1. Hi I just want to thank you for your videos. you are amazing. I was wonderful what kind of hair this is.. And you really inspired me to becoming a vegan. I know it’s not easy but I would really like to try it.. it’s hard for me to try it and I have 3 kids and a husband. and I wanna see what’s it’s like first before introduce them to it first.. but I’m trying. thank you

  2. Im goin vegetarian cuz i never ate meat really anyways. I dont like harming animals n wanna see if i like it. If i dont then i will just eat more healthy. But im give myself eight months n see how i like vegetarian life

  3. So true! I completely agree with you. I’ve been a vegetarian almost for 10 years already. I feel much better when I don’t eat meat for sure. Animals must stay alive; people should abstain from killing them. Fruits and vegetables are the best things in the world!

  4. How has the journey carried into other aspects of your life? (i.e. makeup, hair products) Meaning, have depleted animal out of everything?

  5. I feel you on the insomnia girl! I’ve been sleeping like a baby since I’ve gone vegan. It’s amazing.

  6. Seeing your videos is helping me so much to transition. I’m not a vegetarian but everyday I just loose interest in meat. Keep up the great videos bc it is definitely helpful 😍

  7. Since your gone vegan, has your hair and finger nails grown? Plus, are there vegan ice creams? Your hair looks nice.

  8. When I was vegan, I would naturally sleep tight for about six hours, and be so refreshed. I don’t have that at the moment. Not willing to go vegan again, but definitely considering putting away meat as much as possible.

  9. The only reason I don’t wanna be vegan is because I fear that I’m gonna start losing weight I’ve heard people lose a lot of weight and I’m already skinny enough….does anyone here have any advice with keeping your weight or even gaining weight on a vegan diet

  10. I just started and I love it but my only thing is that I don’t want to eat too many carbs .. For instance, I meal prep and usually have rice in my meals … I eat a lot of veggies and veggies… And do you eat any seafood ?

  11. I’ve been VEAGAN since I was 7. Now I do want to save animals. I belive it’s wrong for people to eat meat. I’m disgusted and sad when I see people eating meat

  12. You are a very related woman. ive heard many things before that you mentioned but it stands out more when you say them. im not sure if its because it IS rare nowadays to see an black woman who is vegan. but whatever the case, please keep it up. people like me need people like you as inspiration and reminders that we are all human but anything is possible with hard work. Much love Queen. Peace

    1. Latasha Louis my favorite products are chao cheese, and daiya cheese. all vegan. you can make your cheese too. same for bacon. if you need help kicking the stuff just watch documentaries how on Bacon is really made… me the craving will be over. 😣

  13. 1. You are so beautiful!! 2. I am so happy to finally see a black vegan!! and 3. I rlly need help, I decided as of January 2017 that I would be vegan and I can’t seem to convince my mom that I’m making the right choice. She thinks its such a huge deal and I don’t know how to explain it to her. Any suggestions on how to and what you can tell your friends and family on veganism if they aren’t vegan?

  14. That’s exactly how I am! I recently cut out beef and pork and the other day as I was eating chicken thighs, I expressed to my friend how I don’t really like it and he said” yeah cause you’re eating a chicken thigh” I was like 😷😳 omg you’re right! And I’ve been thinking about it sooooo much lately.
    I already watch your natural hair videos but I started watching your vegan videos and I’ve been inspired!

    I am in college, (low on money) so I think I will take it slow, and take away one non vegan item at a time!!
    Thanks for the push and please tell me the link to your blog 😊

  15. Red meat made me feel the most fatigued… I cut it out over 3 yrs ago… then I went 6 months w/ out chicken. (Only eating fish) Now I’ve been following a vegetarian diet, but rarely eating dairy. I notice my bowel movements are more frequent & pass through easier lol I love feeling full & not sluggish.

  16. Fully vegan now and notice my sleep has been so fulfilling. I sleep like a baby now when before it was hard to stay sleep.

  17. That’s awesome girl, you look awesome. Can you share some of your basic go-to meals for lunch or dinner? I’ve been vegan for almost 6 months and I love it, never going back. But sometimes I feel frustrated because my meals end up being so unsatisfying and I know how easy it would be to be satisfied with a piece of cheese or something. I haven’t craved anything animal based, just get upset that I’m not feeling satisfied

  18. I used to be vegetarian and I was so dependent on dairy. I loved milk and sprinkled cheese on everything. I also felt very letharic and always had afternoon naps. i have notice since going vegan I have a lot more energy and I dont feel fatigued all the time

  19. I also suffer from insomnia for a long time and I am currently on a vegetarian diet. I’m struggling with chicken but I’m gradually getting over it.

  20. That’s exactly what’s going on with me! I just stopped wanting red meat I noticed it makes me sluggish and gives me the “ITTIS” 😩..I’m doing this for my skin renewal also! for ridding my body of waste and junk! like a permanent Daniel fast eating things from the earth healing the body inside out👍👍

  21. I cut out meat back in 1985 after watching a TV documentary that disgusted me beyond anything. Also, I was going to see vegan punk bands like Conflict at the time. That was 32 years ago. Vegan for life.

  22. This is extremely encouraging! I’ve thought about going vegan but I don’t know how to start. Thank you so much for sharing your experience

  23. Am I they only one who doesn’t like meat or dairy. I’m a picky eater ( ok I am ) but I actually hate, cow, horse, chicken, milk, cheese, yogurt and even ice cream. I’ve been vegan sence I was 3.

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