86 thoughts on “Vegan Gains Thug Life Rap Vs GradeUnderA

  1. So Vegan Gains liked a video saying that he made a cringe rap and he’s the worst in the fitness industry
    Does Vegan Gains have a Brain???

    1. I figured it out, vegans have to drink each others cum to get enough protein that’s why there’s so much circle jerk in the community

  2. Vegan Gains is a insecure loser whose failed at life, so now he’s jumping the bandwagon of the only ideology that will accept him for the failure that he is!

    1. +rich potato there’s no real way of scaling what it means to “fail”, what I consider “failing” might not be what you consider “failing” so that’s my opinion

    2. But he only started making videos a year ago, so he can say he’s been vegan for four years but there’s no evidence to back that claim up

    1. +Earth Dcoy na man listen to vegan gains rap!! it was sick next level he is gona blow his brainz out all over the pavement!

  3. Funny how vegan gains deletes his other video about grade a under a and he specifically says ” Do people watch this guys videos for the same reason they watch cringe compilations” this is vegan gains 308th cringe compilation

    1. +Michael Sutherland lol why wouldn’t he mention that on youtube and now he probably will assuming he reads the comments. First vegan gains is a liar now you and u are saying lol well guess what… LOL

    2. +Ry Guy Vegan Gains didn’t delete the video, it got flagged by gradeunderA fanboys. It was too much for them to handle. lol

  4. This is fucking lame…. you called this a rap battle? Calling yourself “Thug”? and (rather weak) dissing of Grade?  I doubt you could even debate with Grade, nvm a rap battle if gangsta is all you got

    1. +Kilju Pullo but I’m near 14 tf u saying, u know what u can’t even make a valid comeback u little bitch, bye now . If you respond ur a fucking faggot little cunt and ur officially my bitch if u respond u little cunt

    1. +Morgan Westerberg na man vegan gains rap was one of the best raps i’ve heard, it is up there with 2pac and biggie

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