones and threw them in the freezer. Gaaaaahh

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