40 thoughts on “Vegan Cuts & Goddess Provisions Unboxing Review | Vegan Beauty

  1. Elise, could you please make some kind of a tea time video with antique dish, or some asmr stuff as well πŸ™‚ your vids are so cozy <3 greetings from Croatia :*

  2. I love your videos, might have to give these boxes a go! Where did you get your poncho/cardigan/jumper that you are wearing? It’s beautiful Love and light xx

  3. I dont know if it’s worth it to spread like a ton of CO2 in the air by shipping vegan products all over the world.
    Of course its VERY necessary to improve animals’ situation here on mommy earth but its also important to keep the CO2 level as low as possible…
    but i still like this video, because its a lot better than a video about mac products from america with an unnatural youtube girl thats just watching on her clicks and subscribers


    1. +TheFranziska231 I’m happy to hear that you care about the earth as I do, that’s why I don’t have a car as an example, but ride my bike when I need to go somewhere. Also I don’t travel much, I buy most of my things in thrift shops, I try to avoid plastic and much more. Maybe you should just trust me, and let me do my thing. I just really wanted to try these two boxes, and I think we all want to treat ourselves with something nice sometimes. Have a great day.

    2. Hi! Animal agriculture produces more greenhouse gases than all forms of transportation COMBINED, therefor, they are actually reducing greenhouse gas emissions by shipping this because they’re spreading environmentally friendly products πŸ™‚

  4. ..hey here’s small idea,*..u can use the salts to give urself a calming foot bathe…Just pour a few in a foot basin & relax;)…enjoyed the video:)

  5. You should use the bath salts as a shower scrub, just make sure your skin is really wet before you do it. I’ve done it several times and the scent really carried well.

  6. You could use the bath salts as a foot soak..just use a washing up bowl and add water.

  7. you should really look into a vegan lifestyle! you seem like such a lovely and compassionate person x love your videos

  8. Use the bath salts as a relaxing foot soak! Just measure out maybe a quarter of it into a large bowl, add hot water, and soak your feet before bed πŸ™‚

  9. you should check out The Vegan Kind, they do snack/beauty box subscriptions like VC, but they’re UK based so shouldn’t get stopped at customs πŸ™‚ x

  10. How did the eyeliner work out? 100% Pure sounds look a great brand, as the products are all natural. Was the color strong and lasting?

    1. I’m really happy about it. I’ve worn it for a couple of days, also used it for a winged eyeliner, and it works really well and last an entire day even with an oily skin as I have 😊

  11. Nice video, loved the soothing music. Love your style, and your accent is endearing. Could you do a ‘What’s in my bag?’ tag?

  12. Elise I love your videos! I was just catching up on some of my favorite youtubers and saved your more recent videos for last. They are so relaxing and pleasant πŸ™‚

  13. I need the Goddess Provisions box in my life. It’s the first monthly subscription box that I actually love everything and its not too expensive.

  14. I love this video so much. I tried to order vegan cuts, and it said my debit card wasn’t for this type of purchase? I don’t understand that. made me sad.

  15. Hey Elise, since you don’t have a bath tub, you could just soak your feet in a bowl or something with the bath salts to try them out.

  16. I have 2 great ideas for the bath salt since u don’t have a bath tub ….and every1 keep saying the same idea….

    (thinking out of the boxπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š)

    1)u can sniff it like the Kuolh kids on my block .. Or…
    2) u can sell it …u guess it like the Kuolh kids on my block…..around ur block.πŸ’°

    Ur a trip…πŸ˜‰…

  17. what a pleasant video! I really want to try Goddess Provisions gahh their IG shows the coolest products <3

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