53 thoughts on “A WEEK OF DINNERS I VEGAN

  1. The editing is soo aesthetic. love it!
    It would be great to have the exact amounts of ingredients. But still great Video!!

  2. My vegan mother is coming home from Nigeria today, and I wanted to make something nice for her. It’s Wednesday, but the Tuesday meal looks AMAZING, so I’ll try that. What are the measurements for the yeast and vinegar? And do the cashews have to be soaked? I’m trying to have it finished by tonight. 🙂 thank you.

  3. I watched that video and subscribed at the same moment💕 loves your editing and recipes look so yummy✨

  4. this is the first video i watched of you and your editing style impressed me. my first thought was: i think i found my spouse

  5. Wow-amazing work you done to edit your video in that way!! Great video with a huge proffesionality!
    I found your channel just now occasionaly -fortunately! Kerp the work up!

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