50 thoughts on “Back II LoFi #2 Unboxing Cruelty Free & Vegan Makeup – ASMR Sleep Sounds

  1. Hi Emma. Just to let you know marks & spencer does trade in China 😬 They have a few stores there. Not sure if they sell the make up there though

  2. idk if they have elf in the uk but im from America and you can get elf anywhere here pretty much and when she pulled it out i about died because i use that brand too!!

  3. this video somehow has managed to put me to sleep within 5 minutes over the past month… you’re so magical, Emma!

  4. What a joy to know you are committed to cruelty free. From a vegan who is never seen without red lippy (BWC) I applaud you!

  5. take the step and become vegan and save the chickens a fish from inhumane cruelty, it is great you don’t support the dairy industry.

  6. You should give the old make up to someone who can not a Ford make up . Even though it is tested on animals someone less fortunate would love it. And you would feel less like you wasted your money.

  7. Emma I know this is kind of late but I know this company that is all natural and cruelty free. It is called Beauty Counter. But I don’t know if it ships to Europe

  8. Cruelty-free is a bit of a farce. You have to really do your research. Every ingredient in a product could be tested on animals but as long as the final product isn’t they can slap a cruelty-free label on it. Stuff You Should Know did a whole podcast on it.

  9. i loveee ELF products, the only one so far I haven’t been too keen on was that felt tip eyeliner, the tip dried on it basically the first day I used it 🙁 i’d also recommend wet n wild, their pen eyeliners and highlighters are amazing, and their matte lipsticks work as well as some of the high end stuff i’ve tried!

  10. Thank you for using your platform to spread the word of cruelty free products! Also- thank you for such a lovely video ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Please tell me why I would spend extra money on vegan toiletries, when vegan toiletries are the same as regular toiletries. Having non vegan cosmetics doesn’t harm animals, how dumb d you be to believe that😂😂

  12. The incentive to switch to cruelty-free/vegan brands is nice, but would it not have been better to donate your old stuff rather than throw it away?
    Rlly enjoy the lofi series tho

  13. The ‘Mad For Matte’ ELF pallet is my absolute favourite for everyday looks. I had no idea they were a vegan brand

  14. Check all individual ingredients against sites such as EWG (environmental working group) to ensure they really are chemical free, as many companies claim to be chemical free and are FILLED with chemicals! A good example of this is baby wipes!

  15. I’m currently using cruelty and vegan nailpolishes. I always feel like I’m doing the earth a favour when veer I use cruelty and vegan products.

  16. I don’t understand being a vegetarian and buying cruelty free products but eating chicken. Organic or not,it’s still an animal. I love the videos and watch all of them but you can’t be a vegetarian if you eat chicken and fish.

  17. I’d love to see an unboxing of a Revolution pallette, they are soooo lovely and highly pigmented too 🙂 Love this video, falling asleep on the bus home, and once again you’ve helped me avoid the dreaded travel sickness. Thank you! Xx

  18. Hey Emma, a great website you could look at is Content Beauty, they offer all sorts of organic/ natural skincare and beauty products. Based in the UK and gives out samples so you can try before purchasing😊

  19. I enjoyed this! Somehow , I missed it when you first posted. I strive to only purchase Vegan and Cruelty – Free products , as well. I wish more people would do the same.

  20. Is it just me, or does it sound like pop rocks when she touches the bubble wrap??🤷🏼‍♀️

  21. If you eat chicken and fish you’re not a vegetarian no offense. Some vegetarians might eat eggs but not chicken. Fish and chicken are animals too and just not eating red meat doesn’t make you a vegetarian.

  22. Hi! I’m so glad you did this video! It’s difficult for me to watch other makeup ASMR videos because a lot of the time the makeup isn’t cruelty-free/vegan and that is at the back of mind the whole time. Some sources to look into for cruelty-free/vegan makeup and skincare are Ethical Elephant and logicalharmony. They update fairly regularly and have a pretty large database already! 😊

  23. Emma I just wanna say u came a very long way. But even then 3 years ago u found a way to do with what u had. And is very effective and am now very tired so, I’m off to bed. Thank u 💙.

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