52 thoughts on “Makeup Collection Inventory 2016 (Vegan + Cruelty-Free)

  1. Wow Christine! You are such an inspiration to me! Thanks to you I am now transitioning from drugstore products to CF/V products <3

  2. You are such an inspiration for using up your makeup and having a manageable collection! I have been a subscriber for years, back when you did makout 2013, but I just recently decided to start working on using up my collection and trying not to bring a lot more in. Thanks for the inspiration. I have found the amazing project pan community here on youtube and its been so fun to start making videos and making friends. I know a lot of people credit you with starting to clear out your collection and not needing EVERY new product 🙂

  3. I did an inventory of my clothes because I don’t have a problem with make up (I use foundation, powder, concealer sometimes, mascara and sometimes lipstick and that’s it) but I do have a problem with buying clothes! So I think the inventory opened my eyes a bit and I’m trying to stop buying so much 🙂

  4. Ive recently purged some of my old makeup, now im trying to switch my collection to cruelty free and vegan. Im slowing using up my products and recently bought some good vegan foundations and brushes! 🙂 Your video in inspiring, and its the first one ive seen of you so far. Thanks!

  5. I’m not your subscriber and I’m watching your films only from time to time, but i’ve watched all of your makeup inventory/declutter since 2012 and, I must admit, I was waiting for this year’s inventory too 🙂 happy you did it again 🙂

  6. I love these videos I’m starting to go vegan and using all natural products but completely clueless. your videos are informative and inspiring.

  7. Love you so so much Christine you rock I am going cruelty free and vegan free as well on makeup and I love it a lot hugs to you 🌺💝💄💋💗

  8. I’m curious as to where you purchase your vegan/cruelty free products? I know you can buy almost anything online but I prefer to see, feel and preferably test products before I buy. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  9. I love that you have committed to purchasing only vegan products! Are you also trying to integrate veganism into your daily life eg diet, clothing, household cleaners etc?

  10. I’m going completely natural and organic with my makeup kit this year, woohoo! Loved seeing some of your vegan faves as well as how organized you are! x

  11. Hey! Do you still use the nailtiques formula 2 that you referenced in your last nail video? I didn’t notice it here, so maybe not, I just remember you recommending it! And I think it’s cruelty free 🙂

  12. The makeup that is not cruelty free or vegan, if you sell it or give it to someone else you are still promoting those products. The people who will use it may not know about the animal cruelty and will probably go buy those brands if they like the product after using it.

  13. While I’m not vegan (I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to go fully vegan), I have recently gone fully vegetarian and try my best to avoid animal products and I’m feeling great! The same time I went vegetarian I decided to go cruelty free! While I still do purchase from a few brands that have cruel parent companies, hopefully sometime soon I’ll be fully cruelty free. So I’ve eliminated all products from cruelty brands, and it makes me so happy to know I’m not supporting those disgusting practices.

  14. hi ! i discovered you just recently, and watched a bunch of your videos in a short time☺
    i have to admit how much you have changed in every way twords better in last 4 years!
    today you look your best,your face is beautiful and your makeup is just perfect ! i am glad you took the road to minimalism , and it is a great inspiration for me .
    all well to you both,greetings from Europe!😉

  15. I sooo wanted to love Gabriel cosmetics and zuzu luxe lipliners and eyeliners, but they do not apply smoothly, they do not sharpen well, nor are they moisturizing. waste of money. will nor repurchase.

  16. Please do an updated inventory! I have loved these videos for years you’re such an inspiration! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  17. I wish you could have listed the products to make it easier to look for them. Thank you for the video. What are the names of the brands you mentioned? 😃👍🏻

  18. WOW the change in style, aesthetic, attitude towards things from your 2012 decluttering videos to now is OUTSTANDING. You’re truly inspirational!

  19. Have you done an update for 2019? I am really looking to find the best vegan products that won’t make me break out in a rash! I am stuck with Clinique and am trying to find an alternative!

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