56 thoughts on “Vegan Bodybuilding Meal Prep

  1. its really useful.. thanks man..plzz.. do entitle me wid.. brealfast plans and dinner plans..how any times should i eat them in a day… again u really r de simplest and best guy for vegans

  2. lol at every meal you put how much grams of bean, rice etc… lol we don’t about that care but what we do care about is the grams or mg (or whatever) of fiber, carbs etc..

  3. I’m surprised you are still alive for 2 reasons:

    1) legumes are incredibly hard on your digestive tract any vegan doctor will tell you that. No more than 60g a day of legumes unless you want serious stomach ulcers and bowel cancer later in life.

    2) BPA!!! canned beans are absolutely laced with BPA, if you don’t know why this is bad simply search on Google for BPA health issues

    and 3) less important but damn, this is not a very varied diet.

    1. not trying to be rude here, but do you happen to have sources for the first two points? I would like to read more into it

  4. Perfect. Easy to follow, simple recipes, and without any complication. It helps that you’ve got a beautiful speaking voice!

  5. They look delicious- and farty. Beans, brocolli, and peas- I’d hate to be stuck in an elevator with you! Lol
    I’m just yanking your chain. I like the mixtures and your presentations as well.
    Thanks, mate.

  6. I just ran into this channel by accident. I am so glad I did. I have a ton to learn. Thanks for the tips. #TeamVeggie

    1. conditwinseverytime
      well, i dont know about vegans but i never tried shit….so tuna tastes pretty good for me

  7. I’m not following some of these numbers. What are the measurements of these servings? Are you using a cup of beans, rice, and peas, and how many calories is this?.. Sorry to ask so many questions, but I’ve been trying to meal prep and I’m not able to recreate these macros without using a ton of beans.

  8. I cook my beans the way you cook your rice (I leave them to cook overnight in a crockpot) and put whole vegetables in it (any vegetable you want) and the next morning they’re done. Taste better than canned beans…. anyways you have great ideas.

  9. What about farting? Ive been vegan for 4 months now and have a problem with that cause i eat too many beans and lentils

  10. I love this because im a male and can relate to the simplicity of your meal preparation tendencies. I watched a lot of women videos and although there preps are admirable, girls do some extra unnecessary shit that make veganism seem so time consuming. I love that you make it so simple. TY

  11. Thank you, that really clears up a lot of questions. Nutrient rich, filling, tasty, healthy and inexpensive. Subscribed!

  12. Can someone explain to me how he’s getting so much protein from his beans? His portion of beans seem to small to come out to over 20g of protein.

  13. Thank you for the video !!!
    You should try chickpeas and tahini, great combination !!!! It’s also nice to mix up these two together as a sauce for the rice !

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