1. +Amanda Cronin OF COURSE OMFG ALWAYS GONNA COME THRU FOR U <3 but good idea omg!! i will so do that omg excited :')

    2. +Stella Rae BABE😭😩💟 U ANSWERED BUT I LOVE THE TAPPING OF YOUR NAILS & YOUR VOICE, YOU SHOULD DO APPLYING UR MAKEUP ASMR!!!! ily:)) or a story time bc your voice is queen💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻

  1. Omfg, I was away and didn’t have a lot of access of Internet a lot ( weird right) and I haven’t seen your last couple of videos and it was the worst week ever fml, but now I can see all of them and I’m soooo happy now! Love you so much Stella ❤️

  2. YASSSS bringing vegan to all levels – loveeee it

    Would love if you, or anyone reading this, checked out my channel. 🙂

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