65 thoughts on “2 Delicious Vegan Dinner Recipes

    1. Broiling means putting the oven on the highest temperature it can go. Watch it closely to make sure it doesn’t burn.

    1. Pinkie girl I literally said I knew the top comment was going to say I’m not vegan but i’m fucking psychic

    1. actually shepherds pie is usually made out of beef mince. what defines a shepherds pie is the mashed potato topping which thing pie has!

  1. this is the most disgusting way to make enchiladas traditional enchilada sauce is vegan… and thise microwaved tortillas, this is trash

  2. Every single fucking video has meat and dairy in it and you omnivores wanna complain about ONE VEGAN VIDEO. ONE out of HUNDREDS.

  3. “See look, we’re totally not anti-vegan! We even have a vegan as part of our staff! Now we’re posting vegan recipes! See we’re tooootally not anti-vegan!”

  4. I’ve made 3 buzz feed recipes so far, this is my 3rd one. I’m cooking the shepards pie as we speak. Hope it turns out nice !

    1. Rachel Mayrhofer I have no type of achol because my parents dont drink so still what should I switch it with?

    2. PhanicTwentyoneChemicalCrybabys AtTheDisco it still does not effect the dish. The alcohol evaporates while cooking. So it’s not going to give you alcohol poisoning

    3. The alcohol in the wine evaporates while cooking, it’s just used to give the dish a nice flavour. All the alcohol will be gone when you eat it

  5. Here’s what I don’t understand about vegans, now I know this might be a controversial opinion, but why is there food so much nicer than everyone else’s?

  6. “splash or red wine”??? Isn’t pretty much any alcoholic beverages non-vegan? or do they mean non-alcoholic wine?

  7. Please make REAL enchiladas 🙁 by real I mean, authentic just switch the filling for veggies or vegan cheese or beans maybe, idk, fry the tortilla in oil instead and people accompany them with cooked carrots and potatoes, fresh lettuce, tomatoes and onions
    Also, green enchiladas are nice and Swiss enchiladas have cream cheese so maybe no, but red and green are great tbh

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