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  1. Can we talk about how nice Shane and his wife was about this challenge. They were optimistic and enjoyed what they ate. They seem like really nice people 🙂

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  3. This is NOT how you should do it!
    I suggest transitioning SLOWLY to a raw ripe fresh organic alkaline produce diet and also learn about raw food combining.
    Is Dan really a chef?!? He seemed the most clueless of all! I must have misheard maybe ans he is not a chef who knows and loves food.
    There are many recipes and guides out there. Not all perfect but if people search they will find.
    Arnold Ehret’s mucusless diet healing system book can help you transition.
    Dan was in permanent starvation mode by not eating enough and unripe bananas are constipating.
    All the best in health and happiness to all!

  4. Watching people who have spent their lives abusing themselves with their dietary habits, playing the fool while sucking up to the camera just doesn’t make me sympathetic.

  5. I bet Dan skipped the potluck just so he could be seen on a ‘date’ with the beautiful blonde…smooth move 😎

  6. This was so good. Thank you for doing this. So much work to do this. I feel fantastic on the raw vegan diet!

  7. Hello… Does Colleen who makes the raw vegan chocolate have a website or a YouTube channel? Thank you for this video.

  8. Dan is so unlikeable thru this whole thing. I’m about midway thru and I hope his attitude changes but as of right now I can’t F’ing stand his disgusting attitude

  9. So sad to see that little calf. I’m sure it was a boy and will be killed for veal after being tortured in a small cell.

  10. Thanks for this, just what I needed to get back into eating raw, I was raw for 8 years when I lived in the Alaska(land of the meat eaters). Will be going with %85 raw this time like the Hallelujah Diet. That was how I got started all those years ago. All raw and lots of fresh made juices, and maybe a potato or bowl of rice and beans for dinner along with big salad first. Simple but it works for me. Putting foods together is no problem for me I was a chef for about 35 years after being a combat soldier for 12 years. Think I will get a dehydrator to make raw tortillas, and crackers, that did look interesting. I will be doing 2 servings of fresh made juice a day along with at least one smoothie, they don’t all have to be green either. I do need to drop about 25 or so pounds, I already do Qigong, Thai Chi, and kettle bell workouts along with 3 miles of jogging every day. I am retired now but still work with people using Energy Healing and Acupressure. I am 73 so need to get myself back into shape for when I get to be old guy Have a good one and I will be following you on here.

  11. I think dan wanted this more for the recognition on “tv” rather than in it for health reasons. He’s purposely making it look hard for those who have never done it. Kind of makes me upset.

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  13. Here’s a question that I somehow cannot get answered…
    I know the aches and pains of going from cooked to raw, but I have some moments throughout my day when I’m super energized but yet also super tired.
    Where I’m super clear minded and yet at the same time super foggy.
    And then there are moments where it’s almost like I’m on magic mushrooms but I haven’t taken any.
    Can anyone explain this to me.
    I’m not too much having cravings per se, which is surprising but when I drive by like a barbecue place or something and it smells so good like cravings then.
    But really was confusing me is at the same time that I feel like I have a ton of energy I’m also super lethargic and don’t want to move.
    The same thing with my brain super clear minded yet very foggy. I am confused as hell.

  14. Very sweet people. Hopefully some of them came back to the raw lifestyle. Choosing veganism is choosing life. Meat is dead and it also kills the people who eat it, and this is a profoundly sad irony. Compare the gray depressed look of heavy meat eaters to the joyful enthusiasm of raw vegans. Tells you all you need to know.


  16. Cooking food is what made human brains grow to the point they’re at and giving you the ability to eat whatever you want to eat whatever

  17. Your body absolutely DOES produce enzymes after the age of 30. There is no science to support the claim that it doesn’t. Don’t trust people without science or medical degrees. Raw food is beneficial, though.

  18. Dan is deliberately not eating. 3 bananas in one day? He knows nuts exist if his that picky. Dude you can put dates and nuts in a food processor and even chia then roll in a ball. Place that in the freezer and boom yum and filling

  19. Could you please let me know how to get in touch with VcToria the Raw Instructor ? Thanks Marjorie 07/22/21

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