75 thoughts on “Transformation: 20,000 Push-Ups in 2 Months | Vegan Fitness

  1. did like 85 today and gonna keep going doing like 100-200 a day πŸ™‚ feels so good pushing yourself

  2. Don’t your muscles need rest ? You can damage your muscles if u train every day. Or am i wrong?

    1. I wouldn’t recommend doing it for more than a month or two. Make sure to warm up first and if anything hurts just stop. It’s not a long term fitness model, but it’s great for some quick gains.

  3. really great job and real strong mind. use To have the same kind of workout the push ups are really addictive!

  4. you only did push ups and nothing else? I did yesterday about 500 and I was so dead.. I could not do any different exercises

    1. +Eric M. Try the new bodybuilding.com workout, 1 moth into it and the progress came after 4 days, classmate’s all ready noticed and started asking

    2. Yes I saw this 500 pushups challenge in another video and i wanted to try it. I am training now for nearly 6 month but I don’t see as much progress as I want to so I wanted to try something where you see a progress very fast:) thanks (sry for my english^^)

    3. Yeah that’s pretty much all I did most days. But I also was taking boxing classes 2-3 days/week which included lots of crossfit type stuff. I just did more pushups on the off days. 500 is a lot for one day!

    1. +Psycho Vegan wow a tearful inspiration! I do 300 pushups a day every day. You’re helping me achieve greatness!

  5. should have the side by side images from the beg to the end. but great video. love that your spreading the vegan message too

  6. great results … but how did you get bigger biceps by doing push ups that works just the triceps ?
    and have your pull ups number increased ?
    thank you

    1. +Desert Knight well I did notice that if you change your hand position it works different things. Like diamond push-ups work biceps, pike ups work your shoulders, etc.

    2. kali muscle claimed that when he was in jail he got bigger upper body just from pushups nothing else … what do you think ? and thank you

    3. +Desert Knight yes definitely. This “push-up challenge” is just a way to get fast results with no equipment or gym membership. After the second month I was sick of push-ups but I was on fire, so I started weight training and I haven’t stopped. I’ve been training hard for 5 days/week for a few months now.

    4. the results would have been much better if you did full body training during that time right or wrong ?

    5. I didn’t really notice that my biceps got any bigger. And I didn’t do any pull-ups during that time. Only push-ups. My biceps have grown since this video, but that’s because I’ve been weight lifting.

  7. How did you do them (reps,sets)? Also, were you doing other excersises as well or only push-ups? Great video!

    1. +Psycho Vegan Nice. I am gonna try this challenge out along with sit-ups and of course perfect nutrition. I hope to see some great results

    2. Thanks! Glad you liked it! I did sets of 15-30 all throughout the day for a total of roughly 333 pushups per day. I was also doing was a boxing class a couple times per week.

    1. +Psycho Vegan only thing that can stop you is after the pain you can’t feel your arms you must manage somehow to beat it and you will do it I beliave

  8. your mind is not actually vegan and neither when the first thing when comes to putting yourself to do a single pushup action that your vegan. Doing exercise is of the will, if you have no will you cannot do it meatarian or vegan, fitness is of will. after that its what you eat and once again goes to your will to choose either or. But making 20,000 had everything to do with your will as the main factor of going on not being vegan

  9. start out with 1 pushup, then do 2, then do 3, and 4 and so on until you get to 10, then work your way back down to 1 pushup, 9, 8, 7 , 6 etc,,,it’ll add up to 100 pushups which I do every day after work, it tricks your brain into not being overwhelmed by the thought of doing 100 all at once..

  10. im on week 3 of 250-300 a day. and i also do bicep curls inbetween rests because it works diff muscles

  11. How did you break up the reps? By my calculations, you could do 10,000 pushups (333 per day) in 3 daily sessions of 111 pushups or do 21 pushups every hour for 16 hours (assuming you sleep 8 hours per night).

  12. This is a great challenge, and I’m going to accept. I’ve never done more than 200 push ups in a day, and I know how difficult it is to work that in every day. But if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

  13. I modified your challenge to 6000 pushups this month. I’m soon to be 70 years old, and one week into it my chest still hurts and my lower back aches (weak core), but I’m still doing it. I’m putting the rest of my regular workout on the shelf this month, to concentrate on meeting this challenge. At 70 I still want to be the best version of myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

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