58 thoughts on “Vegan Day In The Life

  1. Is someone getting the Thailand itch?? Only 4 months to go … get your skinny arses back here! πŸ˜‰

    1. Maybe next year for me. But I’m psyched for all the videos that will come out of it. Especially the 1 hour talks before dinner.

  2. Thailand is great, fluffy, and convenient, but China is like the wild west in and around the “small” cities. Tons of vegan food, and more fruit availability than Thailand without the tourism and foreigners.

    1. +Full Metal Vegan No plans soon to be in Hellburn.

      The vegan festival in november was rad meeting heaps of crew though.

  3. Question. At 1.15 ish in the video, next to the river, with a sports stadium the other side, where is that?

    While we’re at it, 2.40 next to beach, where?

  4. Still one of my favourite vids! Thank you Durianrider πŸ™‚
    Always reminds me of Thailand and your epic rides on these great streets when I hear this song.

  5. The song returns <3

    I am in love with the amount of videos you're putting out by the way. Fucking wonderful I love it.

  6. What camera do you like the best? Im thinking about virb x/xe or gopro hero 4 silver. The virb remote on my head unit makes me lean more towards virb but most reviews say gopro is better. none of them was riding bikes tho.

  7. When you were talking about throwing the seeds and talking about feeding the planet then the song came on, sounded so good.

  8. 100% the biggest fuckwit on youtube, i hate road cyclists and im not vegan but still get motivation from ur to focus on my health and trying to get fitter. cheers

  9. Hey man! greetings from Serbia. One question for you. Do you go out at night much, you know clubs, alcohol, shit…

  10. Hey man, what the hell happened between you and David Wolfe? Did he manage to drag you into court or did he admit that he’s full of shit?

  11. Hi Harley, when are you in Thailand again? Be good to hook up with you guy’s. I live here in Bangkok. Ciao.

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