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    1. +Kevin Doyle Hey, Yes!! One of my favorite videos is the fermented butternut squash video I shot about 1 year ago. I love eating fermented foods. Such a great way to get probiotics into the digestive tract 😀

  1. Just found your channel from this video, and I loved it! Going to check out the rest of your channel <3

  2. Those macaroons looks amazing! ❤ If you want to learn Spanish, I highly recommend the Duolingo app!

    1. +Charlotte Wiebe Thank you for the tip Charlotte. I’ve got the app on my phone. It’s great you’re right 😀

  3. Wow that breakfast looks like artwork!!! 🙂 <3 Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing, sweetie! ^_^

    1. +NaturalVita You are very welcome! You most certainly deserve it your videos are great! 🙂 <3

    2. +Beauty In Then Out It’s an such a pleasure making these videos and for the feedback. Thank you for your support 😀

  4. Love your channel! We’re new vegans and are so excited about your videos! We also have a channel if you’d like to check it out :)!

    1. +C’est Corinne Maybe try this:  Combine 1 cup quinoa with 2 cups water in a medium saucepan. Bring to a boil. Cover, reduce heat to low, and simmer until quinoa is tender, about 15 minutes. Quinoa holds lots of water, so you have to make sure you drain it thoroughly after it’s cooked.

  5. This was great! It’s given me some recipe ideas! Hope you’re enjoying your Spanish class! I just started the first week of my Saturday Spanish conversation class today. Did you study it before going to Spain?

    1. Well, I’m learning it as more of a way to refresh my conversational skills.  It’s been about 8 years since I lived in Spain. I hope to return to there within a year to re-immerse myself in the language and use it more frequently. 

    2. +AnaTeachers Hi Ana. How are you hone? No, I started learning Spanish when we moved to Spain about 6months ago. I can speak now but very rocky 😀 hihihi

    1. Selvamanickam Sanjeeve thanks so much!! Yeah I’ve been eating a lot of transition foods and wanna switch to a more natural and organic diet. Less gardein and almond cheese lol

  6. in america “salad” refers to a meledy of veggies that are uncooked. Im telling you because you think think salad consist of red lettuce

  7. Do you have a Nutri bullet? If you do how does it blend the frozen fruit because I’m scared mine will break

    1. +A Pr Yes, I have a nutribullet. I use it to blend frozen food and its fine. I usually defrost my bananas for 5mins before blending. I also add fresh fruit like strawberries in with the frozen so that it blends better and smoother

  8. I don’t know if anyone feel this way but I have been watching your video for a solid 3 hours Hahahahaha and you just making my life of trying to be more plant based diet so much more easier. Thank you so much for making video like this LOVE IT.

  9. omg your editing is sooooooo good! i just adore your videos and i hope you could take a second to check out some of mine 🙂 i make vegan what i eat in a day videos too and i would LOVE to hear what you think 🙂

  10. Orange juice is actually not the best or mabey not even healthy. Because ur extracting something from the whole perfect fruit without the filling fiber, you body is going to go crazy and won’t have proper micro nutrients to digest it. The juice is not a whole food.

  11. Your videos are so helpful. 👍 Just wondering if your hubby eats the same way you do and if not, is that a challenge? I really enjoy eating vegan and my husband will eat anything I make. But he is not for taking the full vegan plunge haha.

    1. NaturalVita aw wow. That’s awesome! Very encouraging. That’s how I feel. I would like him to get to that point but I’ll work on my patience 😂✌️ 谢谢

    2. OMG, it is the same for me. My husband eats everything and I eat mostly vegan. It used to disturb me at the beginning and I got really sad when I watched him eat everything but I have learnt that this will not help the situation. Now, I give him the space and love he needs to be himself and try whatever he wants vegan or not. It has transformed my relationship with him and recently he proposed to me that he wants to do a raw vegan challenge for a week. We are in the process of doing it this week and I am so proud of him. Life is great when you appreciate the good things about another and ignore the things you don’t like. Sending lots of love.

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