62 thoughts on “EASY JAPANESE COOKING RECIPES! [Vegan]

  1. I love how she put a tofu cube using the chopsticks, and then threw them all together at once

  2. Yay! thanks so much for doing this!! I would love to sign up for it but it looks like the services won’t be available after april 30?

  3. +Sharla in Japan FYI the website states that the service will end on 30 Apr 2016… Is there a replacement? I’m heading over in 2017 and will definitely want to experience this….

  4. Oh no, the service is shutting down end of April. I would have really liked to do parts of this. 🙂

  5. Hey Sharla! Please answer this! I’ve heard vegetables and fruits in Japan are relatively expensive than fish. Is that true? 😛

  6. ざっとぐうど?

  7. fried eggplant is not really mine, because they suck up all the oil, but the rest looks yummy. 🙂

  8. I remember watching this video before, I didnt know you beforehand and I thought you were already vegan here and I got so disappointed when I learned that you were only trying vegan foods in this video. A few minutes ago, I saw your video from your other channel and learned youre already vegan. I just wanna tell you how happy I was learning that. Being vegan is fun, and I hope you enjoy it. Youtube is so vegan-friendly- and by that I meant tons of recipe videos you can try. One more tip: Watch all the youtube videos of Gary Yourofsky and the 101 ways to go vegan + great docus like Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives and Earthlings. 🙂

  9. Was the tofu soft or more like a “sponge”? I’ve tried tofu before, like the “basic” kind that looks like a sponge (it has like tiny holes in it). I fried it in the pan with some herbs and spices but I still didn’t quit like the texture… it was like I was chewing for ages before I could swallow it x3

    1. Extra-firm tofu can be spongy, and frozen tofu is even more firm and spongy. Frying it also creates a spongy, firm texture. Silken tofu is soft and melts in the mouth. Gently steaming it or dropping it in a broth keeps its texture. It’s my favorite way to cook tofu. 🙂

  10. ベジタリアンに無理にならなくてもいいんだよ

  11. Hi! thank you for uploading this i’ll be in Fukuoka in a few months and i am also scared because Japanese food have a different (sometimes weird) ingredients than the food in our country. i’m glad Japan is a rice country so yeah i won’t starve XD but rice in Japan is 3x more expensive @_@

  12. Hi Sharla. I really enjoy watching ur videos. And i have a dream to visit Japan. I hope it comes true. I want to ask if there are more Japanese food or sweets aur snacks which are pure vegetarian like even having no egg. pls i really wanna know .😁

  13. This is great! I am so happy they offer vegetarian and vegan cooking classes! I think japanese monks eat mostly vegan too…or at least they used to? Does anyone know more about veganism in Japan?

    1. Most people in Japan don’t understand the word vegan, so it’s likely that even though there are plenty of vegan restaurants in Japan, the people who live there aren’t.

  14. I give my sister a hard time for being Vegan just poke fun at her when i can.

    I’m going to cook this for her to do something nice.

    1. Are e.g. soy protein cubes out of question too? Quorn products (vegan in some countries AFAIK, but not all, so be careful) or mushrooms (please don’t use white button mushrooms – shiitake or oyster mushrooms could work as a replacement) could be a decent option if you want to replace it with a meaty vegan product.

    2. I ran into a problem my sister can’t eat tofu what can i put into the middle.

      My mother like you know Paige doesn’t eat tofu i bet you could guess my reaction.

  15. 日本人として海外に日本食を発信してるのっていいね!!!嬉しくなる!
    おいしそう( *´꒳`* )

  16. I think I’d like to orange my dinner for me and my future husband like ichijyu sansai every night!! I bet it’ll promote healthy eating and stress relief (that parts for me. Cooking and baking relives my stress a lot so if this takes hours to prepare and clean up after, than that’ll help me provide a better life ❤️)

  17. This is so cool! Thank you for sharing some Japanese vegan recipes!! Iitadakimasu!

    The oil for the eggplant didn’t look hot enough at first, I think! 😮 But it all looked great.. that freeze dried tofu is new to me!

  18. 凍み豆腐って高野豆腐の事かな?
    片栗粉は英語でpotato starchって言うのかって感心したけどよく考えたら当たり前やな笑

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