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  1. Have you watched Dr Greger’s videos on oil? Interesting stuff. Oils are highly processed, even cold pressed. Think of how much of a plant/nut you need to create one drop of oil. I treat oil (not fat in general, ie the whole fatty food like avocado/olives/nuts/seeds- everything in its whole form interacts with our body beneficially) as a treat now. I love watching you cook, and am not meaning to lecture, or ask you to change, just to pass along what I’ve read. After all these years of believing virgin olive oil and coconut oil are great for us, I was totally shocked at what came up after I searched “no oil” on YouTube.

  2. I’ve noticed that in all of your videos, you use the stove to reheat things. Do you purposely avoid using the microwave? Are there any limitatuons to this? Just curious as I’m thinking of ditching my microwave for a toaster oven and was wondering if there is an advantage of one over the other.

  3. Watching your “what I ate in a day” videos is like my favorite thing to do. I don’t know why but I just love them and your character. You’re so likeable and the way you do everything live makes me feel like I am sitting in there with you. It’s just so entertaining. Hope you never stop lol

  4. I love that you just listen to your body. I recognized that many people, myself included, lost the connection to their bodies because everyone around you is now a food expert who says you what to do … so thumbs up for listening to the only one who truly knows what you need – YOUR BODY 😀 enjoy your videos!!

  5. The thing I’ve heard about juicing is that you can easily drink the juice from 10 apples, but you can’t eat 10 apples. The fibre in the fruit makes you satisfied before you get a fructose-overload, but if you juice your fruit you remove the fibre but keep aaaall the fructose

  6. Coconut oil is healthy, but my mother was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol and her recommended diet said to stay away from coconut oil and to veer towards olive oil. But I’m sure it’s fine if you don’t have high cholesterol!

  7. I know this video is old lol but I usually watch your videos during lunch break and just wanted to say who cares what people say about you, I actually find it funny when you chew your food it’s like you’re actually enjoying your food and it makes me hungry! Lmao! Keep it up girl! You’re always cracking me up lol Much love 💖

    1. Vaggelis Kokonesis i hate it it sound gross and she not even funny doing that other than that i love her vegan diet thats why i ưatches these video

  8. I love your channel Lauren! Especially the WIEIAD videos. They are what really helped me go vegan to see that it really wasn’t as hard as I thought and that I could still have delicious food! now I’ve been vegan for five months and haven’t looked back since 😊

  9. obviously you care a little what people think because you keep mentioning that you dont. there is nothing wrong with holding merit in what other people think of us because it helps us become more self aware. this doesnt mean we should let what other people think of us define us or even “believe in it” but its not something to be ashamed of.

  10. hablas demasiado y no pones la cantidad de ingrediente lo del queso no te entiendo nada tus enlaces no van directo ala receta sino ala página principal

  11. Just putting it out there if you want a good high powered blender try buying it around the holiday time I know in the US Costco always has ninjas on sale for like $100+ which is actually a lot cheaper and it works great

  12. Old video buuuut – juicing is fine, as long as it’s not excessive. It’s always best to just consume the fruit or vegetable in whole. The thing about fiber is that it regulates your blood sugar. It helps slow down the absorption of the sugar so it doesn’t spike so high. If you emit the fiber, it’s just pure sugar. 🙂 And I realize it was answered later in the video BUT WHATEVER lol.

  13. i know viewing food network us in canda it tries to redirect you but you can tell it you want to continue to the site so probably it works the other way too

  14. I agree with you so much on everything. The silly youtube comments, the unquestioning belief that what you read on the internet is true, the orthorexia thing. It feels so good to hear that someone feels the same way. 🙂

  15. i’m not vegan at all, but i love these. you’re an inspiration and you should definitely make more of these cause i watched all and if you ever upload another I’d love to watch it

  16. I have not gone to holistic nutrition school like everyone and their grandmother.. HA! xoxoxoxo

  17. I know you usually have your dinner pretty late at night, so it’s ok that you have your first meal later during the day. It’s kind of like you are doing intermittent fasting without even knowing it which is exactly what I do everyday. Who says you need to eat breakfast, you only eat when you are actually hungry. There is nothing wrong not eating breakfast.

  18. I had to come back and watch this again. I needed to see this and hear you again. Thank you so much.

  19. i’ve been vegan only two weeks now but i’ve been struggling with so many recipes that involve nuts and i’m allergic to peanuts and tree nuts!! any ideas? someone please help me. I’m 18, going to be entering college in the fall. i need help 🙁

  20. lmfao people are so funny why do people feel like they have to judge what other people eat an no one eats completely healthy know one knows what healthy really is. eat what you want when you want how you want its your body do what makes you happy

  21. I love you and your videos Lauren, people can keep their negative comments to themselves.. Keep shining! 🐘💫💕

  22. I know this is an older video… but I’m obsessed with this channel and hot for food. You’re so real! Thank you!

  23. So I can’t stop watching these “what I ate in a day” videos. But it’s time for bed. But I wanna watch more. What am I to do???

    1. Yes! I love them. I went vegetarian In 2015 and I found Lauren at that time, so nostalgic for me and she literally made the transition sooooo easy for me with her recipes and videos!

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