50 thoughts on “LEE PRIEST Responds to VEGAN GAINS

  1. vegan no brains silly little Canadian millinium going up against Aussie old school no hope at all it should stick to lying to school children on the new vegan trend

  2. Don’t you tan up Lee, I’ve been a fan of yours for over 20 years since I was a little boy watching you in Flex magazines. Don’t fuck that up with some blackface bullshit. Lee Priest > Vegan Gains

  3. I paused the video 1min in and went and got some beef to eat while I watched the rest, just to be a dick.

  4. We r in Australia not America our animals r not all slaughtered the same. But it is important to eat grass fed meat for endless reasons

  5. Lee is a legend. Too smart to argue with lol. VeganNOgainsdumbass. That being said I’m not against Vegans, I appreciate not wanting to kill or hurt animals but fuck sake. Come on, this guys a nob head

  6. danm lee, you sure showed that vegan moron. his ignorant to state australia is not contributing to the enviornment, usa is one of the biggest polluters in the world, trump doesnt even want to accept global warming, as lee stated do your research before you talk. I studied Msc in renewable energy and i am working as an engineer. Australia is one of the largest contributers to renewable energy, infact australia is increasing its renwable energy capacity. Where as usa is still using coal plants hardly investing in renewable energy. Australia is also a leader in power systems in the area of renewable integration into the grid.

  7. So funny! I remember reading an article on Lee WAY back. He talked about eating KFC in the off season. Vegan gains doesn’t even lift. Why would someone with that body talk shit about pro bodybuilder. Lmao, makes no sense

  8. “Contracting the aids virus and getting cancer” lol. 80% of Vegans and Vegetarians start incorporating meat into their diets after 5 years..hmm maybe because they are so malnurished and feel like total crap

  9. Besides the swearing well done lee. You tell it how it is a true assie. Proud to listen to all the knowledge you have. Pls make a come back

  10. fuck! i always hated when a VG video was uploaded that dude was so annoying him talking bout being vegan is the best way to live. so glad i dont see anymore of his videos…

  11. Being Vegan doesn’t mean that you’ll live for ever. Our bodies aren’t made only for eating plants we are herbivores we need both meat and vegetables in our bodies for our bodies to have good defenses. I am tired of some of these activists who think that they live a squeaky clean life as long as you dont torture an animal while you slaughtering it its alright. What a bunch of Tools and Marks.

  12. The comical thing about this is that Lee and most people don’t actually mind them being vegan at all and it’s the chaps choice, it’s the f#cking constant preaching at the rest of us all who are not interested in their lifestyle choice at all, it’s a cult 🤦‍♂️

  13. The fact that you dignified that piece of shit with a response makes you a much nicer person than I am! Have you heard his infamous psycho rant about how he wants to sadisticly kill babies? He’s a horrible excuse for a human being!

  14. 3:08—- Lee compares taking steroids to drinking water and breathing air for toxicity……Uhm……What?

  15. LMAO!!I would like a steak sandwich with a steak salad please
    maybe some sweet honey glazed bacon for dessert

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