52 thoughts on “My Vegan Muscle Photo Shoot & Transformation!

  1. And your body does look GOOD!! Congrats on reaching your goal despite your humble personality. Keep up the good work for yourself and the planet!

  2. Your whole body looks fantastic, especially your abs!

    Hey Bite Size Vegan. Open Invitation: we’re non vegans and have just started taste testing
    vegan food. if you have any suggestions, about what you would like to see us try, post it on my channel. We are trying to transition to veganism.

  3. im vegan I didn’t experience any weight loss , maybe some extra vegan muscles after going to Gym

  4. Thanks Girl….I was FAP free for 100 days before this video came up!!Β  Thanks a lot!! LOL.. Seriously though, you look faaaantasticcccc GIRL!Β  Brilliant work on your body and what a fine example to the world what can be achieved without the need to torture Animals. Glad I saw this… you are an inspiration to all ! Well Done!!

  5. Omg Emily u look amazing!!
    Where can I learn about what ur diet consisted of during that time period? And ur daily or weekly workout routine?
    You truly are an inspiration to me.
    Thank you for ur enlightenment and education toward my change to Veganism.

  6. I went from 5 ft 8 and 119 lbs to about 164 ok fine 165 lbs. The weight has piled on super fast this year. Officially went vegan tonight (though I have been having vegetarian and vegan meals) and my fat stomach is like ohhh goody we’re going to be skinny again. This also means greatly reducing my bread intake but not completely.

  7. I have been raw and vegan for one week. I am also autistic and have sensory processing disorder and prsd and OCD. I was not eating at all. I just found your channel and subscribed. Love your chakra tatoos. I started yoga two months ago. I have been vegetarian for 20 years. I hope you are healing. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Inspirational truly! Would you be willing to share how much of the muscle definition you are able to keep up on your normal daily vegan routine – not after a cut for a photo-shoot? I feel like I need to have realistic goals.

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    1. I speak to Emily on a regular basis. She is doing OK. She is, as always, pushing herself too hard but she is OK. She’s hard at it, working on the new website and non-profit.
      It is and has been a massive undertaking. There was no way she could carry out research on new topics to a level that we have all come to expect whilst at the same time taking on a full rebuild and ambitious enhancements of the site. Believe me, no one has hated her absence from YouTube more than she has.
      There is still a mountain of work to get completed on the new site before it can be released into the wild but it is looking really good and nearing completion. Please be patient a little longer. Emily will be back soon.

    2. @Danny Canning thank you. it’s kind of you to reply. Emily does good work. I feel confident saying “we” (a lot of her viewers) absolutely appreciate her work. Appreciate her passion. I cannot imagine the toll it might take doing everything she does. <3

  10. Congrats on your hard work and excellent results _ you ARE an actual athlete, you done the work and it shows. Also thank you for going makeup free, such a great message, and thank you for all your work for veganism. I refer people to your videos all the time because of the amazing hard work you put into each.

  11. Wow at first I was like , looks so masculine in the video , THEN I took a closer look at the photos whooooaah VERY beautiful and indeed feminine AND strong . This has been a revelation for me as I normally do not like to see muscle that defined on males or females . Gorgeous photos and VERY very coOL guuurl πŸ˜„ πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  12. I don’t usually comment on older videos because they are so personal. So much has changed in 4 years. I just had to comment on what Melissa said. First. Emily you are a very beautiful soul with so much empathy and kindness. Your energy is very colorful. Melissa this next compliment in no way puts any judgement on you. Emily you don’t need makeup. Neither do you Melissa. Very beautifully ladies.
    So you put a face on that on that doesn’t represent who you really are. Then after deceiving a man for a year, you decide not to wear makeup for one day testing your guy out. Well no shit he said you are beautiful without makeup because he loves you. Probably scared the shit out of him but he didn’t run away. You want a man to love you for who are, then don’t wear makeup when you first meet.
    Back to Melissa’s comment. So true on the video showing animal cruelty. I was also shocked.

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