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  1. Are you sure you showed everything you ate that day? It seems like you exercise so much but eat so little

    1. +mindfuLiving Ⓥ he has other videos,,,daily intake is 4k calories when training and he also lists, with detail, how his diet meets and exceeds daily recommended values

  2. Dude bad idea to swim with an injury!!! I continued exercising on an injury and ended up needing surgery on it

    1. +Aoibheann water/swimming is pretty gentle and low impact compared to like running which is high impact

  3. Ah this was way too inspiring. I can’t wait to live in Thailand and train and eat fruit all day 🙂

  4. hey I’m really into camping but also the fruit life fruit is kinda heavy per calorie but could I eat 80% dried fruit and still feel good?

    1. +ansleylikesfruit I decided to just buy a big huge mesh bag and fill it with bananas and oranges for my trip thanks for the response tho

    2. Haha I don’t think anyone would recommend that long term but if you did that for a few days drink lots of water it wouldn’t be to bad try it out for yourself and see how you feel everyone’s body is different but fresh fruit will and always be the best

    1. Literally a 700m ride (or 2 minutes) to Thanya 🙂 10 pedal strokes will get me there! I live up the road. Wear a helmet everywhere but not that commute. 120 seconds doesn’t seem worth it. But thanks. Yes I am Casey Neistat. This is my other account.

  5. You’re doing what you wanna do, everyday. That’s a prime reason why you’re enjoying life so much. Sounds simple, yet so, so many people don’t do this.

  6. Great vid, very inspirational ✨ Insee how much you have evaluated, changed positively ☀️😀😘 peace !

  7. hey ted, you are so inspiring to me in terms of raw veganism and athleticism. i have felt so lost for long, i dont know how to help myself anymore. i want to break the cycle. love seeing your meditation practice increase rapidly.

    1. Everyone prefers something different. I prefer long hair, past the shoulders. Mmm… let him do what he wants, there is no one example for everyone. Everyone is different and we all have different likes/dislikes.

  8. you are in intelligent guy…how can you ignore the scientific facts about the negative consequences of exessive fructose consumption, due to human fructose metabolism!? That`s not a secret! You are creating and living an illusion and this way of live has nothig to do with “evolution” and “adaption”. It might be a tasty and satisfying way of eating because of the sugaroverload….but I do really not think that it is healty….sadly:-/

    1. if people choose to ignore common sense and dive into random things like fruititarianism before tending to a compromised body, that in itself does not put the onus on Ted – if a person is truly sick and wants to heal, Ted while inspirational, is not a healer like Dr Morse who is an actual Dr specializing in Herbal treatments and a fruit/plant based diet….regarding over consumption of fructose one cannot compare modified sugars to natural sugar sources…the enzymes/nutrients and bio energy found in good fruits (not imported unripe crap) has a completely different affect on the human digestive process (not just intake also outtake) than any processed sugars will… keep learning, the journey has just begun

    2. First of all: I like you and I like the fruitarian Lifestyle, at least in a moderate way. It´s very positive!
       You inspired me to try (and got flashed by its orgastic taste) Durian and to eat more fruit over the day.
      But when it comes to the consumption of massive amounts of fructose, it seems that the human body is not well prepared to it, due to a harmful fructose metabolism. The scientific evidence for this is mainly regarding the overconsumtion of fructose in form of High Fructose Cornsyrup, but in a nutshell…its about fructose. I do not think I have to copy&paste evidences for this.
      Just googel, or got to some database like Pubmed, there are tons of papers showing the negative effects of fructose (consumed in huge amounts!!).
      Fruit generally is a good and nutritional food source, but I would be very cautious if it becomes the only source. It seems to be a fact, that our body is not as good in metabolising fructose than in metabolizing glucose and that fructose is not the best energy source. (most fruits have roughly a 50/50 ratio)
      I just want to say that your way of living and the way you bring it to the people should be regarded with some caution. Even if it turn out to be good for you, i can imagine that many people, perhaps wiht weaker constitution, not that athletic etc, will face massive health risks.
      And again, I enjoy your videos and I feel inspired even if I criticise you with this post.
      Enjoy your Durian, all the best:-)

    3. What are the consequences of consuming as much fruit as I do? And, why am I not experiencing any negative ones after 7 years of eating this way?

    4. +El Fredo takes a lot of nerve lecturing a healthy positive person that can run circles around you on his worst day…the best science is practicing your science like Ted is with his lifestyle choices, not copy/paste what some random scientist says is “Fact”…is Ted perfect no? is Ted healthier than most people, uhh yeah!…silly argument

  9. yo do you get paid for beta testing teachpond, also im about to have my personal training license and am going to be advertising about such and i was wondering what some of the things and ways you went about it, cuz i plan to not only be a personal trainer but also like a nutritionist and spiritual teacher, sort of like a life coach, thanks man, oh and btw drinking water is very important, make sure to avoid plastic, filter your water, remineralize is and add shungite, also make sure to structurize your water, i advise you to start supplementing too if you are not already doing that, its not safe to live off of just fruit, make sure to get herbal extracts and some fungi as well, also sea food is key to being healthy as we came from the oceans,

  10. hello Ted -Do you ever detox ( kidneys/liver/digestive tract) during the year?Others have stated even a raw food eater should detox once in a while so I am wondering your opinion on the matter…thank you

  11. if your colon is fully hydrated you can simply get your water needs met from the food that you eat.

  12. are you vegan for ethical reason?legit question. you move to a country as a basic life long vacation are you giving back to the Tai people daily besides buying their produce? Just seems like an extended life long vacation.

    1. I’m probably wrong tho, but it must make the Tai people feel bad that foreigners /travelers come the thir country don’t learn their language and live.a.life.of luxury compared to what they are used to. I’m not saying you are doing that directly but I bet a lot do.

  13. Wow thank you Ted for making another DITL vid. I gotta say yours are particularity good. 20 minutes….done.

  14. dude, now i get it! it’s the chlorine from your swims that is making you susceptible to the tinea versicolor on your skin. if you don’t like the sodium bicarbonate method i prescribed for you, you might just try an intense salt scrub to kill that fungus. perhaps salt mixed with coconut oil or some other oil, like sesame. anyway, always enjoy the vids. thanks

  15. I think. A pork eating Thai guy cold beat the crap out of this fruitarin white guy living on a trust fund

    1. what does beating the crap out of anyone have to do with anything. and what if they were both in their eighties?

    1. Ahh, thank you for the clarification! I am starting to meditate everyday for however long i can stay relaxed for. Which is usually 10 minutes or so. I plan on splitting up seshs in intervals as well as I get better at it. Also, lately your videos have been such a help to me. I have decided to commit to the Raw Til 4 diet to gradually ease into a Fruitarian diet like you suggest. Thanks for being awesome and an inspiration to myself and a lot of people around the world! 

    2. +Andrew Deepipat usually break it up into 3 x 20 min or 2 x 30 min… sometimes 6 x 10 minutes! almost a year meditating. Most of which has been in 5 minute spurts 🙂

  16. There was such tenderness and light in your eyes when you were at the meditation hall.. warmed my heart.

  17. Ted, you are no doubt thin but I just cannot see how a high carb low fat raw vegan diet is optimal when it comes to someone that wants a fitness competitor physique . I am a raw foodist but I just don’t see how eating a 80-10-10 diet can help you build muscle mass. There aren’t any examples out there to refer to .

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