59 thoughts on “February Favourites 2016 | Beauty, Style & Vegan Snacks | Esmée Denters

  1. 2 things: Why do you love Cactuses/Cacti and How many of the books behind you have you read? love you xxx

    1. +Tahir Miah I love them cause I think they look cool and they are really easy to take care off! I have probably read 50 procent of the books because I live together with other people so they are not all mine x

  2. So great background i think u should keep it and love ur dress next time i would like a cover cuz i really miss ur voice 😁💕 can u sing sia birds set free 😁🙏🏻

  3. A background with colors and plants sure is better than the empty grey-white that many uses. This was more of a girly video so I just watch it. Are we getting to see any of that performance from the Netherlands on the tube?

    1. +rawstarmusic I am working on a Series at the moment and we are recording everything so yes I will be sharing some clips of it here on the Tube! ; )

  4. I remember watching your “me singing…” covers back in the way old YT days. (I even remember you sang with lil J Biebz, too). So glad to see you back on YT, I like the new video series. Good luck with the upcoming performance!

    1. +esmeedenters that’s great cause I’m really a big fan I still listen to Outta Here faithfully, so when you do release new music I’m still gonna be a fan

    2. +Jade Gordon thanks sweetie! I really wanna release new music this year! It’s a little more difficult because I’m working on it Independently but I can’t wait until I am able to share

  5. So weird cause I’m not interested in your favourites but your video is just really entertaining and well edited which just keeps me watching. I hope you continue to grow Esmee as you do deserve it as you do work hard it.

  6. Have the same problem at my appartment, not video friendly, i’m working on my background, went shopping today :-p and bad lighting :-(. Love the products of rituals to, I bought the hammam product box a few months ago 🙂 love the mint smell, it’s refreshing

  7. another Great Video, Thanks Esmee, i drink V8 Splash smoothies starberries and bananas, have you heard of that Esmee, i was wondering if you think that is good for the body, Thanks!

  8. Esmee, I was in the Gym Yesterday, and all of the sudden…wow..I heard a familiar voice….it was one of your songs!!! 😉

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