Buzzfeed Food Recipes TESTED: Vegan Taste Test

52 thoughts on “Buzzfeed Food Recipes TESTED: Vegan Taste Test

  1. If you want a bit more flavor for the quinoa salad you can replace the cilantro with some fresh parsley 🙂 xx

  2. Sorry if I burst your bubble but the second recipe u should replace the agave nectar it’s actually not so healthy as ur think it is but it’s still really healthy!

  3. If you are looking for some vegan recipes check out Hot For Food and The Edgy Veg. They aren’t exactly “healthy”, but oh sooooooo good.

  4. wait what, did anybody else realize that the lemon quinoa salad didn’t actually have any lemon

  5. how i can find the sound in the beginn sorry I am from germany my english is not good

    sorry for that

  6. Adding more salt to your quinoa dish would totally amp up the flavor. Not only will it add salt, it’ll also wake up more taste buds so you can taste more if that makes sense. Science. Hi.

  7. if you make a burrito or taco or any wrap, you wouldnt even need fake cheese and it would taste fucking amazing. just sayin

  8. Just go vegan!! Being vegan once a week isn’t helping anyone. Not helping your body, and most definitely not helping the animals. Stop consuming the rotting flesh of murdered animals, educate yourself and go vegan!

  9. Vegan here. Thank you for doing this! And for reviewing the recipes and inspiring others to try too 🙂 I will be trying this one soon. Cheers!

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