53 thoughts on “WHAT I EAT IN A DAY + WORKOUT [VEGAN] | Reese Regan

  1. if you are vegan how do you use milk in your oatmeal? is it almond, soy or something else? Also do you still get starbucks being vegan?

  2. Girl you were back squatting 40 lbs πŸ˜‚ That’s not a lot at all, I don’t even work out a lot and I back squat 90

  3. If your vegan you can’t eat/drink dairy or honey.Not trying to be rude but just saying since you made the oatmeal with the milk and added honey on on meal

  4. hey just out of curiosity- do you live with both parents? or just your mom? sorry weird question but i live with my mom every other week and my dad every other week so i’m wondering!

  5. Could you put the link for the kettle bells in the description or just tell me the name – I’m looking for some new ones and I’m struggling πŸ˜‚

  6. Hello! love the video, but could you make one about how you transitioned from omnivore to vegetarian to vegan? It would really help!

  7. Great video beautiful! I’ve been vegan for 3 months now and it is the best decision health wise I’ve made!

  8. I really enjoyed watching this video and your channelπŸ’“I would suggest warming up before you stretch to loosen up your muscles so you won’t get any injuries.

  9. everybody heres like “shes eating too little” and im over here about to say youre lifting too little. Girl, you want the booty, squat more than 30 pounds.

  10. The only thing i suggest is to wait for the banana. To get riper wait until the banana is spotty better for digestion

  11. I’m going vegetarian for my 2017 New Years resolution but it might be hard with my family because they’re huge meat eaters and eat extremely unhealthy.. Any tips?

  12. What’s the difference between porridge and oatmeal? We have porridge in Ireland but not oatmeal. Are they the same thing?

  13. Does your stomach every hurt from all of the fiber in the fruits and veggies? That’s the one thing I’ve heard vegans say they dislike about the diet, but other than that it is awesome. It would be awesome to go vegan since I am already dairy free, we shall see though!

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