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    1. +Brittiany Dixon-Taylor – You’re welcome Brittiany and thank you for stopping by (✿◠‿◠).

  1. If I visited India, I would definitely bring tons of spices back home. Definitely. Here, you can get spices in such a small amount for such a high price and low quality.

    1. +luticia – I’ve never been to India. I would love to visit one day. By the way you should get quality spices in Indian shops. I always get them in Indian shops whether I was living in UK, Ireland and now here in Canada. The quality is fine I think and not that expensive — it also depends on the brand. The amount you get is much more than the big/common grocery stores. On a side note though, Mauritian cuisine has inherited many aspects of the Indian cuisine blended with Chinese, African and little bit of French/British. This has resulted in something quite unique to Mauritius. Thank you for stopping by and your nice comments. (✿◠‿◠)

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    1. +Veganlovlie | Vegan Mauritian-Fusion Cuisine
      Had potatoes for dinner, in fact!  I am well, and hope you and Boyfriendlovlie are, too, and staying warm in French Canada : )

    2. +tamcon72 It’s always so nice to see your comment. I hope you are doing well by the way. The potato wedges vid is coming up soon. Potatoes are irrestible, aren’t they? ◔ ⌣ ◔

  2. Love it , what can i sustitute garam masala ?ill check if you have video of it . Thanks alot i learned alot from your channel

    1. +umbnin – You can find this info in the list of ingredient in the video at 00:21, or you can check the link which I included in the description in the printable recipe:

    1. +Sidney Manzanita – You’re welcome Sidney. I’m glad you like it. It is indeed very fragrant. 🙂

    1. +Randy T (Randylikestoclimb) – Thank you Randy. We put a lot of love into these videos; we’re glad it shows. ❤

  3. Wow but now where can I get the all powders? :'( in Miami Florida where I live I saw many stores from your culture maybe If I go there and ask about all ingredients they can help me! Thanks

  4. Veganlovlie How-tos: A quick and easy homemade tandoori masala spice mix made using powdered spices.
    Use this masala as a spice rub on vegetables, tofu or to spice up your burger patties, stews, gravies and even salad dressings. ✿ FULL PRINTABLE RECIPE ▶

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