71 thoughts on “Vegan Lunch Ideas for School & Work ♡ Easy & Healthy ♡ Vegan Recipes

    1. +Alyssa Ross No, I did not soak them because they are supposed to have some crunch and soaking them would make them too soft. 🙂

  1. These look great! Would the meals have to be refrigerated or would they be fine to carry around during the day before they’re eaten?

  2. i made the super bowl today. It was delicious! thanks for the great ideas. i added jalapeno to the salsa, and included a bit more tomato paste in the “nut meat” mmmmm..

  3. this looks so amazing omg. how would i be able to keep my food fresh if it were a number of hours before i could eat it (e.g. during break at uni which is several hours after leaving home)?

  4. I just found your channel! And I love it! Such nice videos with simple recipes! Thanks and keep it up!! xxx

  5. Love all your videos! Found your channel today and youve earned a new subscriber ;). Only thing is the intros, they always have this extreme echo thats hard to listen to 🙁

  6. Do you eat the vegan burrito bowl straight out of the fridge or do you warm it up? wanting to use this for a weekly meal prep but work doesn’t have a microwave

  7. sorry this is so late, but do you warm up the meals at your work/school? or are they supposed to be cold?

  8. please what can you use in place of the miso paste.. because here in africa miso is rarely available

    1. +sab rina lets connect and catch up on instagram(healthy_ninee).. or message me on twitter with the same name.. i would love that 😀

    1. i made my own cooked chickpeas, my hummus taste realllllyy gooood! 🙂 less expensive also.. 🙂 thanks for your help sarah

    2. Coooked, you can just get canned organic chickpeas and drain the liquid in the can out and rinse them good to take all the sodium out and all the other yucky stuff and then just add the rinsed and drained chickpeas to the blender or food processor and follow her instructions from there. ❤️

  9. do u really like the recipes bc ur facial expression and monotone voice makes me feel like u wanna die a lil bit

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